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In today’s life, mobile phone plays a key role in every human life. People do not get out of the house without phone. We often see that many people have a habit of checking their phone repeatedly.

If such people do not check their phone for some time, they start getting restless. But have you ever wondered why this is so? If you look at the exposure perspective, then such people may be victims of depression. A research has revealed that 96% of the people check mobile. Within five minutes after getting up, the number of people who use their mobile phone is 61%, and within 30 minutes after getting up the number of mobile users is 88% & within an hour the number increases to 96%.

If seen the mobile has become an essential part of our everyday life. Along with morning and evening, a man is spending more time looking at his mobile phone. If a person repeatedly checks his phone, he should consult a doctor immediately. Because this habit can take the form of a disease further. Checking mobile frequently leads to three biggest losses. Maybe you are not seeing it right now, because you have never noticed those things. Come on, we tell you that there are three things which are very much affected.

Poor productivity

Whenever you do any work & your work is not a quality work, the reason is that you are doing that work, but not with full faith and with complete perseverance. Because of this, the quality of your work is affected. You are coming into the control of the disease you have repeatedly repeated, i.e.

you are struggling with the disease of seeing the mobile again and again. If you do this while doing your work, the quality of your work will not be up to the mark. That is, your productivity will get worse.

Lack of concentration

When you see the mobile again and again, your concentration gets affected. Your ability to understand something, to think or to work, all depends on your concentration. If you spend more and more time on your mobile, then you will not feel like doing anything else. When you do not do any work with your mind, it will not be good at all.

Deterioration of health

The more time we stay in touch with the mobile or stay around any electronic device in which there is no wire exchange, such devices damage our body. So, as much as possible, stay away from these things so that your health remains good.

Some other damages

  • Using more of the mobile has a negative effect on the eyes and mind. It causes weakness of the eyes and affects the ability of the decision due to the effect on the brain.
  • You should not use mobile as soon as you wake up in the morning and late at night, because at this time you need rest.
  • Let you know that seeing the phone again and again can give you tension.
  • Your mobile should be checked only after doing the necessary work.
  • Using the mobile till late night is the reason of sleeplessness and hence also increases tension.

– Rajan Gupta

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