God is One for Everyone

God is the sole creator, care taker, navigator and savior for the whole universe. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, all benevolent,divine power. God is one for Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Budhists, Zoroastrians and every section of human race. God is one and eternal. His grace is immaculate, fathomless, infinite and illimitable.

The people of different sects, religions, languages, countries etc. pronounce Him with different names like Om, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Prabhu, Partmatma, Waheguru, Satguru, Rabb, Allah, Khudah, Rahim, Christ, Jehovah, Osiris and other innumerable, adorable words. There are more than hundred names for Lords Krishana,Shiva Ji and Hanuman.

A mother, in fondness can call her child by different names but all in expression of love for the child. The location and boundaries of India remains the same even if we name it as Bharat or Hindustan. Thus the pleasant fragrance of God is identical, boundless and perpetual, in space and time, beyond the plans of worship.

Supreme Power in Religions

Different religions have different rites and rituals, ceremonials and conventions, customs and procedures. But the essence of spirituality, the fundamental truth and the absolute reality underlying the various religions are the same. The seemingly great diversity has to undergo unity and harmony. The ultimate goal and destination of every religion remains the same. His laws are same and everlasting for each person. All the lamps can be lit through same light (flame). The creator is timeless and ageless.

The word ‘God’ has three letters in which ‘G’ stands for Generator (Brahma), ‘O’ for operator (Vishnu) and ‘D’ for destructor (Mahesh). Therefore, it is difficult to count the distinctive qualities of the Lord. He regulates everything material, astral and celestial. He is destiny regulator, beyond the limits of time. His properties are unique and incomparable even with sun, stars, moon, gods or goddesses.

His pure, pious and divine energetic power is prevalent in every particle of the universe. His divine melody reverberates day and night in every soul. God only can perform miracles. He can transform blunders in to small negligence stakes into small spike, shame can become honor, bitterness becomes sweet, and darkness becomes light etc. because He is the sole destiny regulator.

More so, god is embodiment of love. Therefore, people of different categories should try to seek his eternal blessings to follow and spread love among human communities. True love surpasses selfish motives and greed. We should finish hatred and develop the feelings of oneness. No religion preaches violence, hatred and envy. The masses require true faith and devotion in God without ostentations.

Soul Creator

Human race is the supreme creation of Almighty Lord. Every individual have two major parts- the body and the soul.

The body consists of five basic elements

  • Water (vital fluid, blood, urine, saliva, fat etc.)
  • Air (Activities of walking running, smelling, contracting, expanding etc.)
  • Fire (Hunger, thirst, personality, submissions etc.)
  • Earth (Flesh, bones, skin, hair, blood vessels etc.)
  • Ether (Desire, anger, memory, fear etc.)

The element of ether is very powerful and present in maximum quantity in human beings (Certain religions consider this element with soul)

The principle of soul or spirit is true, pious and divine element. The soul is called ‘atma’ and the God as ‘paramatma’ (the super soul). Therefore, the soul is considered as the energy portion which is the ultimate cause of life in a body. Many religions believe that human body is temple of God and its heart is the sacred throne of God.

The door to achieve sensual perception of God lies exactly above the nose (in between our eyes) called the site of spirit or 10th door. When the soul gets blessed with super natural power, the vision of God is automatically attained. During the last rites after death of the person (cremation or burial etc.) every element of body merges with the environment or nature but the destiny of soul is determined by its creator.

Every human being is born with similar tissues, organs and systems. However, a few differences may come up in the size, shape, color, weight etc. depending upon the diversity of genes. Later on, the person is assigned to different castes, religion, province, riches etc.

 Principle of oneness among masses and universal brotherhood is confirmed. The humble, meek, merciful, pious and devout souls are everywhere in every religion. Very few persons get imprisoned in narrow range of thinking due to confused and self centered thoughts. They, sometimes, exploit the religions for their personal or political benefits.

But they suffer in long run due to their wicked thoughts of pretensions, vanity, hypocrisy and egoism. There are certain instances in which people belonging to the same religion follow different conventions, traditions, methods of prayers and worship. These traditions may become the cause of quarrels and violence even within the same religion.

Such acts of disparity can be culminated with following simple concepts

  • Develop firm belief in unity of human race and oneness of God.
  • True lovers and devotees of Lord can become like Him.
  • God is the sole benefactor and all others are His beneficiaries.
  • Always develop the urge to seek Him through His benevolence.
  • Perform your official and family duties but keep thinking of God all the while.
  • God should be the ultimate divine entity to fulfill all the desires, and of all our actions, principle of our reverence and the governing power of our soul.
  • We should perform regular meditation on God words initiated through spiritual guide.
  • God alone is the doer and the cause. He has created the universe and upholds it. It is unto Him that we have to merge and thus enhance our destiny.
  • We should not compare the trustworthiness of different religions. The God in particular religion should not be considered as senior or superior and junior or inferior with any other religion.
  • Our main objectives of human life is to attain salvation, whereas, it’s modes and means may be different.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,

Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Education Institutions, Sirsa, Haryana (India)

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