How to Help with Social Anxiety?

How to Help with Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety order refers to feeling uncomfortable or nervous in a social situation; for instance, getting sweaty palms before an important preemptive, clamming up while meeting someone new, walking in a room where everyone is a stranger or public speaking, etc. The stress of social anxiety disorder is hard to bear.

The individual tends to avoid social contact because normal things such as eye contact and small talks are extremely difficult for them to do. It affects all aspects of life. It is also termed social phobia. It is a very common mental disorder in which individuals find it very difficult to seek help.

People can experience a social anxiety disorder in different manners. Some common situations can be dating, communicating with strangers, visiting parties, using public washrooms, entering the room, going to work or school, etc. Some individuals might be comfortable visiting school but find it very hard while going to parties. Some can be comfortable enough to have conversations with one individual but public speaking can be a nightmare for them.

Individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder can experience physical symptoms such as muscle tension, inability in catching breath, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, out-of-body sensation, diarrhea, and stomach trouble. The individual can get extremely anxious before the event or can also spend weeks, worrying regarding the same and after the event, he spends a lot of energy and time, thinking about how he reacted.

There is no one particular factor that causes social anxiety disorder. It can be genetic. For instance, if a family member or parent suffers from it, there is the probability that child can have it too. It usually occurs around the age group of 13 and can be linked to a history of bullying, abuse, or teasing. Shy kids tend to become socially awkward adults. Kids with controlling or overbearing parents are also triggered by social anxiety.

Social anxiety disorder is a huge hinder that prevents one from living life fully because he would avoid situations that are considered normal by others. Individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder can have a hard time realizing how others can deal with difficult situations so feasibly. Avoiding social situations can lead to depression, low self-esteem, sensitivity to criticism, negative thoughts, etc. Social anxiety disorder can lead to self-consciousness and excessive fear and worry regarding social situations. Individuals are always scared of being humiliated or judged in front of others. Meeting with people can cause blushing, sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, trembling, etc.

The ways to cure social anxiety disorder are discussed here forth:

Therapy involves discussion of feelings and thoughts with the therapist and they can look for the root cause of the disorder. It can be a safe space for an individual to puke out his thoughts and he can learn healthier ways to deal with his social anxiety disorder.

Support groups are meant to connect you with individuals suffering from similar situations. The person can share his experiences and learn ways of coping with others. Relating fears with others and speaking in a group is a brilliant way of interacting socially. Such groups are a reminder of the fact that nobody is alone and many people suffer from such phobia. Individuals can gain confidence in speaking up in front of people with similar phobia because fear of being judged would be less.

An individual suffering from social anxiety disorder can try acupuncture and various forms of yoga.

One must try to make some modifications in his everyday life and daily routine to decrease the level of anxiety. Doing physical exercise regularly can increase the production of endorphins in the brain which regulates anxiety and mood. 30 minutes of physical workout daily can lessen anxiety. Self-care, relaxation, and rest must be prioritized. Caffeine must be limited or even avoided because drinks such as tea and coffee can make an individual with social anxiety disorder feel worse and can also cause panic attacks.

One can write a journal for measuring personal growth and improvement in performance. Writing regarding experiences and thoughts will help in understanding you are falling back into negative thinking patterns or old habits.

Accept the fact that everything you do and say need not be perfect because trying to attain perfection is a major cause of social anxiety disorder.

One can read a self-help book or motivational book. Reading regarding social anxiety disorder and searching for its cures can help in dealing with it. True stories regarding people who dealt with it and came out of it must be read and lessons should be taken from the same.

Self-learning never harms anyone and it gives the inspiration to make changes in one’s life.


Usually, it is that people suffering from social anxiety disorder are so involved in fretting and worrying that they have forgotten how to laugh. So, one must try to watch comedy shows and movies and spend time with people with a great sense of humor.

Go toNature

Spending time with nature provides a calming effect to the mind as well as the body. So, instead of spending time in a dark room, it is better to walk in the park, play with dogs, feed birds, practice yoga in a garden, or travel to hills.

Eat Better

People with social anxiety disorder must make sure that they  take a balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol must be strictly avoided.

Try Something Exciting

New things in life must be tried such as zip line adventures, hot air balloon rides, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. So, you can have some interesting stories to share with your friends.


Practicing gratitude is the best possible way to feel delightful in the present moment. Although social anxiety disorder keeps you sad, take out a minute to appreciate what all you have in life which makes it smooth. Write all the things you are thankful for once a week in your journal.


Get an adequate amount of rest at night. It can boost your energy level for the next day. Staying awake at night and browsing the internet can bring even more negative thoughts and can increase the level of anxiety. A proper schedule must be followed when it comes to sleeping.

To conclude, people suffering from social anxiety disorder should try to see the world through a positive lens because positivity is contagious. Negative thoughts must be tried to be replaced with positive ones for decreasing the levelof anxiety.


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