Let’s Make Hobbies Trending

In the modern era of technology every individual loves to tap his fingers on his cellphones and tablets all day and spend his time chatting with virtual friends on social media, scrolling Instagram, watching Netflix &updating status.

As a result, the interest of the teenagers have declined in hobbies like dancing, singing, painting and cooking. The creativity of youth is almost vanished. Using electronic gadgets for long is increasing stress level rate, making their immune system weaker, enhancing chronic pains, causing problems in eyes/vision and also hindering their sleep.

The reports convey that 67 per cent of youngsters have given up playing outside, physical exercises, outdoor games and sports since the technology took over which in return is making them lazy, dull and lethargic.

Earlier kids used to play, enjoy swings, run around in grounds in the evening but in today’s world they are merely engrossed in their x-boxes and online games like PUBG and have forgotten that an outside world also exists. These virtual games increase aggression in children, also hinders their academic performances, disconnects them from social world and surroundings. They do not prefer to spend time even with their siblings and family and rather desire to switch on their playstations.

Whereas, having hobbies like playing a game, painting, reading, playing an instrument and dancing enhances the creativity of an individual. Hobbies can act as stress reliever for a person and provides a sense of purpose for living, makes one productive, offers different experiences and challenges, assists in personal exploration & can help in building a source of income if one desires to convert his/her hobby into profession.

Hence, it is very crucial for everyone to have hobbies for they help in mental, emotional, social and interpersonal advancement of an individual.

In the time of 2020 where the pandemic Covid-19 resulted in closing of schools, colleges and institutions and made everyone lockdown in his/her homes have resulted in abundance of idle time for youngsters which must not be wasted by them scrolling Facebook, Whatsapp& what not. Their parents and guardians must urge them to take back on their old left hobbies, must hand them over their old brushes, guitars in their hands which are kept in storehouses for long.

There are various hobbies to practice at home such as painters must hold their paint brushes once again, writers must again start writing their pens down, cooking lovers can engage themselves in their kitchens. The ultimate advantage from which they are benefitted now is the internet because they can learn ample of techniques and tips regarding their particular hobbies because there are millions of videos available on Youtube teaching various things.

Honing their hobbies by the guidance of various experts can be done via internet and moreover they can show off their talents on their social media accounts and consider the view points of their friends and followers and keep on improving themselves. The mobile phone which is generally misused can prove to be very fruitful if the person wants to take the best out of it.

There are various sites that offer free books of writers from all over the world, various courses from different universities like Harvard are offered on websites like edx.org for free which is very beneficial for studious youth. Dance lovers can learn from their favorite dancers by watching their videos on Youtube, online classes for teaching various languages are available on internet which is misused for chatting all day can prove out as a boon for improving skills of an individual only if used wisely.

A person can choose his/her avocation/hobbies on the basis of what excites him. For instance, some people prefer to shine in art and crafts whereas others prefer to do science researches and collecting things. Hobbies can involve writing a book, poem or researching about various animals.

It can include composing songs or choreographing dance, collecting antique things like stamps, coins or trying cooking different dishes daily, learning various languages or doing pottery, making various things from clay or designing cartoons etc.

Every individual is excited by different things, hence hobbies cannot be limited but they must be practiced regularly for they make leisure time productive, avoid wastage of time, assists in spiritual growth , enhances confidence and self-esteem, enrich the thoughts , boost mindfulness and also keeps one away from depression.

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