That is Why Firm Faith is Necessary

That is Why Firm Faith is Necessary -Editorial

One has to believe in every area of the world ie society. Without belief, no work can be successful. Revered Param Pita Ji used to opine that the human being believes in every business but in spiritualism, one does not know why he does not believe in God, true saints and great people.

The devotion path of God, neglecting the limits of God, people generally say that we will agree only after seeing.

Now, you people should decide on your own that after putting in 20-25 years of study and hard work, one gets a degree and diploma whereas he has not travelled even a single step on the path of God, he has not done devotion for a single day but says that he should get God.

As per the words of the Revered Guru Ji, it can be said that the way one has to work hard to get degree and diplomas(one has to put in 20-25 years), the writers whose books are studied as the course material, one believes that too, that what the writer has written about the subject, is right, in the same way, the saints and the spiritual masters also share their experience about the path of God.

The religious texts are a result of personal hard work and practice. Whatever they felt, they described their experiences in the scriptures so that people study them, follow them and visualise God Almighty in their inner hearts and be one with Him. Till such time, the human will not have firm faith and not follow, then he cannot be successful in the spiritual path, this has been disclosed by the great people.

We all are aware of this and have kept on reading that the whole life of the saints and great people is devoted to the welfare of humanity and society.

It is clear that the saints and great people come into this world for the welfare of the whole world and always think of the wellness and do so, too. It is true that negative thinking, could be of anybody (general people) but the saints and spiritual masters make people go on the noble path of goodness by virtue of the influence of their holy preaching.

If you turn the last few pages of history, you will get not only thousands but lacs of examples as to how the thugs, thieves, dacoits and prostitutes were made so great a devotee by the saints, guides with the touch of their spiritualism that wherever their name is taken, we salute them with respect.

It is a matter of firm belief that the preaching that the saints and spiritual masters deliver, which they have delivered in their religious scriptures.

If people follow the principles and spiritualism of the saints, ‘God can be obtained easily’ while sitting at home, but they have to be careful. The selfish and mean world with its such material and such people. There are good people also in the world but the majority is that of the selfish people. “It is good to be intoxicated spiritually;

but be alert as well materially.”

The Spiritual Master Shah Satnam ji, the Benefactor has shown an effective example to be successful in spiritualism; be happy in worldliness; recite God’s work, work hard honestly, and refrain from pulling legs, jealousy, back biting and be attentive in spiritualism because there cannot be anybody like the spiritual master in the whole world, it is a certified formula in spiritualism.

A person who has held onto the support of his Spiritual Master with firmness and firm belief, there cannot be anybody luckier than him in the whole world and the one who has left the support of the Spiritual Master, his condition is like that of a person who, in the confusion neither gets money nor God.

Therefore, making the holy teachings of the Spiritual Master Rev. Saint Dr. Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan the centre of the success tread on the path of spiritualism with firm faith. Since spiritualism is connected with firm belief and such devotees get their coffers filled with infinite grace of God while sitting at home.

The saints are the true messengers of God and people should follow their teachings.

If we make ourselves and our children, noble with the help of holy sacraments, we will be able to see a very positive & healty change in the society in no time.

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