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Job Switch

Sticking to one job for the whole career are now the things of the past. Previously persons used to remain with one organization for the whole life. If it is necessary, change one or two jobs for better prospects. Previously there used to be sense of contentment in the workers.

Family atmosphere used to be there.  After the death of the owner, subordinate staff never used to be changed.  We have observed that the son of the owner used to give full respect of the elder employees calling them Kaka or Baba.  Trustworthiness used to be there and the relations between the employers were ever lasting.

But today people leave the job for different reasons.  The reason behind this may be not getting promotion, bad atmosphere or it can be personal reason also.   Today the sense of insecurity regarding the job is always found amongst the employees. While leaving the job one must necessarily take care to some of the things, so that if for any reason you have to revert back to the old job, your comfort level will be high and you may be able to maintain your image as before. In some companies there is a tradition of farewell.  But if at all this type of tradition does not prevail in the organization you serve, while leaving the job you must meet personally to all.  This will enrich your relations with them as they may be of some help to you any day.  Leave the campus of that organization with a good smile.

After leaving the organization, you must maintain the contacts with the colleagues.  It will help you to build your career also.

While Leaving the Job

You must know the notice period of the company, so that for joining the other company you can give the information of leaving the job.  After this period leaving the job is beneficial.  This is also a part of professionalism.  Leaving the notice period benefit can deprive of companies benefits like fund, and company can deprive you of giving the papers, Experience certificate.  Company can also cut your salary.  More to that in the absence of all the related papers, you may feel difficult to get job in the new company.

Don’t Put Conditions

Sometimes some threat to leave the job for getting promotion or increase in salary.  More to that they send indirect messages through others to give promotion and salary hike to them while leaving the job.  This brings you in the category of bad workers.  If the company needs you, company itself give you salary hike or promotion and will try to retain you.  Instead of taking this step, it will be better to improve your work and behavior.  This will you name and fame and also monetary benefits and above all you will be considered as the super worker to which no company will like to part with.

Handover the Charge in a Right Way

If at the end of the day there is no option left but to leave the job, do it.  Nothing to worry about.  Make the list of the responsibilities assigned to you. Make a file of that and hand over it either to your boss or any other employee, who may be taking the charge.  If you are using laptop of the company, then while leaving the job make a site map of this and handover.  Your boss will be happy by this responsible act of yours and will remember you as a good employee for every.

Don’t Bring Negativity

Do not bring negative approach for the company you are leaving.  Generally people talk and discuss about the differences during the job, disputes and then to pour out their heart by saying anything crossing all the limits.  This shows unprofessionalism on your part and can be a wrong step for your career.  Always remember that colleagues will always make fun of you and will not come forward to go out of the way to help you.

Follow the Protocol

Most of the employees do not disclose about leaving the job to their boss.  Instead they will tell this to their colleagues.  This is a wrong step.  We have to see to it specially that the boss should be the first person to whom you should tell about leaving the job and seek his help in getting you relieved safely.  With this you will be able to gain healthy and positive feedback and your professional image will be maintained.  The time is always go on changing.  Someday you may get a call from your existing boss to come back and join.  That will be possible only when you follow the protocol.

Don’t Compare the Companies

Comparing the companies is not the identity of a good employee.  Generally the employees try to find out the shortcomings of the existent company, and by discussing the negative aspects of the company with the colleagues, become a topic of humor. More to that, discuss about the new position, salary and working-culture of the new company. This is totally unprofessional. Remember that the position and salary you get in the new company is always on the basis of the work experience of your existing company.  So never underestimate your existing company.

You may come and go, that makes no difference to the employer. But always remember that your behavior always counts.  Your behavior can take you back to the existing job with respect.

All the above tips will be of great help to you when you are bound to leave the job.  All the things do not come in your lap.  Suppose, if you get a salary hike, but the atmosphere you will experience after joining there.  And if that is not healthy.  What you will do?  Ok you will leave that job.  Would another job will solve all your problems.  You will get promotion, salary hike, good atmosphere and all other facilities.   It is next to impossible to have all these under one roof.

So it is better to be contented rather to roam here and there leaving all the peace aside.



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