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When Pores Prove to be a Hurdle for the Beauty

Generally it is said that you adjust to live with the pores you have, these will remain as they are. Big pores will remain big. It is not true. If your pores are big, use Vitamin A cream.

This gives some peeling effect and the pores shrink.

This treatment is given by skin specialists. The pores should regularly be scrubbed with Alfa or Beta Hydroxide Acid cleanser. This is available on the shop of the chemist. The enzymes check the increase on the skin which stores dead cells.

But do not use these without doctors’ advice. With the makeup, the pores shrink. This is a wrong notion that make up tightens the pores. If you want that pores should be less visible, you should first apply silicon base primer; before make up. With this the skin will become soft and pores will be filled.

With this the makeup can be applied uniformly and very easily, and the face looks totally clean. After applying primer, you can also apply foundation having clean resistant silicon. Take advice of your beautician also.

Pores will be opened by steam

By taking steam the blood vessels are broadened and thus the face gets a little bit of swelling. Like that with the use of astringent and toner, the walls of the pores get active, with the result these have little bit of swelling and thus appears to become small.

This have 24 hours effect, but actually the size of the pores does not change. If you want that the pores become tight and small, proper care and cleanliness is necessary. Wash the face at least twice. If the skin is oily, then the pores will look big because the oil is assorted on the corners and thus these look big.

The fast rays of the sun also affects the size of pores especially at the age of 40. Because due to ultra violet rays of sun affects the elements responsible for making the skin flexible. The elements around the pores are weak and thus the pores become big permanently.

Black and white heads

It is clear that the beginning of the black and white heads start with the closure of the pores. Black heads do not have dirt. It has dead skin cells and seebam whereas when white heads are closed, bacteria is generated there, which cause puss and burning. The white heads are converted into pimples. It is myth only that by sprinkling the face with cool water, the pores will be closed.

Laser skin resurfacing

With fractal laser treatment , small and dim light is sprayed on the skin with small channel, due to which the skin around the pores become better and is tightened also. This treatment is given twice a fortnight.

Smooth beam Laser

Under this treatment, the formation of oil in Oil vessels in body is minimized and the production of calzone is activated. As a result the marks of acne are removed and the pores are tightened.

Intense pulse light

With the Intense Pulse Light Treatment pores are tightened and the problem of pigmentation is removed.

Give hot treatment to skin

Giving Sona treatment is best for removing/ opening the pores. Take a bowl of hot water and put some drops of the essential oils which suit your skin. For ordinary skin mix medrin and lavender oil. For oily skin mix lemon drops and eucalyptus drops.

For dry skin apply rose oil. Then cover your head with a towel and put the bowl below the face. Remain two minutes in that situation. After that put face mask on the face.

– Anjali Ruprela

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