Observe April 1 With Dignity & Elegance

SACHI SHIKSHA Observe April 1 With Dignity & Elegance :

There is no such historically authentic proof of the beginning of the ‘All Fools Day.’ Nobody is sure when and where this day started.

But most of the people believe that the beginning of the ‘April Fool Day’ started from France only. The first New Year in France traditionally started from April 1.But on August 9, 1564, the King Charles Ninth of France had ordered that the beginning of the New Year would be started from January 1st.

So, every year the beginning of the New Year is from January onward. But his order was not accepted by some people and as before, people continue to exchange of gifts on April 1. However, the people began to feel very heavy for two or two days in the New Year.

Thus, on April 1st, the day became a joke and it was later called ‘fool’s day’.

There is still confusion about the ‘fool’s day’ that how it started in India. Some people consider that it was started by Bharatendu Harishchandra, on the first day of April 1st, he had announced the passing of Ganga Ji on foot through a saintly person, at certain times, millions of people, including English officers, gathered at the Ganga Ghats of Benares, who had to return after being shamed due to the ‘Fool’s Day’ banner which was hoisted by Bharatendu.

It is very fun to befool to others on the first day of the April. But to be fooled by someone on this day also has a great fun. Many times, the person who befools to others, many times himself becomes a fool. A similar incident happened with us as well.

It happened that on April 1st, our friend’s phone call came in the morning that you are invited to the ‘On The Way’ restaurant for lunch. We accepted the invitation; even we knew very well that today is April 1st. So, we went to the house of our friend who invited us before half an hour of the scheduled time.

The poor looked down at us, and we were right in the house, but had to do the food. These were our personal tales, but many intellectuals in foreign countries exist, and there are many tales of being fooled by those who befool others. It is said that thousands of people living in London, in 1860 were invited to enter the ‘Tower of London’ and to see the program of white ass bathing there. The invitation was specially for April 1st.

At that time the entry of the general public in the ‘Tower of London’ was prohibited. Hence, thousands of people gathered near the tower, but they realized the fact that they were befooled, but whether they fooled thousands of envelopes by sending them by mail, they themselves became fool or not.

Similarly, the newspaper ‘The Dwasan’ of Sri Lanka made a difficulty for itself on the first day of April. On the day, a number puzzle had printed in the newspaper and announced that before the afternoon, those readers will reach with a pure solution of this puzzle in the office of the newspaper, will be given a ten thousand rupees award.

Then what was there? Thousands of readers gathered together with a pure solution and when they came to know that it was a joke (fun) then some people got annoyed, on the other hand some were laughing and after some time they went from there. But in the form of an April Fool so much care should be taken that the dignity of this festivals, which is filled with happiness cannot be broken.

We should not discard decency as per our civilization and culture, nor should anybody behave like this, that any person feels humiliated. Never make fun of those who should promote hatred or hate, nor do something that should harm someone’s life or property.

If you like to be fool others, then you should not get angry if you are being fooled by others because ‘if be fool is an art then there is also a fun to being a fool’.

– Kripal Singh Saini

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