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These days any farmer who is unemployed, can earn good income by starting dairy business.

Those who are bored out of the traditional farming or have suffered losses can take up dairy farming as a gift.

Most important thing is that the government is providing with several facilities to start the new business.

Taking advantage of such benefits the peasants can improve their economic condition and some needy can get the job. Important thing of this business is that it can be started with only as two cows.

Professional Dairy Farms

this kind of dairy farm needs nearly Rs. 15 lakh initial investment. For this at least 20 cows of good breed are needed. To run this, one can obtain 75 percent as loan from the banks and other financial institutes.

This means Rs. 10 lakh can be obtained as loan and 15 percent of that is nearly Rs. 2 lakh can be taken as departmental subsidy.

Every year expenses of feeding the cows, their treatment, insurance and labour takes Rs. 7 lakh and repaying the bank will take Rs. 2 lakh.

Selling out the milk and calves one can make Rs.12.75 lakhs and deducting all the expenses, still one can make a profit of Rs. 2.70 lakhs.

Middy Dairy Farm: 10 High breed cows are enough to start this kind of farm. Opening this will involve an expenditure of nearly Rs. 5.50 lakhs.

Out of which Rs. 3.85 lakhs can be obtained from banks as loan and 20 percent that is Rs. 1 lakh are provided by the Gavy Development Directorate. Spending on fodder, dana, labour, insurance and treatment costs Rs. 3.67 lakhs and repaying the bank loan takes Rs.1.8 lakhs. Selling the calves will fetch an earning of Rs. 6.37 lakhs and if deducted everything one can still make Rs.1.62 lakh as net profit.

Mini Dairy Farm

with only 5 cows one can start. It takes investment of Rs. 2.70 lakhs. Where 65 % that means Rs. 1.75 lakhs is loan from banks and 25 percent that means Rs, 67,000 can be obtained as departmental subsidy.

Total packet of investment is Rs. 27,000. A mini dairy farm can get you per year net income of Rs. 90,000. Fodder and insurance will involve an expenditure of Rs, 1.90 lakhs and repaying the bank loan shall take Rs. 46,000.

Small Dairy Farm

high breed 2 cows are enough to start this kind of farm. Total initial expenditure is Rs. 110,000 out of which 65 percent that means Rs. 70,850 can be obtained as loan from the banks and 25 percent of the costing, which means Rs. 27, 250 can be obtained from Gavy Development Directorate.

Pocket investment is only Rs. 11,000. Fodder, dana, insurance and treatment every year costs nearly Rs. 65,000 and repaying the bank will take Rs. 20,000.

Selling the milk and calves can make you earn upto Rs. 125,000. In this fodder and loan expenditure if deducted, still fetches net profit of Rs. 42,000.

– Narendra Devangan


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