Spiritual Congregation delivered by                                                                              Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan                                                at Param Pita Shah Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa.

Dear Devotees of Almighty Lord!

We welcome & thank you all whole heartedly for coming to Dera Sacha Sauda from near or distant places & having assembled here to attend the spiritual congregation. The theme of the discourse being taken up today dwells in the hymn:

“Koi koi jaane kesa nasha haai naam ka,

Wohi jaane pyaala piya, prem ke jaam ka.”

“Rare are the people who do realize,                                                                              What is the intoxication of God`s Word;                                                                       They can better express & acknowledge,                                                                      Who partake  the chalice of Love of Lord.”


Yearning for the Supreme Master & the Descriptive Name:                                There are only a few who yearn for Almighty Lord, who has an urge to see God’s vision, there is a yearning inside that I have to see that the Supreme Father, and who spares time for that yearning, then he reaches such a place where there is a discussion of the Supreme Father, and that is called the spiritual congregation. After reaching such a place, when that soul hears the discussion of its Supreme Father, listens to the discourse delivered by the spiritual saints regarding the way to reach Him, then the soul starts swinging and gets connected with the descriptive name.

The descriptive name describes or glorifies God Almighty. Such words, which are first practised by the spiritual saints, when they have divine views, spiritual strength, spiritual peace, then they give these words to the general public. This  is such a ritual which the spiritual guide tells to the followers according to the orders of the Supreme Power. A disciple can never make a disciple. That is why the disciples are instructed not to tell the God`s `Words further.

Because you are a practitioner, you can recite it, you cannot  grant salvation to anyone. Just as teachers, masters and lecturers only teach, children do not teach lecturers, there is no such thing anywhere. In the same way, the Spiritual Guide teaches the lesson of spirituality which is called the descriptive name or kalma or words and those who practice those words, those who regularly chant the words, create the power to reach God Almighty.

Journey of the Soul Through Recitation of the God`s Words:   

How long do the God`s Words give fruit? Because people are too hasty. People want that they do not have to do recitation of the God`s Words for a long time. If you want to get more blessings,  you should spend at least half an hour,  three quarters of an hour or an hour, between 2:00 and 5:00 in the morning. This time is called Brahma Muhurta in Hinduism, Amrit Vela in Sikhism,  Khudaya Waquat, BangeWaquat in Islam and  God’s Prayer Time in Christianity. But before doing recitation of the God`s Words in this time, you need to sleep for at least four-five hours, that is, wake up between 2 and 5 o’clock, but before that you will have to sleep for five hours.

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Then you should spend half an hour, three quarters of an hour, an hour in remembrance of God Almighty. So, this is the best time. Reciting the God`s Words during this particular time awakens your spiritual power & increases your self-confidence. This time is very calm. Because during this time noise is almost non-existent. The scientists also consider this time to be good. The amount of oxygen in twenty-four hours is considered more at this time than at any other time. So, the scientists say that we have made a new discovery, whereas in spirituality it has been discovered since time immemorial that the best time to attain God is from 2 to 5 o’clock in the morning.

So, during this time, the lovers of God Almighty wake up and they do recitation of the God`s Words. If you cannot wake up this time, it is o.k. but  whenever you wake up,  get refreshed and spend half  or three quarters of an hour for recitation of the God`s Words and in the same way  spend half or three quarters of an hour in the evening or at night when you are going to sleep. It is also very good to spend half an hour before sleeping in the memory of the Supreme Power. If you regularly do the recitation of the God`s Words with true spirit,  within a month you will start realizing the symptoms of increasing concentration. That is within 5 days, an hour in the morning and evening i.e. 60 hours. What’s less than that? So, with sincere devotion, worship God Almighty.

It should not be that you are reciting the God`s words but attention is being directed somewhere else. At least that much time is needed to start concentration. Then as you go on repeating the God`s Words, your soul will start climbing inside. Strange changes will happen inside the body itself. You will stop liking the evils in which you used to feel amused earlier. That goodness which you used to consider as a wasteful business will become reality, true feelings will arise in you, your heart will change, signs of mercy & compassion will arise, you will achieve progress in worldly works and your evil mind will start to stay in the remembrance of Almighty Lord.

Then time will pass and with continuous practice your soul will start growing inside, will start climbing up in the body itself. During this stage, many practioners feel as if an ant were crawling upwards on their body. It is the experience of some other practioners  that it seems as if the body is getting relaxed. Relaxation means as if the body is becoming somewhat unconscious. So, these are the symptoms of the soul’s ascent. But this is the experience of a few practioners only. But most of the practioners don’t realize it. The soul moves forward and when the soul reaches the place where the door ahead is closed. Because nine doors are open to our body. Two ears, two eyes, two noses, one mouth and two senses. These are the nine doors that open. The tenth door is the place on the forehead above the nose between the two eyes. So this place is close. When the soul reaches this place through repetition of the God`s words this door opens. On reaching this door, the soul experiences  a great feeling of happiness, immense pleasure, magnetic pull and an experience that is not forgotten. This is a special experience of the soul shrinking to itself as the soul is entangled in every part of the body. Our body is functional only because of the soul. It is very difficult to get the soul out of the body, the evil mind & the senses. It requires time and patience. That is, only a patient person can do this. But it is impossible to do so without the recitation of the God`s Words. To some extent, this can be possible through yoga. But even the hatha yogis who have reached  the heights of yoga are unable to go beyond the tenth door.

On entering the tenth door, the soul gets the vision of Triloki Nath i.e. the Negative Power. This is the stage where great yogis stop. Because there is also a lot of sunlight in it. Such a divine light which is beyond audio & visual description. There are amazing and wonderful views. If you talk about beauty, then such beautiful people, who are called  fairies, roam there & dance. Such melodious music resonates all around there which captivates the mind. So much beauty that you can’t even imagine. There is such a tremendous scene that the soul keeps on walking there and many yogis considered this place to be the vision of God and explained everything considering it to be the ultimate universe . Because thousands of suns and moons roam here, a lot of vision is visible here.

But this is not that Real Abode. It is such a form of  the Negative Power which is also called  Supreme Negative Power. If the soul stops here,  you understand that you have become a slave. Because this is the place of  the Negative Power, you have to leave it. The souls who worship under the guidance of the Perfect Spiritual Guide, do not even look at this side because upon reaching this stage, the soul shines like having the light of many suns. There is so much light, so much power that if she has been blessed by the Perfect Guide, is associated with the recitation of God`s Words, then what should she have to do with the Negative Power. She doesn’t stop here.

