The Divine Bliss of Spirit

Spiritual Treasure The Divine Bliss of Spirit Every Human being is subtle, unified entity and the supreme creation of Almighty Lord. The physical structure of human body is supplemented and supported by senses, intellect and two more invisible astral entities in the form of mind and soul.

The human Spirit is considered as a component of human mental knowledge, philosophy, art   and psychology. It is linked with our intellect, emotions, fervor, passion, enthusiasm, vitality, eagerness, commitment, creativity, contentment, liveliness, courage and other favorable aspects. The evil concepts of mankind in the form of stress, anxiety, anger, lust, ego, hatred, corruption etc. are due to irrational tendencies of mind.

In many religious, philosophical and historical traditions, the soul is the immaterial essence of a every living being. The belief of Animism (Aristotle) says that even the non-living entities of certain rivers and mountains have soul. The soul is the real, divine source of intellectual energy or intensity in every living organism as revealed in a work of art or performance.

Every religion believes in the seven prominent characteristics of soul; peace, power, knowledge, security, love, happiness and bliss. These eminent qualities have been granted through the graceful benevolence of Almighty God.

Different meanings of Soul:

Soul is considered as a unique ‘immaterial substance’, endowed with reasons adopted to rule the body through divine bliss. In old English, the original concept of ‘Sawol  or Sawel’ is meant to be coming from or belonging to ‘The sacred sea or lake’. Soul is special entity, endowed with reasons, adopted to rule the body.

In Hinduism, the Sanskrit word, most closely corresponding to soul are, ’Jiva, Atman and Purusha.’ According to Latin (Hebrew), the soul confers two words, ‘Ruach’ which means ‘wind’ and ‘Nephesh’ meaning ‘breath’. It is related to the body and earthly power to eliminate the evils and darkness.

Their version conveys that soul is celestial, spiritual and moral entity. As per Greek language, the word ‘Psyche or Psychein’ means ‘Breathe’ that acts in the form of mental abilities of living being as reasons, character, feeling, consciousness, memory, perception, thinking etc. Soul adopts the virtuous trend of truth and morality. It remains away from illusions and materialistic incidents. Spiritual peace and elevation achieved through regular meditation is the virtuous attempt of seeking salvation.

Seek Heavenly Blessings:

The benevolence of God is the way to achieve human excellence in totality and also to attain sublime state of supernatural peace. The course of life can become easy if one can surrender totally to Divine and follow the supreme guidance with faith.

The soul cannot attain purity and strength unless it leaves the materialistic desires. We have to improve ourselves to acquire the virtuous habits of honesty, truthfulness, humility, tolerance, submission and contentment. Strong consciousness to merge with God cannot be attained in a few moments because there are no short cuts in spirituality.

 Meditation is the faithful, emotional and devotional submission of soul with God. During meditation, the shut up energy of mind is released. It gives comfort and freshness to mind and body so as to lead purposeful happy life.

The Great Deity and Divinity:

God is supreme and principal power of faith. He is sublime and ultimate reality, being perfect in power, strength, knowledge and virtue, who is worshipped as sole creator and ruler of the universe. He has unique qualities of Omnipresence (present at every part and participle of the creation.

He would need to be everywhere in order to know and care everything); Omniscience (he has created everything that we see, in reality being the creator of knowledge); Omnipotence (he has the ultimate power, even the devils are also under His order, thus worthy of our love and devotion); Omni-benevolent (perfectly good and graceful); All loving incorporeal (immaterial, un substantial and spiritual); Conception of Transcendence and immanence (living outside and inside the nature of universe);

How to be sure, God listens to our prayer:

  • The person can become successful only with the kind blessings of spiritual guide who provides the virtuous technique of initiation. The true saint is ‘One with God’ with eminent qualities of being mentor, philosopher and guide because he carries the eternal knowledge and experience of prolonged meditation. He is capable to divulge the secret message of God Words to his disciples. These holy words act as source of immense energy and also help to perceive the eternal divine melody. Thus our spiritual guide creates perfect love for God in us.
  • Every person should follow that Spiritual discourse or ‘Satsang’ adds status to life, social service or ‘Sewa’ is art of life, meditation or ‘Simran’ is part of life and spiritual guide or ‘Satguru’ is gift of life.
  • Understand the difference between God and man: God is superb and sole creator of universe and human race the supreme creation through His grace. God gives and forgives; whereas, man gets, gets and forgets. We should not carry anger, hatred and bitterness in our heart against anyone if we expect God to forgive us and hear to our prayers. The challenges can make the human life intervening and overcoming.
  • We must have a forgiving spirit and pray in full faith. God has made us a master piece; we should remain blessed, secure, disciplined and equipped.
  • The soul becomes capable to visualize the inner light and sound that actually is the radiance and vibratory sound (sweet melody) of God within us.
  • Yesterday was experience, today is experiment and tomorrow is expectation. So use your spiritual experience in your experiments to achieve your expectations of seeking direct visualization of God.

Motivate Soul with Eternal Benevolence:

 The Soul is blessed with Divine virtue and truth. It becomes capable to cherish the  inner radiance and continuous sweet melody (vibratory sound) which has been blessed as perpetual resonance, eternal sound or pleasing music (Anhad-naad or Bange-elaahi).

It adapts to the virtuous trends of truth and morality but remains away from illusions, hypocrisy, distress, deceit, pretence and ostentations. Meditation prevents future illness, no matter how big these may be.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,  Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions,  DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).


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