The sweet sound of Common Hawk Cuckoo - Sachi Shiksha

The Sweet Sound of Common Hawk Cuckoo Like cuckoo, there is another bird known for its distinctive voice, called ‘papiha’. This bird is like a pigeon.

Its rump is long.

Its color is gray from upper side and white from below, on which there are brownish brown streaks. Its rump is striped too.

There is no special difference between the male and female hawk cuckoo.

It is also found everywhere in India and it sounds as soon as summer begins.

There is also a lot of mention of it in Hindi literature and spirituality.

It is said that it drinks the rain water in a particular constellation.

That’s why ‘P-Where’ The poets used to mean that he calls his beloved and says that ‘P-Where’ means where my beloved is. In Marathi, it is a ‘bao_sala’ meaning rain water.

Its voice starts slower and later gets sharp and then closes for some time.

Common hawk cuckoo is also a like the cuckoo.

It is said that she also keeps her eggs in bebbler bird’s nest and bring out one egg of it so that it is not confused.

It can’t be said certainly but it has been listening by one & all.

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