The Silver Jubilee of the Guruji's Succession concluded with a Spectacular Fanfare

The Incarnation of the Sole Support of the universe

Every nook and corner of the earth, every bit smells sweet, when a complete millennium Saint, enlightened soul incarnates and puts His sacred feet on the earth.

Rightful Souls sing the songs of welfare; celebrate with happiness that now the time of salvation of those yearning souls has come.

To harmonize them with God, the Benevolent Benefactor has arrived. The person who was given the punishment of banishment, at that time, how can he describe the moment when, not only his banishment is pardoned but also his return to his country and he starts living again with his family.

The Divine Entity who pardons him and takes him back to their motherland and harmonizes them with their family, is none-other than the Spiritual Guide who had ordered for their banishment.

In the same manner,His holiness revered Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj arrived in this world, as an incarnation of God to take the deserted souls back.

His holiness incarnated on the auspicious day of 25th January.

In all the souls under His rights ,His holiness had blessed them with the clan owner God by searching them from various places,by arranging the discourses, had sent them to Eternal Abode and then they got to know that in the form of human, the king of the universe God Himself had come.

O my God! the Super Human fellow looks like anyone of us and we did not know that the Divine Power Himself had come into this world in the human form.

The secret of this reality was revealed as revered Beparwah Mastana Ji Maharaj had told the world that one should not assume Him to be a human being.

He himself is the Divine Entity, a form of clan owner and what to say of the most Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan popularly known as MSG.

Every breath and every moment of His holiness is for His able Spiritual Guide, he has proven in reality that, today, more than 55 million people who after getting the sacred God’s word from the true benefactor are attached to God and Humanitarianism for obtaining His grace and mercy.

Dera Sacha Sauda is a global university where the number of people getting the education of humanity, is increasing every year.

This is the prayer at the pious feet of revered Guruji that let this new year prove to strengthen the education of humanity in the whole world. Let it establish a land of brotherhood and love across the globe.

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