Historic Campaign- One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two.

Increasing Population is a Matter of Concern for the Country-The Revered Guru Ji

 Historic Campaign- ” One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two.’’

BIRTH (Be proud In taking the Responsibility To control High population rate)

  • The bride and groom will take the resolution of a small family on the wedding day itself.
  • Crores of Spiritual followers raised both their hands during the “Online Gurukul” ( Online Spiritual Congregation ) and promised to follow the campaign.

Due to increasing population, many problems like hunger, unemployment have arisen, this problem is getting worse from time to time.This monster of population is swallowing the basic facilities of human beings and as a result the natural resources are continuously depleting, which can prove to be frightening in the future.

Great social reformer Revered Spiritual Guide Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has taken a historic initiative to solve this serious problem. On the lines of a small family and a happy family,  the Revered Guru Ji has devised a formula of  “One Child is Enough,  A Strict ‘No’ After Two”, which millions of Dera followers across the globe have agreed to implement in their life.

On 18 February 2023, during the Online Gurukul at Shah Satnam Ji Ashram, Barnawa, Uttar Pradesh, the Revered Guru Ji gave the slogan ”One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two” for population control. During the program itself, the Dera  followers joining this campaign, three newly wedded couples took a vow of  ‘’One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two” during their marriage. At the same time, crores of devotees who connected online during the program also raised both their hands and pledged to follow this campaign wholeheartedly.

The Revered Guru Ji stated that the Supreme Master has made man self-decisive. He has been made the master of his will. Eighty-four lakh bodies/species have been described in our religions, including plants, insects, birds, animals and human beings. Gandharva, deity are also discussed separately.

The best one was said to be man, the head of these 8.4 million species is human; the most powerful body that the Lord created belonged to  man. Its brain is much more powerful than all other living beings. Today people use only 10 to 15 cents of their brain and super computers have been made from that. But when we use our brain for everything, then why doesn’t man think about the increasing population, water scarcity? Some say that God gives, it is written by God, that’s why children come and go.

God has made you self-decisive, that Supreme Master has made you the master of your will, to some extent you can do new deeds, it is in your hands to do good or bad. By doing bad deeds you can leg behind even the demons and devils and by doing good deeds you can attain the Supreme Master. So, taking advantage of that self-decisiveness, you should not destroy the things given to you by nature.

No the country  or the world can progress until the population stops:

The Revered Guru Ji stated that now it is a matter of population control, so it can be controlled, if you want. If you don’t want to, then it is a different matter. And We read holy books of all religions, say holy Gurbani,  holy Quran Sharif, We discuss our holy Vedas from the very beginning. So, in all the holy books, there is no mention anywhere in the religions that give birth to 5, 10, 15, 20 children. There is mention of restraint, there should be contentment. It is mentioned that there should be satisfaction.

So you can control if you want. How good it is that you have either one or two children, don’t have more than that. Will be able to nurture him well; educate him well for the country & make valuable to the society. And the more children you have, the more fatal thing in a way you are doing for the society, for the country and for the world. Unknowingly, but the population explosion, which you discussed a few days ago, is about to happen. Because in a second, don’t know how many children are born. So you will see that the population is increasing day by day.

The resources are depleting. Therefore, keep these points in mind that Nature gives us a lot, but if we destroy it, it also becomes fierce somewhere. Trees are being cut, mountains, rivers are getting dry, or else there is flood somewhere and the weather has become unseasonal. When winter is needed, it is summer and when summer is needed, it is winter. All these changes indicate that man in particular is somewhere responsible for all this. Whether he is polluting, spreading pollution, whether he is cutting trees and plants, whether he is cutting mountains, destroying them.

So, today this self-decisive  human being, the responsible human being, is engaged in destroying the nature by moving away from this responsibility. We afraid that  Nature may assume a fierce form and thereby bringing  holocaust. Because Ram Ji, Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, God, Khuda, Rabb, that Om Supreme Power has created everything so that the balance &  harmony of the universe is maintained.

Huge population posing various problems:

The Revered Guru Ji stated that due to the explosion of population, how much the ratio of unemployment has increased, how much the ratio of crime and vagrancy has increased; these things will keep on increasing, because no one can give you work that much. From where will it be given when there are five to seven children of one born. Many do not even know the count of how many are roaming in their house and how many are roaming outside.

