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Selecting shoes, chappals and sandals according to the weather is also an important task. This is due to the fact that unless the old ones are not torn or got eroded, the people in general don’t find it necessary to go for new ones.

In the olden days, the people hardly had many pairs of shoes or slippers. The days, however, have changed.

Today to go with the trend, every member of the family has many pairs of shoes and chap pals. Today there is abundance of shoes, chap pals and sandals in market from footpath to big show rooms. It is a very difficult task to choose long lasting, beautiful and comfortable footwear among st them. So it is very necessary to have the knowledge regarding the purchasing the shoes.

Tips to purchase footware

While purchasing footwear, keep these important points in mind.

  • While purchasing the shoes and chap pals, keep in mind its beauty so that it matches your personality when you wear it. Shoes not only give rest to your feet, it also improves your personality. If these are according to your personality and are beautiful, your reputation also increases. Never purchase shoes and chap pals for others by taking their measurement as purchasing shoes and chap pals with measurement are usually not correct.Sometime the toe is tight and sometimes it is loose or sometimes does not look beautiful on the shape of feet.
  • Always purchase shoes and chappals from a good trustworthy shop only. Keep in mind their lastingness while purchasing them. Always purchase shoes of a branded company. Do not purchase inferior quality by getting attracted to cheaper rates. The good quality shoes of reputed brands last long in comparison to cheap shoes.
  • Check the upper layer of the shoes or chappal properly because sometime the upper beautiful layer gets off very soon which spoils the beauty of footwear. Then despite of their lastingness you are not able to wear them. So do not purchase those shoes or chappals in which there is a possibility that upper layer, will get off soon.
  • While purchasing the shoes, take the trial by walking there itself and check whether you are getting relief or not. Never purchase very tight shoes, chap pals and sandals as they may hurt you and besides that they can badly affect your way of walking too. Apart from this, always buy a foot wear after seeing its last ingness, its decoration and understanding the procedure of cleaning.
  • The selection of the shoes, chap pals and sandals should be according to their colour, design and decoration so that your personality is highlighted after wearing them. It is good to wear the shoes and sandals according to fashion and matching the sari & suit. Keep in mind that you should never wear high heel chap pals or sandals as this may cause back problem.

You may suffer a sprain if you slip. The pregnant ladies must avoid high heel sandal. While traveling long distance, and that too on foot, never use high heel sandal or chap pals as this can be problematic and moreover it will take more time to complete the journey.


  • It does not matter how costly are the shoes, sandals or chapels purchased by you because if these are not maintained properly, they will lose their beauty very soon. If you want that your shoes, sandals and chapels last long, you should carefully maintain them.
  • Put newspaper in the sandals and chappals you are not using and also cover them with newspaper so that they do not get dirty.
  • To retain the beauty of the silver chappals clean and polish them after use and put in tissue paper. If there are spots, take it out with petrol drops.
  • If the new shoes, chapals and sandals pinch, rub the wax inside. In case of leather shoes, you can use mustard oil also. If the chappals and sandals are broken, do not keep them in this condition for many days, immediately get them repaired because broken sandals and chappals loose their shape if they are kept in this condition for long.
  • If the chappals, shoes and sandals get wet, put newspaper inside and they will be dried quickly. Never put the shoes near fire for drying, as the leather may have cracks due to this.
  • Regularly brush the shoes and chappals. Never clean the shoes byscratch the mud. Brush it only after it gets dry or put a little bit of soap on wet cloth and then clean it after it gets dry. Polish the heels also while polishing the footwear.
  • Sometimes, put the heels of the shoes in the mustard oil, it will strengthen them.


  • Put Vaseline on the shoes if they become hard. The leather or tan will be smoothened.
  • To shine the shoes, put lemon juice on the shoes and dry them in the sun. After that polish the shoes. It will have a better shine.
  • If glycerin is applied on shoes once in a while, it will increase the life of the shoes.
  • If the shoes become hard due to water, put mustard oil mixed with kerosene, it will become soft.
  • If the leather shoes are spoiled and cannot be polished then first rub one potato on it and let it dry, after that polish it, the shoes will start shining.
  • If the polish has become dry, put two three drops of vinegar, it will become soft.
  • Besides giving relief to your feet, shoes and chapals improve your personality too so it is better to purchase the shoes according to your age and height irrespective of their cost.

– R Singla


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