The soul climbs trillions of kilometers, means that, the person (practitioner) himself feels that he is going up such a climb. The soul reaches great heights. There is a path which is very fine, very narrow. If the practioner has recited the God`s Words for sufficient time, only then he can go ahead. Otherwise the way is not visible. From there also the soul comes down and gets caught in the trap of the Negative Power. But when the practitioner keeps on reciting the God`s Words then that soul blessed by the Perfect Spiritual Guide recognizes the path which is  finer than the front part of a needle. The soul has to be put there, means that, one has to get oneself to enter it.

This is also a very complex and difficult task. But those who have recited the God`s Words for long, have practiced, enter into it in a fearless & carefree way. One has to leave the sky, that sky which is under the influence of the Negative Power. As soon as the soul enters into it, in that narrow path, the soul falls down, up and down, so many times that it does not even see any stop.

 So much going down, sometimes up, sometimes down like while doing ECG of heart, a graph is made on the screen in front. Those billions and trillions of kms. The distance is limited to this little space only. It is a very strange path, but the soul has its own light. If the soul is under the guidance of her Spiritual Master, the soul moves forward. As soon as this path ends, then such a sky opens which is called the beginning of spirituality, that is, the soul has entered the Super Power`s house, call Him Alakh Purush or whatever name is given to that Supreme Master, His visions would be visible. And if we say the light of thousands of suns in one of its follicles, then it will be less, it is such a light.

The springs of nectar, such divine pleasure, such happiness, the soul is there in the form of a swan, diamond-red, more than the platforms of jewels. If you compare it even a little, then you just remember the brilliance of diamonds and jewels and nothing else. There is so much joy all around, such happiness, such divine pleasure, such ecstasy that the soul gets lost in those spiritual sights. This is the place where the soul needs to reach. You can watch it if you want to see it. Not only this, there is much more than this, but it is possible only if a person becomes a thorough practitioner  through firm faith in the Spiritual Guide and the recitation of the God`s Words. Time has to be given for this. The soul moves beyond this. As the soul crosses the stages, her status increases and the amount and the power of her own light  increases manifold. Moving forward, when she sees the vision of her Supreme Father, the spiritual views  increase.

Condition of the Souls Who don`t Recite the God`s Words: 

While living on this earth, as a person does worship, he is given the same status posthumously. But she stops there, unable to move forward. The souls who do not even repeat the God`s Words, though blessed with the God`s Words,  and walk freely, do bad deeds, slander and all kinds of evils, those souls come to such a place which is called numb. There is terrible darkness and terrible fall, there is a way to the heights, but it is closed to those souls. So, those souls wander and stay there. Although the soul has its own light, but the light of the God`s Words, when she was sitting in meditation, that light was associated with her.

That’s why Kabir Ji has written that if the God`s Words is recited in one breath, it is capable of taking her beyond the three  worlds. So such a light remains in the soul and  it keeps on working in its light, it keeps on moving, there is no sorrow, there is no external problem of any kind, but such a pain, a tremendous yearning keeps on engulfing it which is not even treated. Could it happen? That trouble is the absence of a vision of the Supreme Father. The soul should not have vision of its Lord, that is the biggest punishment for that soul there. Such restlessness, such a yearning inside that cannot be fulfilled. There, it takes centuries for the soul to wander.

They have their own identity over there that they are those souls. In this way those souls get entangled there. When a Spiritual Saint changes the body, then He has the right that He can take the souls trapped there with Him and there is no way for them to be released. She is imprisoned there all the time and screams & keeps suffering. So, in this birth, if repentance is done, if the Supreme Master is worshiped, one gets rid of those sins. When a person becomes careless, becomes a slave of the evil mind, does not follow the holy teaching, then the souls remain in a numb state and this is the reality, it happens there.

Recite the God`s Words to Attain Divine Bliss:    

Dear Brother! If you do repeat the God`s Words then only you can know about spirituality. As told you that as soon as you reach the first stage, where there are springs of nectar, where there is a melodious voice, if you say that  flute, sitar, water springs, conch-naad should all be played or those bells in the temple whose sound is from afar. Light and sweet sound is heard, if all these are added, then billions and trillions of times more juicy, melodious music plays there, on which the souls dance.

The soul gets such love, it gets such stretch, it gets such ultimate happiness that cannot be explained through writing or speaking. Whatever you feel pleasure in the world, taste or pride, whatever makes you happy there is such ecstasy that is billions or trillions of times more than that which remains constant, remains forever, and souls dive into it. That’s the case brother!. To attain that bliss, the Supreme Master has filled you with strength, whether you use it or not, it depends on you. Because the evil mind has made many traps here to entrap you. There is such a chain of mutual love, in whose pleasure and happiness you get lost in the dirt, you cannot come out of it.

Be True to Your Relationships:  

Be aware of the feelings, the relationships that our Spiritual Guides have decided & determined but  the other relationships you associate with are fatal for your soul, you will not be able to progress in spirituality. Keep the feeling in consonance with your  relationships . Whatever the relationship between husband-wife, parents, sister-brother, it is your duty for them, discharge it, the saints do not stop it. But apart from this, if you make any relationship, it is illegitimate.

It is also said to be wrong in Hinduism and Sikhism. In Islam, such a  relationship has been  termed as unjust for you. So brother! stay true to the relationship, connect with your Supreme Father or  God, do the recitation of the God`s Words, then surely the evil inside you, the evil mind which makes you helpless, makes you compelled, they will stop and you will go on becoming worthy of  His blessing. It is written in the hymn:

“Koi koi jaane kesa nasha haai naam ka,

Wohi jaane pyaala piya, prem ke jaam ka.”

“Rare are the people who do realize,                What is the intoxication of God`s Word;           They can better express & acknowledge,       Who partake  the chalice of Love of Lord.”

In this regard, it has been told in scripture:

“If I have a hundred lives, I should sacrifice everything, that is, it has no value before the divine tune of the Supreme Master.” Because only the wise can understand, only the practitioner can understand that the body is valued because of this soul. And when that soul gets billions and trillions of times more light there than in this world, gets ultimate happiness, then why would he want to get entangled here in this materialistic world. Here you like things even trillions of times but there you will get more happiness than that. But until you see with your own eyes, you will not believe.

“Jab tak na dekhun apni naini                                   Tab tak na manu Guru ki kahni.”

 “Man does not believe in Spiritual Guide`s narration,                                                          Unless & until witnesses himself on verification.”

