The Third Eye

The third eye is invisible, supernatural divine window situated in-between two eyebrows.

It is considered as a linking place of the mind (mann) and the soul of the body, The true saints reveal it as a minute aperture trough which the soul makes its way to the ultimate regime during deep meditation.

Certain persons also consider the third eye as the spot of 10th door, Eye center, Deep-sleep point, Spiritual eye-focus, and other similar names. It leads inwards and upwards to the higher world (Satlok).

The other nine doors of the body (2-eyes, 2-ears, 2-nostrils, mouth and two lower apertures), which are spots of various senses (leading outwards and downwards).

We have to change our attention from the transient to the eternal climax. Our thoughts have the habit of dropping down and wandering out into the materialistic world through our bodily senses.

The Divine Power:

Almighty God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, permanent and eternal power. He is sole generator, operator and destroyer for the universe. He is the creator and savior for every form of life, including human beings. Our soul is the part and participle of the supernatural power as a source of Divine energy.

Our body is the temple of God and our heart is the seat of God. Therefore, we must try to search God from within. We acknowledge the presence of fragrance in flowers or musk deer, particles of butter in milk, presence of oxygen in air but these remain unseen.

Likewise, the grace of God can be realized but the divine entity is invisible through external eyes.

Seek the Blessings of Spiritual Guide:

It is difficult to keep the mind steady and still in darkness and emptiness. We have to regulate it through particular form for its concentration.

Only the Spiritual Master can guide us with the method of meditation. He has the body on earth but soul in heaven and is always in communication with Almighty Lord. He has elevated his consciousness to the highest spiritual region and merged with the real source of God.

By contemplating on holy words, we become capable to seek His spiritual grace and ultimately merge with God. Thus, it becomes evident that we need guidance and benevolence of spiritual master to achieve realization of God.

He can also help us to understand the reality of human life and face the complexity of materialistic world with utmost balance; enter the sublime zone of existence and travel to inner regions through emancipation of spirit.

We must accept and appreciate the status of great mystics or saints who also guide us beyond death and rediscover our natural heritage.

At the time of death, when family, friends, relatives, wealth and body leave us our ideal guide becomes a strong pillar to support our spiritual growth.

The changes in attitude of spirituality require improvements in thoughts, habits, character, and behavior. We have to attain virtuous qualities of truthfulness, honesty, humility, tolerance, submission, contentment etc.

We must discard the evils of deceit, ostentation, pretension, hypocrisy, propaganda, superstitions, bribery etc.

Steps observed during Meditation:

  1. We should focus our attention in-between and behind the eyes by constantly repeating the God Words. We have to change our thinking from transient to the eternal.
  2. We face darkness on closing our eyes, but we should not worry or develop tension. Our continous concentration on silent recitation of God Words will help us automatically to reach at eye centre. We should try to be there even if we do not visualize the Master. We should hold our attention and feel that our Divine Lord is there. We should learn from a version, “When a philosopher tried to search for a black cat in a dark-room, he could not locate the cat in original but could just visualize its presence.”
  3. Our mind is never still. It starts thinking on many aspects because there is a common proverb, “An empty mind is a devils workshop.”
  4. When we continue to remain involved in meditation, our mind gets suppressed in oblivion but our soul becomes strong to establish direct link with supreme power.
  5. The soul ascends from the bottom of feet to the spiritual eye centre. The process brings temporary but increasing numbness of body organs. The sensitivity of lower organs gets minimized. The soul current becomes strong enough to suppress physical planes and the spirit continues its journey to visualize the eternal abode.
  6. Thus, the physical body gets detached from the materialistic world. This can be compared with, ‘temporary death during living state.’
  7. When we get concentrated at eye focus, we listen to the delightful music from within in the form of Divine melody, which emanates from the eternal source. Every person can develop the qualities to focus attention at the third eye and contact the Holy Spirit to enjoy the ultimate bliss and the peace of our True Home. Only the true saint knows the progressive path through astral spheres and regions. He is kind enough to lead the devotee to the eternal abode.
  8. At the end of meditation, the body organs re-gain their consciousness and the soul returns to the physical body.

The steps for advancement in meditation have been learnt through the preaching during spiritual discourses of His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda. Such descriptions have been elaborated through spiritual saints in their religious literatures.

Age and Time Suitable for Meditation:

One should develop the practice of meditation right from the age of attaining consciousness (five years onward). It is a misconception that the age beyond 50 years is appropriate for the noble task. The suitable time suggested for meditation is between 2 to 5 am because this period is free from air and noise pollution.

Moreso, we can re-collect and recite god words during routine activities of siting, walking, travelling, cooking, ploughing etc. which provides inspiration. Even than we must spare a good time everyday at safe and silent place in siting posture, concentrating at spiritual eye centre. We should express reverance and gratitude to divine Lord for blessing success in every task.

Advantages of Meditation through Eye Centre:

  1. The third eye provides a sense of serenity, tranquality and calmness instilled in mind.
  2. Tension, stress and distress stack away.
  3. The students learning becomes easy and retentive. It provides concentration of mind to boost self confidance which becomes key to success.
  4. Meditation becomes a bliss to ensure health, well being, wolrdly and heavenly happiness.
  5. The third eye helps to see the unseen and listen the unheard.
  6. Realize the crux of ultimate truth.
  7. The human vices in the form of anger, lust, attachment, greed and ego get replaced by qualities of patient, respect, love for humanity and humility.
  8. Encourage to develop positive thinking even under conditions of pain, grief and sufferings.
  9. The evil thought of transmigration (cycle of death and re-birth) get lost forever and the soul attains salvation.
  10. The devotees start avoiding the vices of violence, non-vegetarian meals, intoxicants, corruption, gambling, abusing etc.
  11. The body attains strength to perform selfless voluntary service and sacrifice at will.
  12. Improve health in all body systems, intelligence, and even immunity.
  13. Develop concepts that are more creative, enjoy life when feelings become mellow and centered.
  14. Help to live, love and work effectively with splendor.
  15. Every person becomes capable to introspect and thus re-cognized the aspects of personal strength and weakness.
  16. Develop regards for all religions and people of different sects.

Do not share the experiences of divine achievements of meditation to anyone because this may elevate ego in your mind and deprive you of considered achievements.

We should always express reverence and gratitude to Divine Lord for attaining success in every task.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,
Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).


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