Five Minutes Workout in the Office

Five Minutes Workout in the Office

Wrist is paining due to constant sitting before the computer. Eyes are tired.  The shoulder muscles are getting stiffened.

If you are suffering from all these, there is no need to get confused. The holistic guru Mikki Mehta says that in getting rid of the physical problems due to constant sitting, exercise can help.

These exercises are so easy that you easily can do them in the office sitting in your seat. The specialty of this exercise is that it does not take much time.

Let us know about this.


  • Try to walk on the green grass bare footed for some time in the park and lawn of the office. This will cool the below part of the feet and you will get the opportunity to relax.  Experts say that lower part of the feet has the direct link with your eyes.
  • To make the eyes stress-free sprinkle cool water drops on the face at the interval of every one or two hours.
  • Close your eyes for a few seconds while sitting.
  • Cover tightly with your palms so that it is darkened fully. After 50 seconds take the palms away and open the eyes slowly.  You will see that the palms became hot.
  • Wink fast your eyes at least for ten times. Then close the eyes for 20 seconds and relax the eyes.


  • In between the work, sit on the floor or chair and try to relax the shoulders. It will also relax the neck.
  • Slowly bend down the head and through the chin try to touch the chest.
  • Then slowly take the head on the backside in a easy way. Do not over exercise. Try to move your head ten times and try to feel the stiffness in the neck.
  • Then sit on the floor or chair in a relaxed manner.
  • Give relaxation to the shoulders also.
  • Now bend down the head to the right and try to touch the right shoulder with right ear and then do this practice in the left also.   See to it that do not pick up the shoulder during the period.
  • Then sit straight and close the eyes.
  • Move the head slowly to the right side so that the chin and the right shoulder comes in the same sequence. Do this for left side also.


Wrist is affected much while sitting on the computer key board.

  • Open both the hands and sit in a relaxed pasture.
  • Then take both hands backward as if you are kicking the wall. See to it that the fingers should be upward towards the roof.
  • Now bend both the hands forward so that the fingers are bent down to earth side. See to it that you wrists are straight
  • Sit in a relaxed way.
  • Make punch of the right hand and put the thumb in between the fingers. See to it that your wrist is facing down and the arms, shoulders and elbow is straight.


  • Stretch the arms and take up to the level of shoulders.
  • Try to spread the fingers of both the hands to the extent possible.
  • Make punch of both the hands and put the thumb in between the fingers. Do this ten times.  It will relax the hands


  • Sit in a relaxed manner.
  • Now touch your right shoulder with right hand and touch the left shoulder with left hand.
  • Try to move both the elbows for 20 times,ten times clockwise and ten times anticlockwise.


  • While sitting in the chair try to bend the back so that the naval should touch the thighs. In this position, try to touch the thumb of the feet and the lower muscles of the leg.
  • Now take both the palms in adverse position means right in the left and left in the right (cross position). Then take both the arms in that position upward up to the chest.
  • While standing take both the hands upward and then bend down to right and then to left side.
  • Take both the hands upward and try to stand on the thumb of the feet.

All these exercises you can do while in the office according to your easiness and whenever you want. In some minutes you will be relaxed.


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