 The Spiritual Saint keeps on explaining each and every thing openly in the spiritual congregation but the evil mind is so cruel that by by luring in the world’s love and affection, it gets human being finally trapped in the relationship of the world. It has been told in the beginning of the hymn:

“Nashe to ghane aur bhi bane,                                                                                   Din raat jinhen khayen hain bade                                                                               Subah ka piya, sham utraa,                                                                                           Naam ka nasha din raat chade,                                                                                   Esa naam ka nasha, jise chad hai gya, ho mast gya.”

“The intoxicants are many & varied,                                                                   People consume day night, far & wide,                                                                           But their effects do often fall & ride;                                                                    The intoxication of God`s Words is eternal,                                                                  Once  intoxicated keeps exhilarating withal.”

Worldly Intoxicants vs  Intoxicant of God`s Love:                                                  There are many types of drugs in the world. If you take intoxicant in the morning, it goes away in the evening and the drink of the evening goes down in the morning and leaves a  type of restlessness in the body, and in the soul there is a type of guilt & stain. These worldly intoxicants, even if they give excitement for a short time, inside it seems that something is being received. But in reality all the intoxicants ruin us. Instead of these intoxicants, if the intoxication of the  Supreme Master`s name is taken, it keeps you intoxicated day and night. Such divine ecstasy & ultimate pleasure that the soul looks healthy from inside and body looks strong from outside. Even the most terrible deeds, which are the accumulated acts, are cut off with the help of the Supreme Master`s blessings. If a person is firm in recitation of the God`s Words, keeps cherishing God’s love, his terrible deeds also go on getting cut off. Whether he is a householder (Here means married & having children) whether he is a  sadhu, he can be saved only if he follows the holy words. Trouble comes only for those who don`t follow the holy words.

Spare Time for Recitation of the God`s Words:

The spiritual saints tell that sleep early at night and get up early in the morning, this keeps the body healthy. Yes! at least 4-5 hours of sleep is necessary. The scientists also accept this view. It  has been  mentioned in Ayurveda for a long time, and in Allopathy and Naturopathy too, it is believed that if the food is taken while the sun is set, then it is better than the food which is taken late at night. There are many reasons – digestion will be good, sleep will be good and whatever you want to do, there will be no problem in doing business, but digestion will definitely be good. There is a lot of benefit from sleeping early and waking up early.  The scientists have also agreed to this fact.

This is the opinion of spirituality that  you should wake up between 2 and 5 in the morning i.e. before the sun rises. Get refreshed and then devote time to meditation. In the morning you should do recitation of the God`s Words  for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes  and  then see the changes yourself. The best way to sit is to sit in squat. Yes, you can also sit on a chair, that is your choice, but the more rest you give to your body, the more and sooner you will sleep. Or whenever you wake up, definitely give half an hour and three quarters of an hour to the remembrance of the Supreme Master.

After that, after taking whatever you take for breakfast etc., you go to your business. Do your work, but in between, when you are alone, sitting somewhere, taking some rest, then you should also do a little recitation of the God`s Words. Your body will be more healthy, your focus will be towards more good deeds and you will feel refreshed. If you take food, do a little recitation of the God`s Words before that, remember the Supreme Master and eat the food. Then you should do hard work.

Thereafter give some time to your  family members. When you come back from business, you should give some time to the family after taking food etc. It is also important to pay attention to the responsibilities you have. But don’t be a bullock with a crusher. Then before sleeping, give half an hour, 15 minutes or whatever the hour is for the recitation of the God`s Words.  So this is an ideal life, if you want to live according to spirituality, then like you take a holiday in a week, you entertain, but keep two-four hours for service to humanity, for the good of others, for goodness, believe that your spiritual life will overwhelm with happiness. This is how you go on living your life. So tell Us, what got you rid of this. Didn’t get anything out. Therefore. there should be some rules to your life.

Rules for the Sadhus:

Now, it comes to those who are renouncers (Sadhus). Whether they live in the forests, whether they live in the mountains, they are sages and gentlemen, they should also have rules. It is not that God will be found only by renunciation, in this way animals have renounced a lot. But nothing is going to happen by such sacrifice. To give up means to give up lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, evil mind and illusion. This is renunciation, this is simplicity, this is fit for the sages. Well, giving up the comforts & luxury of the world is no small matter. That is, according to the people of the world, it is a big deal. But it is a fact that when the Spiritual Guide has bestowed grace then only all this can be possible, otherwise what is the courage in a person to leave it.

Whoever is a sage or fakir and wherever he lives, in the forests, in the desolate, in the mountains, it means that he has abandoned the household responsibilities. The label of being a sage is great. Most Revered Param Pita Ji has stated: Brother! If you want to live the life as a sage or monk, you should have no contact with & concern for the family members and  the family members should have no concern for you. Therefore, a monk is one who has renounced everything, has nothing to do with the family members.

This is the  first step of renunciation. Then it comes to 24 hours, neither the child is to be fed, nor the mother-in-law/ the father-in-law nor the wife whose wish is to be fulfilled, he is free from all these affairs. What has he to do? Wherever humanitarian service is found, be engaged in the selfless service to humanity. Keep rendering service to humanity along with the recitation of the God`s Words.

 As for spiritual progress, as told you earlier, the one who is a sage/monk can get spiritual progress sooner. But be a sage in the real sense of the word, not by the label alone. Because anyone can label it. Sadhu means that he removed the link from the family and removing the link does not mean that you should not greet the family members. Whenever you meet them, extend hospitality to your birth giver (father & mother) but do not get entangled in their worldly affairs by being allured in their attachment and love. When you are a monk, then leave them and fix the time for the recitation of the God`s  Words. When you are serving humanity, what should you do with what your sons and daughters are doing? There are many such gentlemen who remain entangled herein.

So brother, keep on serving  humanity and doing recitation too, you will definitely feel like it, in this way you will move forward. If in the morning the worldly people do recite the God`s Words for half an hour, then the one who has renounced everything should sit for at least two hours. Come on, if not two hours, then an hour is enough. The  divine taste will increase as you get further in the recitation of the God`s Words. Therefore brother! you pray with passion & yearning, give up sleep, what will happen if you do not sleep.

The doctors must have told you that you will become mad, but the question does not arise whether to go mad. If someone wakes up for the recitation of the God`s Words, it cannot be that he is mad. Yes, he definitely goes ‘crazy’ in the love of the Supreme Master. That is, he gets to the core point of spirituality. But this is the age of vices, where we eat so much food that there is no place in the stomach to make any remembrance. You do eat and drink but even animals do this. The sacrifice done, he went to the forests, left the household, ate so much goods and the weight increases so much as air fills the balloons, they become puffy after bloating.

