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Till recently, one could just count the numbers of career options for the youth.

To top it, most of such options were traditional in nature. The government service was most preferred option in comparison to the private sector jobs.

The scenario now has undergone a sea change as door of multiple career options currently stands open. The youth today wants to prove their mettle. This, however, is not possible in the government jobs. So their interest is now are getting diverted toward the private sector. Besides, the pay scales also are higher in the public sector companies.


This is the era of Information Technology. Today’s modern life cannot even be dreamt of without computer. The doors for big opportunities are opened for the IT-experts. In the recession period, IT sector had to bear a huge loss but the future continues to remain very bright in this particular field. Business management is another field in which the youth can excel themselves. Virtually sky is the limit for the MBAs. Naturally, it continues to remain one of the most preferred field of studies for the youth. Huge number of boys and girls are doing MBA because they are in high demand in every company. MBA is helpful in taking them to the highest peak.

Green Collard Jobs

The IIT of Mumbai is developing a full department by upgrading the interdisciplinary courses based on Energy System. The name of this department is “Energy Science and Engineering Department”. The people know very less about the Environmental Science Education.

But for the better economic growth, Environmental Conservation is the best medium. Today the people who can give more output with less energy are in huge demand. So many Institutions are adding this subject in their curriculum. For promoting the clean environment and to have a control on global warming all over the world, this particular field of higher education has opened up many lucrative jobs. The demand of green color work force is growing in such fields as Climate Change Science, Agriculture, Investment Banking, Project Finance, Technology Development, Deployment Policy, Regulatory Studies and Legal Affairs.


This is today’s fast growing career option. The initials B.P.O. stands for “Business Process Outsourcing”. In this particular sector, the works of tele-calling and information sharing is done. This work is done day and night for 24 hours. Having the big salary packages, it has become the latest attraction of the youth.

Travel & Tourism

Due to the spurt in terrorist activities, the travel and tourism industry is currently witnessing a phase of slow-down. But the future is bright. This is a very interesting field. This sector is expanding and knowledge of the general people in this area is also increasing. To excel in this industry, one needs to have good knowledge of different languages to interact with the tourists.


This field has got the glittering attraction of money, glamour and publicity. Naturally, it is an attractive field of the youth. Over the past few years, in addition to recreation, a flood of news-based channels have opened the doors of opportunities.


Earlier, the insurance was restricted to public sector only. However, this sector now has witnessed the entry of the private sector players thereby widening the career opportunities for the youth. In big companies like Bharti Airtel, Max and Aviva Metlife, the insurance advisors are engaged in bulk.

Creative Designing

The creative designing offers a wide-range of career options. They include all types of designing like jewellery designing and furniture. As the awareness has increased with regard to the changing life style, the people now are more inclined to various designs. Subsequently, the employment possibilities have also increased manifold in this field.

PR & Event Management

Corporate sectors have started taking the services of Public Relation companies, in addition to the services of their managers and directors. With the help of PR and corporate events, the branding of products and services has become very easy.

The PR companies also are creating customized advertisement materials for newspapers and news channels for the corporate companies. Moreover the booking of venue for the event and organizing them accordingly is done by the Event Companies. Due to modern culture, money power and need for publicity, the business of PR and event management is flourishing across the country.

Nowadays, the Reality Shows in television are gaining massive popularity. This, in turn, has further brightened the future of PR and event management companies.

Education Management

The education field now is not limited only to lectures for a teacher. This field currently has taken a corporate shape. Take the examples of such companies as Edcom and Career Launcher. They are marching ahead to improve the Technical Education System in the field of Education. One can have many career options in such companies.

Cooperative Management

Signs of changes can be seen in the rural Sector also. Here also are options for the career. The Big Companies who are flourishing, joining hands with the rural people and are helping them for self-employment. Amul Cooperative Society is one of them.


The general atmosphere today has become hyper-competitive. This atmosphere has caused manifold stresses for the kids. On the other hand, the grownups also have stress and strains related to workplace, daily routine, price hike, increasing traffic, the ringing bells of mobile, and constant sitting before the computer. They also have such worries as settling their children. The sum-total of all these is the creation of depression among the grownups.

The result is that they have no peace. When the disease grip them, it is obvious to think of the treatment for this. With the result a new group of counselors treating with the counseling therapy has arisen on the scene. They are in huge demand in big cities. There are other career options like CA and there are so many accountancy related courses.

The Microbiology, Bio Engineering, Physiotherapy, Architecture and Social services are some of the fields attracting a large number of youngsters. Fix your target in 9th class itself, and then during 10th to 12th classes, the preparation for the entrance examinations to these courses should be done. If having faith in your mind, devotion towards hard work, and a will to face the challenges, no one can stop you from marching ahead.



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