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Are you frustrated with the increased prices of the cosmetics? Don’t you have enough faith on the available cosmetics? And not sure on How to make cosmetics at home?

In case the faith level is not there then in that case rather than going to the market to again buy such expensive cosmetics, you can start making them yourself in a very convenient manner.

It may sound strange that you can make cosmetics at home. But it is true and you can always try.

Homemade Cosmetic for Face

Here is an easy way to make some cosmetics for the face: Take one spoon of Multani Mitti, one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon rose water, one pinch of turmeric powder and mix it well to apply it on the face once a week. Apply the paste and leave it for ten minutes. Then wash the face properly with cool water. Afterwards apply moisturizer on the face after cleaning it with fresh water.

For Nose

Take one spoon of Rolled oats, one spoon wheat flour, half a spoon gram flour, one pinch of turmeric powder, one spoon lemon juice and the rose water also in the same quantity. Mix to make a paste. Later apply this paste over the nose, but before that do proper massage of the nose. Then leave it for ten minutes. After the said time, the paste shall get dried up. Remove this dried pack by rubbing. Then wash your complete face with cold water. This paste doesn’t create any harm to the nose pin hole, whereas the one mixed with `Multani Mitti’ have the risk to fill up the hole.

How To Make Cosmetics At Home For Eyes?

Following things are needed to make the paste to be applied on the eyes. Take one spoon of rose water, one spoon of cream, one spoon curd, pinch of turmeric powder, grinded almond and three to four drops of honey. Mix these things properly. Then apply it over eyes. Leave it to dry for ten minutes. Then wash this dried area after said time, without rubbing, with cool water. Later apply moisturizer. Use this paste once in a week. Usage of such a paste regularly can even help with dark circles.

Simple Cosmetic For Neck

The paste that you make for your face can be used on the neck as well. If you wish for neck you can mix honey as well. For Lips: To keep your lips soft and beautiful, make a separate paste. For this is needed – one spoon cream, one spoon curd, four drops of
honey, half a spoon rose water and lemon juice. Mix these to make a paste, then apply the same for five minutes over the lips and then wash with water. You can use this paste twice or thrice a week.

For Chest

Rolled oats two spoons, one spoon `Multani mitti’ one spoon lemon juice one pinch turmeric powder, one pinch of sandal powder and one spoon rose water. Mix these to make a paste. The paste made this way should be applied over the chest, mixed with curd. Afterwards wash it with cool water after some time. Then apply some body lotion over it. Use this once n a week. This keeps the chest smooth and in shape.

For Hands & Foot

Hands and foot work are visible more compared to other parts of the body. And hence you must give some time for their upkeep. For this you must prepare them with following things: – two spoons of `Multani Mitti’, one spoon lemon juice, one spoon grinded sugar, one spoon rose water, one spoon grinded masoor dal, one spoon gram dough, half a spoon turmeric powder, powder of orange peel, or mashed peel of orange.

Mix all these things in the curd and then prepare a paste and apply them over the hands and foot. Let it be there for fifteen minutes and then wash the dried area by rubbing and followed by washing with plain water. This keeps the hands and foot soft and beautiful.

For Heels

For heels too the paste can be made at home. The process is as follows: first put half cup mustard oil on the gas stove for heating. Then put a little of wax in it and keep stirring. When it becomes little thick then leave it to cool down.

Then keep this safely in a bottle. Apply this over your heels before sleeping every day. You will feel the difference over a fortnight or so.
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