Is this devotion? Is this simplicity? If total no of time devoted to the recitation of the God`s Words is taken into account, you are zero. Then it is likely that some trouble or difficulty will occur.  Isn’t it better to spend that time in the remembrance of the Supreme Master having spiritual visions than to suffer? But no one would believe then. The spiritual saints have to tell. But whoever is a sage, his duty begins with humanitarian service. Just as you do not miss your duty related to your job, so should the sadhus also not miss. One should do one`s duty i.e. service work diligently. There should be no frivolous things, there should not be slander. Just do humanitarian service diligently, keep chanting hymns, and discharge your duty towards your children, towards your family as mentioned above for the married people and also do recitation in the morning and evening and together spend time in rendering service to humanity.

And it is necessary for sadhus to take light food at night. Not that it is very powerful. Because the more powerful food the sage takes powerful food, the more upset he gets,  and the evil mind starts torturing him badly. Take only as much food as you think is necessary. Take food according to the type of the work you do. Then you pray as much as you can. Don’t think why you can’t sleep, think about why you are sleeping. There should be only the recitation of the God`s Words.

You should pay attention to the recitation of the God`s Words only. Do not engage in outward show in the name of the recitation of the God`s Words. If you are engaged in recitation, keep on doing recitation. When it comes to sleep, try to remove it and when it bothers you too much then go to sleep. Four hours is enough to sleep. If one eats properly, does render humanitarian  service, one does hard work, one can sleep for five hours. In this way those who walk with simplicity on the path of spirituality, the Revered Param Pita Ji has granted them highest status in spirituality.

 To the families of such devotee volunteers, not only to their families, whoever are trapped in different places in the Hell, the Supreme Master takes them out and leads them to the Real Abode. The question of even the slightest trouble to the family members does not arise. But it is possible only if one follows the holy teachings. So brother! We have told the rules both for the married persons & the sadhus. Whoever follows these rules, the Supreme Master not only takes care of them, but also takes care of their family members.

The Saints Propagate Truth & Goodness Irrespective of Criticism:

This is the age of vices. Here it is bad to speak the truth.Those who work according to their evil mind get hurt. They prevent that the truth should not be spoken; if the spiritual saint keep telling the truth, the whole world will become true, then how will the  falsehood prevail. The fakir has neither stopped, did not stop nor will ever stop. The spiritual saints used to tell the truth, is telling the truth and will continue to tell the truth. Drugs are the house of ruin, so saints will stop them. Even if someone loses billions for that. So, saints are the representatives of truth. Their every action, if they do any work even with their own body, does nothing for themselves, but for the benefit of others, for the sake of connecting others with the Supreme Master.

Therefore, brother! Act upon the teachings of the spiritual saints. Whether you are running a household or you are a sage, you will be able to get the benevolence of the Supreme Master, you will become worthy of His divine vision, if you lead your life this way. Because it is not a small thing, it is a milestone to have the vision of the Supreme Master, that too in ultimate form. It is not a matter of these eyes to behold that divine light, those lights which are filled in every part of His body. If you try to look at the sun, you cannot see properly. The doctors also say, don’t look at the shining sun.

If you see it will be messed up due to its rays. If there is a hatha yogi, he can see a little, but there will be millions and crores of suns and why the soul will not get to know because the soul will have its own light, power & strength. So, in this way, the people who listen to the teachings of the saints, and the listeners are also rare, get themselves definitely benefited . This is the age of vices, and when the spiritual saints deliver discourses, they are also ridiculed. It doesn’t matter to the saints, what should the saints take by getting angry with it, even if you stand up and mock the saints. The saints do deliver discourse, it is up to you people whether to follow the discourse or ridicule. The saints never get bothered about these things. They have nothing to do with this. Yes, they will keep on delivering discourses for the well being of the masses.

“Jesi mai aav khasham ki baani,                                                                                   Tesda kari gyaan ve Lalo.”

“As the word of Supreme Master does occur,                                                                 O Lalo, so do I (the Spiritual Saint) utter,”

He will state as the Supreme Master orders. He was neither a slave of anyone nor can he be, the question does not arise. We are telling these things for the information of the devotees. If people start practicing then the saints need not put so much emphasis. Rather it seems as if there are oily pots and the pots are also upside down. If you pour water on them, not even a drop goes inside.

Because of being lubricated, they do not even get wet. So many gentlemen are like this; deliver how many discourses, say whatever you want, they say that we will do only this. Aw, then what? They think that we will see who will stop it. No one will stop  but when it comes to stop, then let`s see how you will not stop. It also depends upon the will of God. The saints  have nothing to do with this. The work of the saints is like that of an ideal teacher, that these are evils, leave them and these are good things and adopt them. Now it is up to you, with whom do you want to associated. But believe it. If you act upon this statement, you will surely be benefited. If you don`t do it, its result depends upon the will of God.

The spiritual saints  always tell the truth, connect with the truth and talks about Allah, Waheguru, Ram. They do not have any attachment with any one, they discuss common talks. Whatever  discourse they deliver is for one & all.  It is the truth, it is the reality. But it is bitter as well. Truth is always bitter, okay.

It has been written about this in the scriptures:

When Babar Badshah offered hemp to Guru Nanak Sahib, He stated that the intoxication of liquor goes down after some time but the intoxication of the name of the Supreme Master never becomes ineffective. It never goes down.

“ Post Bhang Afeem Mad,                                                                                     Nasha Utar Jaaye Parbhat,                                                                                           Naam Khumari Nanka,                                                                                                  Chari Rahe Din Raat.                                                                                                    Bhai ki bhang, sifat ka kunda                                                                                        Gyan ka kiya danda,                                                                                                    Sach shabad amrit, math piya                                                                                     Tb hua amal akhanda.”

“Liquor, opium, hemp gratification                                                                              All disappear by dawn;                                                                                                 O Nanak! Holy Words` intoxication,                                                                            Ever lasts, never withdrawn.                                                                                    The Saints are intoxicated with fear of God,                                                              And regularly repeat holy words of the Lord;                                                             They prevent the evil forces & the evil mind,                                                              By Spiritual Guide`s teachings of every kind;                                                      Blessed with the God`s Words & Its continued recitation,                                          Granted ultimate knowledge & love beyond explanation.”