Many times We used to go to conduct spiritual congregation in such areas, where a single person had 10-12 children. We would advise the driver in advance  to drive slow or We Ourself used to drive the car comfortably  so as to avoid accident as the children might on the road unexpectedly. Some gentleman told that 51 children are being born every minute in India and 3074 children are being born every hour.

And 19 are dying in one minute and 1116 are dying in one hour. So, it means that 1900 or 2000 are increasing. And for the whole world, 04 in a second, 278 in a minute and 16720 children are being born in an hour and 6611 are dying in an hour. It means 10700 children are increasing, and it is no less than an explosion. This is happening. Therefore, it is a matter of concern.

From where will one collect the resources? No matter how much effort you make, no matter how much machinery you use, if you give births to so many, then not everyone can get employment. From where will we create employment and what about the food. Food is given for free, but now it is in the hands of man to control and keep it under control.

Nature has made a system for all living beings:

The Revered Guru Ji stated that We asked many gentlemen many times that goats and chickens should not be eaten. It was replied that if they are not eaten, they will increase. So, you people are progressing, tell any method for that too. You have taken the certificate of goats and chickens that you eat them only so that their population remains under control, which is 100% false.

Because if there are goats, chickens, then there are non-vegetarian creatures, there are lions, leopards, cats, dogs, don’t know how many animals are there who are non-vegetarian. So you need not worry. There is a  system of Nature to control them. There is system in the sea, there are  big fish to eat small fish, the bigger one to eat big fish, and the biggest fish to eat the bigger one and so on.Therefore, everything remains under control. But man is self-decisive and can control himself.

If you become aware, although there has been a lot of awareness by now, but even today, if the first child is born as a daughter in the village, then one desires of a son and  if  the second child is also a daughter, he will not stop until there is a son. Daughters are no less than sons in any respect, they are equal. Rather, somewhere daughters keep a soft corner for their parents or have a sense of affection, that is not inside sons, naturally.

It is not that sons are wrong, be they good, no matter how good they are, but the feeling of affection that daughters have inside, remains for their parents till the end. Be it a son or a daughter, it is just the gift of the Supreme Master, but if you desire for two, it is ok,  but there should not be more than two. So, if Our six and a half crore spiritual followers work together, then there will be some control.

These spiritual followers together take care in the future, that those who are getting newly married, who have one child each, that ‘’One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two”, keep this in mind. We will be even more happy if the newly wedding  couples take this pledge to follow  ‘’One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two” at the time of their marriage.

On the Launching Day of ‘’One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two”

These Newly Wed Couples Resolved to Follow 

To save the country from population explosion, three newly wedded couples took a pledge to follow the campaign ‘’One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No‘After Two” initiated by Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.  Sahil Insan, son of Girdhari Lal, resident of Preet Nagar (Sirsa) and Muskan, daughter of Ramnarayan Insan, resident of Gandhi Nagar Delhi, Navneet Insan, son of Sukhmandar Singh Insan, resident of Ludhiana (Punjab) and Simran Insan, daughter of Gurmeet Singh Insan, resident of village Dhaba, Ludhiana (Punjab) and Satnam Insan, Son Shubeg Insan resident of Dhadharian district (Sangrur) and Ruble Insan daughter Sukhdarshan Insan resident of Bathinda (Punjab) got married. On this occasion, these newly wedded couples resolved to observe  ‘ One Child is Enough, A Strict ‘No’ After Two’ on the call of  the Revered Guru Ji.

Many problems will be solved by population control:

 If you have only one child ( boy or girl ), how does it make a difference?  Just think, one has five bighas, five acres of land, another has two acres. Each has a child ( boy or girl ), both got married. At first it became seven acres. The land increased instead of decreasing. Secondly, there is a glut of houses, trees are being cut. Instead of two, one house was built. And take care of the parents of both sides (boy and girl ).

So if you see in this way, how you have reduced the land by giving birth to more and more children. And if you have fewer children, then you will have more and more  land & property in your name again and you will be able to live a happy life. Therefore, Our job is to inform & alert like a watchman. Now, it is your choice to believe or not.


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