Soul is Governing Force of Mind and Body

Human race is the supreme creation of Almighty God. A complete human being is subtle, unified entity. The physical human structure is supplemented and supported by senses, intellect and two invisible astral entities in the form of mind and soul.

Human Body

is very important because people consider it the evident source of life. On death the body is buried or burnt and its physical existence in the material world gets finished. Human body has millions of living and dead cells. These are organized to constitute various tissues, organs and systems.

They all function in co-ordinate, systematic and regulated manner to maintain life in physical body. Any disorder in the composition or working of an organ leads to disease. Prolonged and incurable problems lead to death.

The systems of human body are categorized as integument, muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, reproductive, nervous, sensory, endocrinal, immunological etc.

The various concepts which mainly regulate the working of human mind are the senses (physical feelings), thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

Five major types of senses for giving knowledge to our body

  1. Touch or Tactile sense – The main organ is skin which can realize the feelings like changes in temperature, pressure, irritation, pain, inflammation, hand shake, clapping, sweating etc. Face expression can reveal many changes in mental thoughts. Ageing is also reflected through skin.
  2. Smell – The sensory cells are present in the olfactory region of nasal chamber. It can perceive the fragrance of various kinds of flowers, fruits, condiments etc.; the foul smell of excreta, sewage, many gasses like chlorine, ammonia, hydrocarbons, iodine, phosphates; fluids like petrol, diesel, oils, paints etc.
  3. Taste – The specific gustatory cells are present on tongue and palate. Four major types of taste being salt, sour, sweet and bitter. However, their degree and kinds may still vary with the foods and drinks.
  4. Hearing – The auditory sensory cells with the property to listen lie in the internal ear. The human beings can identify the sound of many animals, birds, music from various instruments and can recognize the voice of known persons even when eyes are closed or even through telephones.
  5. Vision – The retina of our eyes is very important because the sight of various objects elaborates the position, size, shape and status. It is the amazing quality of the eyes to view quite far off structures of stars, sun, moon, clouds, mountains, jet planes etc. Eyes also can observe, recognize and understand about near objects even of small sizes. The instruments like telescope and microscope of various capacities also help to increase visibility.

Common sense is unique capability, because it has to seek coordination of various systems and mind. Everyone should try to retain good health to regulate the righteous state of body and mind. Take proper, balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, fibers etc.; avoid preserved and spicy food; perform regular exercise (yoga and pranayaam); perform massage; follow medical advice during disease; never take non-vegetarian diet and intoxicants; try to perform voluntary social service like tree plantation, blood donation, cleanliness etc. Moral elevations improve mental health and social status.


Mind is invisible transcendent world of thoughts, feelings, attitude, emotions (love, hate, fear, joy, anxiety, distress etc.), belief and imagination. It is not confined to brain but helpful in memory and awareness. The source of mind is ‘Trikuti’ near Eye-center. It provides consciousness, the ability to regulate what we do, to know what we are doing and why. The systems of body and mind are inter linked and affect the working of each other. Mind is a private sphere to which the owner has the access to communicate (consciously or sub-consciously).

Each of us has a unique mind with specific thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, belief, attitudes and a unique set of regulatory device. These styles also decide the flow of energy and information inside us. The charity of mental health comprise complex of positive elements in an individual that feels, thinks, wills and especially reasons the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive activity.

Animals are able to interpret their environment but do not understand the reasons of what happens around them and adapt. Human mind has the ability to analyze situations and bring practical solution with logical reasoning. The derivation of name from Latin language ‘Mens’ means Mind which includes the mental faculties of thoughts, violation, feeling and memory (gradually developed since 14th century). It is also supposed to be derived from a word of Sanskrit language ‘Manas’ from ancient period.


Soul is celestial, spiritual and immortal entity of human beings and other animals. Many religious and philosophical concepts reveal that soul is the incorporate and immortal essence, as a divine source of energy in every living being. It is also closely linked with inspiration, emotions, passion, fervor, enthusiasm, eagerness, vitality, spirit, commitment and other favorable aspects.

Persons involved in meditation feel sublime presence of the Divine within. Meditation is the real submission to the Divine father with supreme reverence. But we should not demand to fulfill our desires and worldly ambitions. Meditation also increases the power of thinking, concentrating and memorizing. The living spiritual guide has the virtuous Divine Bliss and the power to initiate the masses, to bless them about ‘Truth’ and achieve self-realization.

Comparison between Mind and Soul

Both mind and spirit are invisible, formless and splendid powers of Deity.