 Means the spiritual guides have stated that the spiritual saints are intoxicated by the fear of the Supreme Master; they are are afraid of the Supreme Master; they eulogize the supreme Master by reciting the God`s Words. The knowledge that the spiritual saint imparts acts like  a type of stick & the spiritual saints use this stick of the spiritual guide to prevent the evil mind from committing  evil deeds.

It is further written – ”Sach shabad amrit math piaa, Tab huaa amal akhanda.” So the spiritual guide imparted the God`s Words, which when recited, granted such knowledge & divine love which is indestructible. No one can disprove that knowledge. It also came forward-Babar Kalandar pyaala pio; Utar naa jaye kabahun khiyo.’ O Babar Badshah. Drink such an intoxicant that never goes down. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said to Babar Badshah,  the hemp that you have given to Me, I will drink it in the morning, it will come down in the evening and vice versa.

See if you take the intoxicant of the God`s Words, it will keep you elevated forever. It will never come down. It will great you ultimate happiness that can`t be explained through words. So look! the Spiritual Guide did not bow His neck in front of a king, but gave that proof of His knowledge & did not hesitate at all. If you want to drink, then drink this nectar, the juice of the God`s Words;  what is the dirt to drink. So this is the work of the spiritual saints, whoever comes, they impart the same knowledge to everyone. The spiritual saint does not discriminate between the rich & the poor.

He stops the dishonest & corrupt people from earning through dishonest means  & advises that it is a slow poison;  do not  feed this poison to your children, rather use it for humanitarian service so that whatever dishonest acts you have committed, it does not have a bad effect on you. This is what a true spiritual guide teaches. He never asks anyone to do his personal work.

Different Types of Intoxicants:

“Suksham nashe bhant bhant ke                                                                                   Jinko koi na jane                                                                                                        Tan ka nasha, dhan ka nasha                                                                                      Man ka nasha naa koi pehchane                                                                                  Unchi jaat ka nasha, kise bat ka nasha                                                                      Gun raj ka nasha.”

“Subtle & different intoxicants remain unknown & undefined,                 Intoxicants of body, wealth, the evil mind are  unidentified;                                   Some  are intoxicated by the higher caste, the talks secret ,                                    Others are exhilarated by quality,  politics & bureaucrat.”

There are many types of drugs such as cannabis, smack, hemp, datura ( thorn apple), they are visible but some of the intoxicants which are being described for you are less visible. The first such intoxicant is the intoxication of the body which includes the beauty of the body also. But instead of thanking for it, standing in front of the mirror, he thinks how beautiful he is, I am wonderful, but he feels something lacking in him. Many times We receive letters in which it written, ‘my nose is a little crooked, please straighten it,’ ‘I am fat, make me thin,’ ‘I am thin, make me fat,’ ‘I am in the middle ( neither so weak nor so powerful), make me powerful; etc. Means to say, there is no satisfaction to the person at all. Many gentlemen have a false pretense that everything is fade in front of my beauty.

It is possible that one day it  becomes full of diseases and  those who love face and facial beauty will start avoiding it and one day it will be burnt to ashes. The intoxication of the body means  you have become strong,  have developed muscles and then you take off your clothes and show it to the people. Brother, it is your body, what is its benefit to others? What do you want to prove by showing others? Only its own applause is the mood of this very strange young generation.

This is the result of hard work; you go to the village, who are working people, those who work, their muscles are so hard. There is no big deal in this; many people are immersed in the intoxication of the  body  & think that what do I have to with the name of  Ram or God; my body is like this, my body is so strong and many people remain engaged in decorating it. In this way, you may be able to influence a person like yourself, but Allah, Ram, the Supreme Master, He is not affected by these things. The intoxication of this body is very strong, whoever is affected by it, does not move away from the front of the mirror for hours. Even in dreams we dream that I have become such an actor, I have become that and in reality he is lying on his broken cot. This is the intoxication of the body.

Art is a good thing. Whatever artist you are, but be humble, don’t think that you have reached the top. Tansen did not even say that he reached the top, who sang a raga and lit the lamps. Till today we do not think that anyone could reach there. There have been many such wrestlers, like Bhima , so there is no competition in the world today, so any artist means the art of the body, the art of playing outside, the art of playing songs, there is any art of any kind but you can’t say that you have achieved perfection in it.

This is spirituality, some spiritual saint may reach there, otherwise it is very difficult and he will not even tell. He will only say that no, just like you, this is the reality of us. So, don’t let the intoxication of the body come, don’t be so arrogant. Keep your body safe, do exercise, but do not turn away from your work. Recite the God`s Words, there is no harm in it, but it is beneficial to work, etc.  Therefore, do exercise, whether do it in the fields or at your home, do it anywhere but don’t go crazy by getting lost in it.

 Intoxication of Money: 

Next comes the intoxication of money. The intoxication of wealth is tremendous. Today most of the people have become enemies of each other for tasting this intoxicant. If you smell it, any person can fall from humanitarian standard in an instant. If someone is the favourite of the Supreme Master,  what to say, otherwise most of the people are its slaves, crazy about money and even cross the standard limit. Many gentlemen say that they can`t manage to work without money, that is right.

Earn money but work hard, earn money through honest means. If you look at the past lives of all the rich people in the world, most of them used to distribute newspapers; there were many people who used to put petrol at the petrol pump and today they enjoy good reputation. Their names are among the richest persons of the world. Why, because they didn’t take rest. If you work hard, no one stops you from working hard. If you want to earn money, don’t cheat, don`t adopt dishonest means, don`t commit bad deeds, this what the saints state. Therefore brother! earn money but don’t be arrogant. Because you are poorer than Ravana’s servant.

The rooms of Ravana’s servant were also made of gold and the utensils in which he used to eat were also made of gold. So, that servant will also be richer than you and how rich Ravana himself was, your mind  will not be able to calculate it. His whole Lanka was made of gold and he himself was the king of Lanka. So, all the wealth belonged to him. Finally what happened to him ? There is not even a son left who can light a lamp, so what do you arrogant about? When a person saves a few rupees , he walks arrogantly as if all others are insects and spiders, only I am a man. No brother! Don’t be arrogant. Those who become arrogant have to fall and suffer.

Intoxication of the Evil Mind:

Next is the intoxication of the ‘evil mind.’ It is very difficult to recognize the intoxication of the evil mind. Many times it happens to many gentlemen from outside that if I say ‘I’, that is, by saying ‘I’, the ego has developed. No, the ego does not develop by merely saying ‘I.’ There  is the subtle ego of your evil mind that  gives you the idea I am very smart, but I do not let others know; I have a lot of knowledge, but I pretend like I am an innocent.

