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We keep in mind the ways through which we can take care of our skin according to weather but we never pay attention as to how to keep our body healthy according to changing weather although it is very important.

We should essentially take care as to how we can save ourselves from the scorching heat in summer and how to remove the weakness of the body. In summer due to over sweating, the energy in the body is lessened.

To maintain the energy level, we have to give more importance to liquids so that water deficiency is not there. To keep the body cool from inside, we should drink plenty of water. If you cannot drink more water, mix Roohafza in water.

You can also take lemon water. Soft drinks and ready made juice gives energy and coolness to the body, but from the health point of view, the excessive use of these is harmful.

Use Water

Intake of 8 to 10 glass of water is a must. There are many benefits to the body from water. It maintains moisture in the body. The toxic substances go out of the body in the form of sweat and urine. Room temperature water is best for drinking and is considered good for health. You can take warm water once or twice a day.

This keeps the digestive system fine. Cold water is harmful for the people having weak digestive system. In addition to water, you can take lemon water and coconut water also. Juice, honey in water and sweet lassi can also be taken for instant energy. But its regular intake is not good.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Fresh fruit juice gives instant energy to body, because fruit juice has natural sugar in abundance which mixes in the blood quickly and thus gives energy. Excess juice also harms the body. Juice is good for children, patients and senior citizens. Healthy persons should use fruits more so that the body gets fiber properly. By taking vegetable juice, proper quantity of vegetables in liquid form reaches the body, and thus is beneficial for the body. Instead of taking juice from the stalls, wash the fruits and vegetables properly at home, make and drink the juice to get its full benefit.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is best because there is no caffeine in it. Regular use of this removes digestion problems. There are many flavors available in herbal tea. Habit of taking of herbal tea according to your own taste is good for health.

Drink Lassi

Lassi made from the curd of double toned milk cools the body from inside. Regular use of this in summer is very beneficial. You can take it without sugar, with little salt and jeera.

De-Caffeinated Coffee

De-caffeinated coffee has very less quantity of caffeine. People habitual of taking coffee should take this in summer but see to it that the quantity of cream and milk should be less. Sugar should also be less and water should be clean.


Take fresh fruits, cut them and grind in the mixer. Mix half bowl of curd in it and keep in the freezer for some time. If you want to have it immediately then mix 2-3 crushed ice cubes in it. You will get high level energy with consuming smoothies. – Arti Rani

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