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How to Take Care in the Monsoon Season Everyone likes rainy season. This season brings extreme joy & happiness. But this season is not without problems. It is extremely important to keep the house neat & clean during rainy days so that in the humid and serene weather, the environment of the house is kept disease free. How to Take Care in the Monsoon Season

Therefore, with the start of the rainy season, you face a new problem every day.

Here are some preparations which help you feel the enjoyment of the rainy season that fills your mind with happiness:

Home maintenance

If in any way mud gets accumulated near the foundation of the house, it becomes the cause of the leakage at later stage. Therefore, this problem should be resolved before the monsoon starts.

  • The condition of the feet is very bad after coming out from the rain. In order to keep the outside shit out of the house, you can keep small foot mats in your house so that the outsider can wipe the feet while coming inside the house.
  • From the inside of the house, look at the ceiling lest water should not get stored on the roof. Take a look at the roofs from time to time.
  • To remove the problem of leaking around the walls of the apartments and windows, use monsoon-proof windows, and slopes, including the rain track.
  • It is very important to have fresh air in the house otherwise the smell of suffocation will start coming home. Therefore, there should be proper arrangement of cross ventilation in the house. The lack of ventilation makes the feeling of moisture in the house and there is a danger of many problems.
  • Apply transparent curtains during the monsoon, this will keep the air in the house and the moisture will not come to the house.
  • Carpet and mat should be cleaned daily. It would help you avoid many troubles in the monsoon season.
  • While cleaning house, keep in mind that there is no termite is not anymore. If so, take measures to remove it. Otherwise it will gradually spread to the whole house. It spread rapidly in rainy days. This can also be the cause of many problems.
  • If there is wooden flooring, keep in mind that there is no moisture. Get it well polished. If you do not do this, moisture starts spreading on the floor of the wood, which further increases the risk of termite.
  • The biggest difficulty in rainy season is stink. You can also use the room freshener to avoid this foul smell in the house.

Handling of power tools

  • In the rainy days, the problem often comes in the generator. If your house electricity is backed up by a generator, keep in mind its timely maintenance. Investigating the parts of the generator will prevent it from getting worse.
  • Keep all the electric devices in the right case so that rain water does not cause any damage to them.
  • If there is any kind of problem in the line of electricity, get it done right in time. The problem of short circuit increases in the rainy season.
  • In the rainy season, electricity is often lost, emergency lamps, battery-powered flashlights, etc. can be useful in this season to face this problem.
  • Safety of electric appliances is extremely important. For this, get all the joints covered properly. Always use good quality electric items at home.

Plant care

  • If you have indoor plants, keep them in the rain for some time. Your indoor plants will not only be fresh but they will also bring freshness in the house with you.
  • Monsoon season is green to spread greenery all around. You can also apply kitchen gardens during this season. This will also go smoothly and greenery will also come to your home.

Health care

  • Children are very fond of bathing in the rainy season. After bathing, clean the children’s body well with towels and give them warm things to eat.
  • Cold & cough are common during the rainy season. If the fever comes after raining in the rain, it is beneficial to drink tea and milk by putting five to six basil leaves in the water .The basil leaves can also be consumed by grinding. Besides, tea made of black pepper is also beneficial.
  • In the rain skin diseases are also dominated. For this, use bath soap for at least four days a week. Put a few drops of ‘Dettol’ in the bath water. The use of ‘heena’& ‘neem’ also protect the skin from diseases.
  • Special care should be taken regarding eating and drinking in the rainy season. Food items such as biscuits, mixers, ‘Papad’ etc. should be well packed. Kitchen items should also be kept in air tight containers.

– R Singla

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