I am the cleverest person of the world. God has granted all wisdom to me while all others are ignorant & wandering  unnecessarily. This thinking which is running in your brain is the subtle ego of the evil mind. You are something else inside and something else outside. The deity form in appearance and the demon inside ; so this  demon inside, the ego that is inside, this makes a person sad and this is the subtle ego of the evil mind. This is called ‘intoxication of the evil mind’.

 Intoxication of the Higher Caste: 

Next is the ‘intoxication of higher caste.’ An individual boasts that my caste is upper & my religion is superior. In front of others, he says that I consider everyone the same. But from inside he thinks, I belong to the higher caste or religion while the others are of lower caste or religion. If you are from the upper caste, then tell Us, have you fallen from the sky? All have come from the womb of the mother. If you have come separately, We will believe it; does ghee-milk flows in your veins, and water flows in the veins of those who, according to you, belong to lower caste.

  Is it so? No difference anywhere. Sit in one place, wear similar clothes, there is no question that you should look different. All are idols of God , almost identical. There may be a little bit difference in the facial features. Why did the Supreme Master make such little difference, what kind of breed did He make? That is the will of the Supreme Master. Therefore,  brother! All are one, there is no doubt about it. The doctors must believe that they transfuse blood, it works for anyone irrespective of caste, colour, creed or religion. Be it the elder one or the younger one, that blood works equally and also saves human life. But many gentlemen do not believe in these things.

Let Us tell you a fact that there was a servant of a landlord , he used to bring food from home. The crate was on the head, and bread & all other related things were kept in it. That poor man walked four kilometers. He would go there and the so called landlord would take it down. When he had to eat bread, he would say to the poor man, hey, you sit a little farther away. Why? He said that if you put your hand, then all the food will get spoiled. There was a water reservoir. The nearby people used to put a pot on his head. The pot is placed on his head, his hands are touching the water.

But while taking out the water, he says, No, you go behind, you do not have to touch the water. So people apply double policy. The poor people whom these double standard people call  small people, bring water by digging canals. But We consider everyone to be the children of the Supreme Master. So, they bring water by digging a canal and when they used to fill water in the water reservoir, they used to walk in it. Because if some straw is stuck, he used to kick it out with his own feet.

In it, water is falling after washing his feet. And when the seeds were sown in the fields, now machines have come, but before the frequent use of machines, all the goods used to go by their hands and even today they operate the machines with their hands. They use manure, spray, etc.which might have adverse effect upon them. Then he makes them forward that you have to apply water in the field at night, there are snakes pits, you have to apply water also; you do the spray, you also reap the crops, remove the same & in big houses they also bring the flour by grinding them, but when the roti is made, he would say don’t touch it. Isn’t it amazing? Double policy. Got everything done by him and later tells him not to touch. How weird is the case! So, this is the intoxication of caste!

Intoxication of Special Quality:

Next, some people have intoxication of his special quality which others don`t have or that I know this secret thing. He remains intoxicated with the view that I can do this & I can do that. Somebody has the intoxication of having access to the top government authorities & political leaders. He does not allow the villagers to move. You don’t know that I have access to the top authorities. I know many influential people. So, people are really afraid of him as to he can get anything untoward done. In this way, people get addicted to intoxicants & people lose their whole life and do not pay attention to God .

How to Quit the Intoxicants:

Further it has been written in the hymn about intoxicants:

“ Itne nashe jab chhode, tab sune anhad dhunkar                                                        Afeem-shrab, kare hain khrab, chhod de inko kaerke vichar                                     Ye kabbir Ji kahen, gar inse bachen kabhi dukh na sahen.”

“Give up all these intoxicants and listen to the Divine Melody,                         Think, quit intoxicants like opium & wine that ruin body & soul                          Kabir Ji states, give up intoxicants  & never suffer in life whole.”

So you have to give up these intoxicants, you have to give up even the worldly intoxicants. Recite the God`s Words, if you do meditation and worship, it may be possible that within minutes your meditation with concentration may start to settle. In order to give up these intoxicants, you will have to repeat the God`s Words for a long time; you will have to fight with your evil mind. One has to recite the God`s Words for a long time to overcome the evil mind- the dispenser of evil thoughts. Quit these intoxicants, give up these evils, then you can become worthy of the grace of the Supreme Master.

Shun Ego to Attain God`s love:

After quitting so many intoxicants if someone admires you, it is likely that you become egoistic. The man thinks that I am something else. The ego should not have any effect upon me. Where there is ego, the love of God does not stop there. This is the holy words of Kabir Ji:                                                                                                              ‘Chakha chahe prem ras, rakha chahe  maan,                                                          Ek myan me do khadag dekha sunaa na kaan.”

“Either you taste the juice of God`s love or keep your pride,                                      Two swords in one sheath has never been seen or heard.”

Just as two swords can`t  be kept in one sheath, similarly false ego & God`s love cannot co-exist in one body. If you want to get the love of God, give up your ego. It will not be given up by itself. Only by the name of God, it can be given up. In spirituality it is taught in our religions that the more you adopt humility, the more you will become worthy of the grace of the Supreme Master. It is written further in the hymn:

“Bhole-bhale prem pyale, Malik ki nazron se pee jate hain                                                 Akal-ilam , bhul jate  Sab bandhno se chhut jate hain                                           Ban jate hai nadan, kar saken naa byaan                                                                       Is prem ki juban.”

“The chalice of God`s love is cherished by innocent & gullible,                             They forget  intellect & be free from every bond or trouble;                                      They become extremely innocent in their word & deed,                                          To express language of God`s love  is impossible indeed.”

 Those whom the world calls gullible, or to say that those who do not know how to cheat, earn money in the world, take currency notes from under the table or from right or left, and  have less knowledge about lust, anger, greed, attachment & ego are called gullible. So, when such people are associated with the name of the Supreme Master, they get the grace of the Supreme Master at the earliest  while the so called smart & intelligent people keep gaping. Because human wisdom has no access therein. One can reach there by adopting humility and through spiritual waves. Using one`s own wisdom, one raises such questions, as many gentlemen have also said so, We say that you must ask, all the Spiritual Guides in Dera Sacha Sauda have taught to observe humility & love.

