A Man of Good Zeal

SACHI SHIKSHA A Man of Good Zeal :
The Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that self-confidence is the key to success, When there is a lack of self-confidence in the person, then he is frustrated, depressed and sad, while hard work can be done easily with confidence. And this confidence comes only by repeating God’s word and the continuation of the Method of Mediation only.

When I am writing this, I remember a saying, ‘The only gram can not break screw.’ When it comes to winding the change, then the pessimistic mind says, ‘What to do?’ No one can break a screw. ‘My mind says that if the only gram is not be able to break the screw, but can a thousand grams ever break the screw.

No matter how many they are, whether it is single or much, they can not break the screw. When a jackal cannot kill a lion, then thousands of jackals will not be able to hit it because the fact is not only of the crowd, it is of morale, and it is the determination.

The king can also be killed by a soldier if the morale is high! When Chanakya made Chandragupta Maurya an emperor, only a lot of morale came to work. All the socialist elements in society, have come to terrorize others with their ‘self-confidence’ and if they are caught, their self-confidence is broken. The officers of the Police Department laugh at them and wonder how their terror is.

They seem like a common man only. Therefore consider these words of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of The Nation said, ‘fear is only the result of our imagination. Do not be possessive to wealth, family and body, then see, where the fear remains! ‘Swami Vivekananda has said the truth,’ sorrow comes only through fear.

Death comes only through fear and fear only causes evil. In fact, fear breaks our morale. When our morale is high and the goal becomes clear, it does not matter if we are alone. When Mahatma Buddha attained knowledge he was alone, but today millions of people are worshiping him.

When the Lord Jesus started preaching, he was alone, till his last time, only twelve followers came and see today, his teachings are being followed almost in the whole world. And Mahatma Gandhi was only the father of ‘satya graha’.

If our path is right and morale is high, the other person becomes easily associated with us and we will definitely move forward. This rule is applied to nature also. You see any river. The river will appear as a very thin stream flowing out, but as soon as it progresses, small streams and other rivers merge with it effortlessly and in the future, the river becomes a great river. Do these rules are of great men and nature? The answer is clear.

No, this rule is for everything. The multinational companies and industries that are now that are word famous, in their past these had local recognition. To remain rich, it had to be industrious. Had to face many difficulties, down falls etc? The long chain of experience is associated with them, then they are today in this form.

The great poet Gatey has said the truth, ‘Nature does not know to stop in its progress and development and its curse imposes on every indecision’, so for every young man who has self- confidence, whose goal is clear and for whatever wants to do, to get success, there is no reason to be disappointed.

If someone has attained his goal on the path of success, then anyone can go that way. Being lonely is not the reason for being disappointed.

Even if the path is long, it may be inaccessible, but it will reach the goal. You will find companions on the way, will get support, it is decided, we just need to prepare for the walk.

– Satanarayan Bhatnagar

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