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Experiences of the Devotees Being Blessing of Revered Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj.

Premi Sukhtej Singh S/o of Vaidya Atma Singh (He was a SBS volunteer at Dera Sacha Sauda) R/o Kotguru village, block Bandi, of Bathinda district in Punjab has related an incident of the benevolence of Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj which was no less than a miracle.

The incident took place on May 17, 1992. On that day I felt very uneasy & was in a semi consciousness. I don’t know what all good and bad I spoke that day. I was not aware of what all I was speaking then.

In that particular state I had said many wrong things to my father. All these things were told to me by my father and sisters later. I was so angry that no one could silence me. Hurt by my such behavior, my father sat in a corner of the house.

My loud shouts in anger were heard by the neighbours also who came to our house to see what was happening there. Some wise men touched me and tried to appease my anger. Some even checked my pulse.

They told my father that the son’s body has become very cool, but you are sitting in a corner doing nothing. They asked my father to give me some medicine. Incidentally my father was a very good ‘Vaidya’ and he used to give ‘ayurvedic’ medicines to patients. People had full faith in his treatment and his medicines.

Then my father checked my pulse. He got a shock. There was hardly a beat. My life seemed to have gone away from my body. I was dead. Then a cloth was put on my body, including my face and it was announced with a heavy heart that I was dead. People started crying and feeling sorry for me and my family.

At this time my sister pulled me in her lap. She held me for sometime and then started saying that I will be alright. She asked my father to give me some medicines immediately. But my father had just lost all hopes, he also seemed to be in a shocked and dazed state. He asked what medicines can be given to a dead person ? Still as my sister insisted, he put some medicine in my mouth, but not a single drop was inhaled by me.

All the medicines fell out of my mouth. But the people standing there insisted that my father should try again to administer the medicines. My father tried again, but the result was the same and all the medicines spilled out of my mouth immediately. Everybody saw the medicine flowing out of my mouth.

My father then tried a few more times, but the result was the same. All the medicines kept falling down. Then my father bowed in front of the photo of the Benevolent Benefactor. He folded his hands and prayed for my life. He pleaded to Him, `O Supreme Master! Now only You can return his life (make a dead person alive).’ My father’s true prayer from the core of his heart was immediately accepted by the Spiritual Master.

After that as soon as the medicine was administered it went inside without a single drop falling out. Half an hour later I regained consciousness. I sat down on the bed and looked all around as to what was happening and why so many people had gathered around me.

I then related my experience to my family and the neighbours of how I had gone to the beloved Spiritual Guide Revered Param Pita Ji but He sent me back. The Revered Master also gave me blessed eatable (Prasad) to eat and told me, ‘ Beta! I have to take a lot of work from you.’ After that I went to sleep and at 2 pm now I awoke.

Now I am absolutely fit and fine. There is nothing to worry about me. After a few days of this event our family went to Teravas of Shah Mastana Ji Dham Sirsa to have vision of the present Spiritual Master Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. We met the Revered Guru Ji there. Shah Satnam Ji Dham was established in October 1993.

My father related the incident to the Revered Guru Ji. He explained how this incident took place with his son Sukhtej (Me). Hearing this, the Revered Param Pia Ji repeated the same words: `Beta! God Almighty can do whatever He wants.

Medicine is only a medium and an excuse’. The Revered Master also meant that I had really died but the Spiritual Guide gave me back my life. I along with my family and all others expressed our heartfelt thanks to the Revered Saint Dr MSG. Dear Benevolent Benefactor! Please keep us blessing always.

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