The Spiritual Guide does not Make the Family the Fakir:

It is said, Guru Ji! it is seen that the family members of the Spiritual Masters who live here, they wear good clothes, ride in good vehicles, enjoy the luxuries of life. Why so? The answer is that whether it is a family related to this body ( the Present Spiritual Master), whether it is a family related to the Revered Param Pita Ji, a fakir is only himself a fakir, his order is not to make the whole family a fakir. When the spiritual guide blesses him, he does not make his family a fakir. The family members have complete freedom to live in the household, as the ordinary people live & they have the right to live as they can.

As for the vehicles or why they enjoy luxury and comfort, the answer is that it is all from their own property. They didn’t cheat anyone. Everyone has their own ancestral land and property. It has not been multiplied by billions of times by robbing others or coming to the throne of the Spiritual Guide. Anyone can go and check & get fully satisfied. Their income is mainly from their property. They work hard & don’t waste  money uselessly. Because they hail from the  family of the Spiritual Saint, so they must have some of the qualities of the Spiritual Saint. They don’t spend extravagantly. If they enjoy luxuries, sit in the car, it is from the income of their property, they have not demanded from anyone, they have not killed anyone, nor have they taken a single penny from the spiritual abode, such question does not arise. If they make something from their property & business,  it should not be taken in a wrong way. Yes, We are giving you the answer that this is a fact.

The Disciple Should Follow the Commands of the Spiritual Guide:

Here, We would also like to tell the truth that when the most Revered Spiritual Guide bestowed this Servant with His grace, then this discussion took place & the family members would come to meet just as other spiritual followers were also sitting there. We have nothing to do with them. Five-six months passed, no discussion was held with the family members. The most Revered Spiritual Guide used to have a devotee volunteer, he went there and requested that Revered Saint Ji has very young children. The Revered Spiritual Guide used to utter this name( Saint Ji) frequently in the Tera Vas. This name was  given to Us by the most Spiritual Guide. He said that Saint Ji neither meets nor talks to His family members when they come to meet Him.

Therefore, the Revered Spiritual Guide called Us to Him and stated that You should meet your family members.  At this, We replied, Revered Spiritual Guide! We have come here with Your grace & We will follow Your commands. The Revered Spiritual Guide stated that We, as  a Spiritual Guide , command You, ‘You definitely have to give time to the family members. Whatever the people of the world say, You have to listen to the family members and You have to talk to them too.’ Therefore, many times, they come to meet Us, We talk to them & listen to their talks.

But some times such questions start storming the minds of people, especially those who are special, it doesn’t make any sense to the spiritual followers. But We want to tell everyone that brother! this is the statement of Our Spiritual Guide. When the family members of the the Revered Param Pita Ji come, say in the spiritual congregation, the carpets are laid, it is Our duty to honor them, it is just an outward version of the utmost regard that We have for them in Our heart, that only the Spiritual Guide knows. That’s the case brother! So, We meet & talk to these families following the holy command of the Revered Spiritual Guide.

The one for whom it is ordered, he has to obey that order. Whatever the Revered Spiritual Guide dictates, a devotee must follow it, no matter what the order may be. Efforts are made to follow every order, but it is by the virtue of His blessings only that We follow His commands. These were some of the questions that came to us in writing. We thought to disclose the answer to all not to one person. The one who is a thief or a cheat at heart,  gives the answer stealthily. The one who is absolutely true, is true everywhere, then why would he lie? So, that’s why today We have told you what is reality so that the upheaval created by such questions are cleared.

 Meera Bai`s Sacrifice for the Love of God:

At the end of the hymn, it has been written:

“Meera ko jahar diya, Amart pyala ban tha gya,                                                   Rana ne marne ko, Naag pitari band kiya,                                                              Bnaa samp ko wo haar, Fir khinchi talwar,                                                                    Prem aage gya haar.”

 “To Meera  poison was offered,                                                                                       Into a cup of Nectar it converted;                                                                                  Then Rana sent in a box a poisonous snake                                                               Of snake a beautiful necklace did God make;                                                               When he drew the sword to Meera kill,                                                                         God`s love made him helpless & still.’’

The story of Meera is in front of you. She was poisoned and it was said that this is the holy water(Charnamrit).  Meera had utmost faith in the Supreme Master & at that time she considered that idol her God. She was told that this is the Charanamrit of your Lord, although it was poison and such a poison that a person gets killed instantly after drinking it. So, she said, it is my good luck that you too have turned towards the Supreme Master. When a deceit deceives the devotee &  the deceiver assumes such a form, then the devotee does not expose him; it is not that the Supreme Master does not make the devotee realize. This question does not arise at all.

But he always remains happy in the will of the Supreme Master. She  said,  since when did you start worshiping God, it is amazing. I will touch your feet first, then I will drink the Charnamrit. So, she took the cup of poison and remembering the Supreme Master drank the poison instantly. That cup of poison left her unhurt. God did not make it rice or bread, but made it into nectar whose single drop you can`t get from the market by spending billions of rupees. Therefore, such is the love of the Supreme Master. Then when he noticed that she could not be killed & thus, she was not going away from the way. Why were they getting  her out of the way? She did not harm anyone, but her spiritual guide was probably considered to belong to a lower caste (as people believed at that time).

As far as historical evidences are concerned, she remained attached to him, she fell completely in love with him. Or there was another reason that she kept on dancing even though she was from the royal family. She used to perform dance before her spiritual guide & attend the spiritual congregations. The royal family questioned as to why does she do this? It defames her name. But she didn’t take anything from anyone. She was in love with her spiritual master. To stop her, a snake was then locked in the box and offered to Meera & said, you adorn your  Lord with this necklace. Your Lord will be very happy with you.

She was very happy to hear this & surprised that you have changed so much. Come on! I will wear it in front of you now. In that box, such a cobra  was locked that took only five-seven seconds to kill a person. So it was given to Meera. She took the name of her spiritual guide, the Supreme Master, opened the box, saw that it was actually a necklace worth nine lakh rupees and wearing it around her neck started dancing in divine intoxication, and Rana’s anger reached its extreme that she doesn’t come under his control in any way. He has tried many methods & tried even to kill her, still she does not die. When he drew a sword to kill her, his hands got jammed.

So, this is the discussion of the love of the Supreme Master. All the human beings in the world can get the power of the love of that Supreme Master. God has given you the brain but you have to practice. Just like she was lost in the love of  her Supreme Master; just like Meera did not make anyone but God her favourite, she used to ignore materialistic things. Just lost in the love of the the Supreme Master, she kept reciting His name all the time. If you can`t devote so much time to the remembrance of the Supreme Master, you should  spare at least one hour in the morning & one hour in the evening for the recitation of the God`s Words. In the rest of the time, you should do good & noble deeds as told by the Supreme Master. If you do so, the grace of the Supreme Master will definitely bestow upon you.