But the differences in-between these entities are explained in the religious literatures and also gathered through the spiritual discourses of saints from time to time. Their concepts are given here:

  1. Soul is the share of the super-natural Divine Power, whereas, entity of Mind or ‘Mann’ is blessed through external destiny (Yama or Kaal or King of Death)
  2. Mind leaves the world with death of body, whereas, soul is changeless and immortal.
  3. Mind transforms its concept with change in time and situations due to lust, greed, attachment, corruption, ego etc. Mind tends to generate the grating network of deception and illusions. Soul cannot be spoiled or damaged through materialistic objects or situations.
  4. Soul is stable, endless and eternal energy, whereas, mind is unstable, transferable and distressing irony.
  5. Soul adopts the virtuous trend of truth and morality. Mind is generally mischievous that tends to follow wicked attitude.
  6. Soul remains away from illusions and materialistic incidents, however, mind remains entangled in worldly commodities and happenings.
  7. Soul always develops urge to get linked with its Divine Creator and tries to search for the righteous pathway, whereas, mind always considers the physical body as its comfortable home and tends to enjoy the transitory events in the perishing and artificial set up.
  8. Soul does not get influenced through distress or delight, profit or loss, life or death because of its stable nature. The mind becomes radiant in the situations of delight, profit and progress but gets drowned with apprehension during the conditions of grief, damage and dejection.
  9. Soul is virtue and truth. Mind remains in regular deceit, pretence and ostentations.
  10. Soul is capable to cherish the continuous sweet melody which has been perpetual resonance, eternal sound, celestial music and pleasing heavenly shout ( Anhad-naad and Bange-elahi). Mind is influenced through music instruments of this world because it can feel the agreeable pleasure and thus enjoy the comfortable situations.
  11. Soul keeps on receiving guidelines from Almighty God to remain free from wicked actions. On the contrary, mind remains engrossed in greedy desires and tends to influence the soul for wicked deeds.
  12. Soul always yearns to attend religious congregations, whereas, mind attempts to search for companions adopting worst appliances.
  13. Our soul remains strong and exhilarated elephant, therefore, it cannot be transformed to helpless or slave entity. Mind is like an inconsistent and mischievous monkey that attempts to elude the soul to dance under its regulation.
  14. The relation of soul is affirmed with Divine Lord, whereas, mind has many worldly relatives, friends and enemies.
  15. Spiritual peace and elevation cannot be purchased through money. However, the enticing worldly materials for mind can be procured through wealth.
  16. Spiritual elevation can be achieved through regular meditation on Gods words which is blessed by Spiritual Guide. The devotee achieves knowledge about origin, objectives and destiny of life. Such learning motivates the person for virtuous attempts of seeking salvation. Staying averse to these objectives, mind wastes its time and energy in attachments, name-fame, greed, ego etc.
  17. Mind tries oppressing upon soul. But when a person seeks initiation on Gods words, the devotee acquires profound spiritual strength to overpower and dash down the mind. It is omission on the part of the mind when it forgets to consider the body, soul and Divine Master as true proprietor of life. Although the mind acknowledges that its existence in body is due to the presence of super- natural energy in the form of spirit.
  18. Mind is like a strong politician which initially establishes friendly relationship with body but tends to make it away from soul so that the body does not ever think of God.
  19. Mind, sometimes, acts as a pronounced wizard who enchants that the soul does not locate the proper place and time for meditation.
  20. The mind keeps on trying to achieve the strength of tiger because the god of time (kaal) is considered as very powerful like a colony of lions. But the soul is the robust participle of omnipotent, sole creator of the universe.
  21. Soul is the mother of pure, virtuous and auspicious thoughts. Mind does not allow sustaining the good and welfare belief for a long period.

Divinity in Human Body

A wise man always follows the righteous principles of life decorated with basic values of humanity, justice, sincerity etc. The soul acquires the strength of merging with its super-natural generator only when it leaves its association of mind so that all coverings of sensual pleasure are removed.

Each person should avoid the evils of anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, guilt, lies, resentment, falsehood, superiority-ego, etc. Try to adopt attitude of joy, peace, love, serenity, humility, benevolence, empathy, truth, generosity, faith and compassion.

Pursuit of righteousness directs the path to strength and glory. Resolve to be strong and courageous. Refuse to be frightened by grim situations since you carry within yourself the Divine all the times and at all places. Try to face the challenges and cope with the worldly tumults bravely.

Human Race is Intelligent

Meditation is the climatic peak of prayer. Each one is capable to discover and realize the Divine-self through contemplation and meditation. The concerned person has to delve deep and get engrossed in the limitless ocean of Divinity so as to enjoy the eternal bliss.

The soul becomes capable to visualize the inner light and sound that actually is the radiance and vibratory sound (sweet melody) of God within us.

The spirit achieves elevation and emancipation to the highest range which is ‘Omnipotent God Himself’.


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