Team Review

Team Review If you have to run a corporate, business or a company, you alone cannot do anything alone. You have to take help of colleagues, subordinates and supporting staff. All this is called a team. When you build a strong dedicated team success is sure. Team Review

Assigning new responsibilities to the team is the important part of the duties of the management. The management has to take care that a particular person does not come under work pressure. But making a team and distributing the job is not an easy job. This is a special quality which has to be developed. Sometimes there are not expected results only to lack of team work.

See to it that team is not working any irrelevant work

If the team is continuously dealing with deadline and is under stress, it is the time for review. First see to it that if team is under irrelevant work pressure. If it is there first of all you have to unload and minimize the workload. Regular auditing of the work of the team should be there.

Ask the team workers that how much time they devote to a particular work and how much importance that work has? If any work is of less importance, try to make the solution for it with the mutual discussion of the team workers. Generally by improving the communication skills and giving more autonomy, this ineffective process can be minimized. You must clarify the team and give liberty to the workers to clearly bring it to the notice of their seniors, if there are contradictory directions.

Identify the capabilities of the members

If there is an enthusiastic member in your team, who is working hard to get promotion, he is very good at work but he is kept aside and ignored and other person is being given importance and being given promotions. In this situation this person should be given his proper place. He should be asked what he knows about the management, and if he is given a chance what will be his approach.

He must also be asked about any experience of work of management? If he has been in charge of athletic team or volunteers, he should be given opportunities to practice his capabilities. If you wish you can let him lead your forthcoming project so that you can judge his capabilities.

Music increases the cooperation between the team

According to the new studies, it has come to light, the persons who listens to light and pleasant music and when they work in the team, their approach is more cooperative than others. The pleasant music means the song with the music of full enthusiasm and rhythm, this music increase feeling of cooperation.

In comparison to crying and sad music it is more effective. Next time when you have to indulge your team in a serious work for meeting or brain storming session, think of including music in this session.

With this you can remove the so called sad peace and boredom of the office. With this the performance of the team also increases. With pleasant and sweet music, one feels more energetic and fresh.

The big projects which you see today are the results of the team work. Reliance, Google, and other big groups employ the managers who work only to make the team strong so that they can get better results.

Now much work is being done for the betterment of the team. A few decades before, it has been noticed that the employer or you can say the management, was only concerned with the work results. Nothing was done for the employees means no one was worried about the team.

After a thorough research and study, it has come to light that if you care for the team, take personal interest in solving their problems, give liberty to work, make health clubs, recreation clubs , take proper care for their positivity, you can get better results.

Proper Health Support

In Government of India, C.G.H.S. dispensaries are opened in almost colony. Free medical facilities are provided to the Government employees.

g Even for the private sector companies, there are ESIC dispensaries; hospitals are opened in slum areas, the area where there are factories.


For getting refreshed, Leave Travelling Concession with paid leave is given to the employees. This refreshes the team. After coming from the long pleasant journey, team members work with double enthusiasm.

Education Allowances

If the children of the person is getting proper food and education, he remains tension free and can work with double energy and thus can contribute towards the betterment of the company. Now the management takes extra care to provide all facilities for the workers children.

If at all we want that our team should be tension free, we have to take care not only of the employees and the team but also see to it that they live in a peaceful & healthy atmosphere. For this now companies are getting constructed the homes for the workers. With all good surroundings, when the workers enjoy their family life, it increases their creativity and energy and thus help in building a good team


Now the companies are also caring for the mental health of the employees. They review whether the employees are mentally fit or passing through any stress. It is clear if the employee is under stress, not only his performance will be affected but he will also pollute the surrounding atmosphere. So with the physical health, mental health is also taken care of.


The performance of the employees should periodically be reviewed and report should be sent to the top management so that the employees should be rewarded with special increments or promotions.

If we want that we get good results for our company, it is our utmost duty that we should take thorough care of the employees, their surroundings and their family. All this will take the company long way of progress. After all, this is the manpower that works not the big buildings. – ANIL MEHTA

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