Power of the love of God:   

Kabir Ji has written:

“Kabir jis marne te jag dare mere man anand,                                                            Marne hi te paiye puran parmanand.”

“The whole world fears death but I am glad to imagine,                                    When shall I die and realize the  bliss & ecstasy divine.”

The whole world is afraid of death but I feel delighted internally. Because I have to perform its duty while living here in this materialistic world, spend time, then it is to be of the world, to take the body of excrement, to remain as it is, but after death there is ecstasy, to merge with the Supreme Master & become His own form, that is why I feel extremely blessed. So brother! It is easy to say that. Anyone will say that I am like this, I am ready too, but when it comes to realize, one starts sweating from top to toe. This is the fate of many people. There is a lot of difference between saying and doing.

Those who live in the love of the Supreme Master, if We take a reference from history here, they take off their skin as if they were taking off their clothes. Perhaps it was Shamas Tabrez Sahib, who was told to take off your skin. Why was he asked to do so? Because he used to tell the truth. Evil forces do not like the truth & goodness. That’s why he was told to take off his skin. They started taking off his skin but it comes again, it happened time & again and thus the skin could not be taken off because their hands were trembling. Thereafter, they said that he should be burnt but they were unable to burn him with their trembling hands. Therefore, they called more executioners.

When they started burning  Tabrez Sabib, their hands too started trembling. When the skin did not take off, Tabrez Sahib said that why do you bother for  taking off my skin. He hurriedly took off all his skin by using a saw and handed it over to them. Only the Supreme Master knows what the truth is but it is written in history. If a thorn is pricked, one feels its  pain for several days; if there is a sprain, people do not get up from the bed. They refuse to run when they are asked to do so. So, it is not an easy task to take off your skin. This is not a gift that should be given with laughter. How much pain must have been realized but those who are lost in the love of God, their souls do not feel even the slightest pain. Outwardly, the people feel that he had an accident, this happened & that happened, so much suffering, but there is no effect on the soul.

When you call him and ask him, he smiles and happily replies, never saying anything negative. We have seen many people like this very closely. When the spiritual followers left their body, it was seen outwardly that there is a problem, there is a disease, but when talked to them, it seemed that they do not have anything called trouble. Therefore, those who walk on the path of love of the Supreme Master, at the time of death, they leave your body as if an old cloth is to be removed. This is the power of the love & the holy name of the Supreme Master.

God`s Words-The Soul Power Tonic:

“ Majaji shrab ke matke hazaar, prem ki ghunt ke brabar nhi,                                     Kahen Shah Satnam Ji, Prem ke jaam ke;                                                                     Saamjho kuchh bhi brabar nhi,                                                                                    Pyala piye ek bar, Chada rahe hai khumar,                                                                  Deve jaag ko visar.”

“Thousands of the pots filled with  wine,                                                                       Are nothing before  single sip of love divine.                                                              Most Revered Shah Satnam Ji does state,                                                             Before God`s love nothing does equate.                                                                     Taste the love of God & remain fully intoxicated,                                                        Forget the world, worries & problems complicated.”                                                             

There is so much power in the love of the Supreme Master. Does the common man need for the love of the Lord? Why is the holy name & the love of the Lord needed? You get bored while staying here, you get into a lot of tension. When you face such a time while doing work, the brain ceases to respond, you need a tonic, which will make you free from tension. The holy name of Ram or God  is a type of tonic. While living in the world, you want to get success & desired result in every field through hard work. For that you are not sure to get the desired  result.

But only five to ten percent you are confident that you will get it. If your self-confidence is such that you will get 100 percent results, you will also do the work in the same way and surely the percentage of success will keep on increasing. While living in the world if you want to have  peace inside & peace outside; happiness and peace in the  family, happiness & prosperity in the house, the only tonic available, if any, is the holy name of Ram or the Supreme Master. For the salvation of the soul, lest the soul should not trap in the cycle of birth and death, if there is any tonic available for this, it is the name of Ram or the Supreme Master. The soul lives and dies while staying in the body, it travels to the Lord, in which the body almost dies.

So there are such spiritual sights, divine ecstasy & ultimate happiness. If you want to experience the divine ecstasy & the spiritual sights billions and trillions of times, you should take the holy name of the Supreme Master & cherish His love. The name of the Lord helps you at every step in the world. It is a great dispenser of help & support & ultimately a true companion in the next world. Therefore, every body should recite the name of the Lord for happiness, peace, health, divine ecstasy & progress in spirituality.

Blessings of the Spiritual Master:

“Kahen Shah Satnam Ji, Prem ke jaam ke,                                                       Saamjho kuchh bhi brabar  nahi.’’                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “Most Revered Shah Satnam Ji does state,                                                             Before God`s love nothing does equate.’’

Most Revered Spiritual Guide Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, by virtue of whose blessing & grace, from whose spiritual point of view, We are stating every word in your service in the spiritual congregation. So brother! The Spiritual Master is the dispenser & the doer of every thought presented herein.

“Na humne kuchh kiya, Na kar saken,                                                                              Na hi Hum kuchh janat;                                                                                              Jo kiya, krenge,                                                                                                          Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji                                                                                         Bhayo Sant hi Sant.”


‘’Neither have We done anything,                                                                                 Nor can We do; Nor do We know anything;                                                          Whatever has been done so far or shall be done,                                                     Will be due to the kind blessings of                                                                      Revered Param Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.’’

So, this is the divine grace of the Spiritual Guide. It was showering, it is showering and it will always shower. That’s the case brother! All these are His statements that nothing is equal to the chalice of the love of the Spiritual Master. The  competition has to be contended; while living on this land it has to be told ‘which is the most powerful thing’ & that too in the language you use. For example, intoxication.

So, it has to be compared and told that it is billions of times intoxicated than the intoxication of the worldly intoxicants. Otherwise, if We tell the truth, the Revered Param Pita Ji also stated that there is no comparison for the chalice of God`s love. It has such intoxication that has the ultimate pleasure, the divine ecstasy which is capable of removing all diseases, sorrows & pains.

What We have told you today, if a person acts accordingly, he becomes extremely light & relaxed thereby having the vision of the Supreme Master, and while living in this world, he has time & again divine vision of the Supreme Master while flighting towards the spiritual abodes & he gets finally the divine vision of the Supreme Master in every particle of Nature.


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