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“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away” ~ Phyllis Mcginley

To lead a happy life, a person must develop four hobbies: one that gives you joy, one that provides you money, one that keeps you healthy and one that makes calm. Sometimes it is important to bring some change in a dull routine.

A hobby is a way to break the monotonous routine that an individual is following from a long time or needs space to enjoy what he or she loves. A hobby gives you the liberty to pause, take a deep breath and break your routine so that your brain can relax for a while. Have we ever asked ourselves why we are following the same tedious routine every day? Why is it important to have some fun and quality time for yourself? Don’t worry we will be finding the answers to these questions in this blog.

Hobbies allow us to enhance our lives in a whole new way; they help us find a new perspective towards living a happy and relaxed life. It has been proved that if an individual follows right skills and pursues it as a hobby then it will create wonders and give peace of mind. There are a lot of aspects to understand the impact of hobbies on your well-being. To begin with, we should talk about how hobbies can improve an individual’s confidence. Hobbies are a great way to develop self-confidence and self-esteem; if you are fluent in something it will help you in being confident at different places which will ultimately boost your morale.

Let’s suppose your hobby is travelling, it will give you the confidence to explore new places and travel solo as well. You will have the confidence to adapt yourself according to the culture, climate and people of that place. Trying different cuisines and interacting with the people you barely know will build confidence in you.

There are a bunch of hobbies that help in relieving stress as well; imagine taking a break from busy schedule and sparing some time to put undivided attention on something that gets you rid of the stress. This feeling refreshes you. Hobbies are magical that keep us away from stress. Finding a hobby that is great for your mental health is very important; you can choose from painting, dancing, sketching, reading, gardening and many more activities of such kind which will give you pleasure in your leisure time.

You can spend your weekends exploring the hidden talent you carry and use the extra ability to create something unique out of it. If you are great at things similar to knitting, designing or painting then it may give you some earning along with joy at the same time.

Hobbies are Must to lead a happy life - Sachi ShikshaPeople with extra skills get additional attention at public gatherings as they have a lot to talk about it. When you pursue a hobby other than your work it enhances your personality and helps to socialize among people. You spend more time with people who have the same interest as yours and create a bond with others, you get to enjoy and learn new things when you connect with a group of people. It makes you more consistent and better at it every time.

While it seems absurd to take out time for something outside work and plan to get ahead at work, but surprisingly career counsellors have confirmed that having a hobby makes you a better individual at the workplace. Having a hobby helps you to manage the work-life stress and think creatively in the time of crisis. Developing an additional skill creates a good impression on your employer that you have passion to derive something creative from your leisure time.

Indulging in a hobby prevents you from burning out at work, as most of the people have a consistent routine with no other piquancy to the brain and develop a stagnant behavior. Let’s say if you ride a bike to your office, you will get a chance to focus on something else other than things happened at work. Riding a bike will simply divert your mind from work life; you will have time to focus on something that you love doing!

Looking at the above advantages of having hobbies it is sure that it helps people to avoid boredom. Having a boring and monotonous routine is responsible for the agonized situation in society and the consequent ruinous behaviour of the people. Having hobbies fill the empty spaces and leave people with less time to worry about their worries, it keeps them away from bad habits and dodges the saying – “An empty mind is a devil’s home”. So, rather than spending your time in finding pleasures elsewhere, it is good to jump back on your hobbies to fill your space and lose the track of time completely.

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