The Power of Flexibility in Your Life

The Power of Flexibility in Your Life

Flexibility leads to longevity not only in physical aspects but also in mental and spiritual aspects. When more space is created in the body, the mind naturally becomes open. Flexibility creates juiciness that permits an individual to become more open, adaptable, spontaneous, and accepting. Any individual from any age group can enjoy this and it leads to a balanced, healthy and happy life.

When an individual is flexible, he is open. When the body is open, the mind also becomes open. Physically flexible body can move in many directions. The body is in its healthiest form when it imitates nature’s movement in a spiral form. Flowers and plants also grow up through the earth like small screws winding their path to fullness. They merely do not pop up in a linear manner. The spiral signifies a natural and juicy flow.

Spiral movements open the spaces between the joints and the bones, permitting  the ligaments to become elastic enough and freeing the areas for relaxation of the muscles to allow more free movement of the bones. Understanding this fact and implementing it in our daily lives would create a mind that will move in various directions, open to new ideas as well as thoughts, a mind as flexible as the body.

One must be flexible for surviving. In the present era, we must be able to quickly shift our course. We must be adaptable. When we think that we are going in a particular direction to attain a specific goal, things modify. One must be elastic enough to deal with the unexpected . This needs a free body and mind and the potential of being spontaneous.

When we are inflexible and stiff, our judgment reflects rigidity, meanness, unhappiness, tightness, fear, jealousy& miserliness. When we are flexible and open, we embrace others and life completely. There is less threat. We allow ourselves to open to the unknown, see it, feel it as an adventure.

As our body becomes expert in movements, space inside body and mind increases, permitting all parts of us to receive more blood circulation, more oxygen circulation as well as nutrients. We start to feel healthier with our cells to receive this necessary life-giving procedure. Our immunity enhances and we cope up with mental as well as physical toxins. The spine gets free. The mind get a clear vision. We start feeling a flow of breath in our whole body as we expand and decompress. By opening in such a manner, we also release the emotions trapped inside us which are lodged in different places of our mind and body.

The world guarantees us nothing and hence being flexible is an ultimate power as it permits us to stabilize no matter what challenges come in our path. As our flexibility increases, we start feeling better regarding ourselves as well as others, becoming more loving and appreciative as we take things in stride.

Stretching the body for becoming more flexible and supple offers various physical advantages. Training like these permits for deeper and easier movements while building stability and strength. Stretching the joints and muscles also allows a wide range of motion, increased flexibility, and improve balance.

The benefits of flexibility are discussed in this article. It causes lesser injuries. As the flexibility and strength are developed in the body, the body withstands more physical stress. Also, the body will get free of any muscle imbalances which will decline the probability of getting injured during any physical activity. It causes less pain. The body will feel better once it works on opening and lengthening the muscles. When the muscles are less tense and loose, the body will experience lesser aches and pains. Also, the chance of experiencing organic cramps would decline. When an individual focuses on increasing his muscular flexibility, the posture will be improved.

Working out permits the body to have appropriate alignment and it also modifies the imbalances. Also, as the range of motion increases, one can find it feasible to stand or sit in certain ways. Yoga is the optimal way to improve balance. Engaging in the yoga poses  opens up the body which brings the relaxing feelings. It provides a relaxed state of mind. One can find it feasible to unwind when the body feels better. As the body becomes more flexible, it is necessary to increase the strength along with it to make sure that muscles would have the appropriate amount of tension so that they are strong enough to support your movements, permitting you to be more physically fit.

Flexibility can be achieved by regular exercise and consistent practice. There are two kinds of stretching. The first is dynamic stretching. These exercises are performed until the edge of the motion range. They are muscle’s active movements that cause stretch but aren’t held in the end position. They increase flexibility as well as assist in warming up before the workout. Another is the static stretching. It includes holding up the position for 30 seconds. All of this stretching is not appropriate for warm up because muscles must be warmed up in a correct way before they are stretched. It must be done after the workout as it assists in lengthening the muscles which were tightened in the workout’s session.



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