Health Tips by MSG -sachi shiksha

The Revered Guru Ji Suggested Valuable Health Tips

Answering the questions asked by the devotees during the spiritual congregation, Revered Spiritual Guide Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan offered the following valuable health tips:-

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Ruhani Diary - Sachi ShikshaQuestion: The Revered Guru Ji, what to do if something enters the eye?

Answer: We tell Our life experience, because We have been a player as well as a coach. So, what have We been doing? Take very clean filtered water in a clean cup, or else wash your hands thoroughly with soap and take handful of clean water in anjuli (supplicating pose) and open & close the eye repeatedly in that water.

Believe Us, not only the particle that has entered the eye will come out, but many diseases of the eyes are also cured by it. And the doctors have already done research in this respect. They say, ‘The Revered Guru Ji, a person has mild pimples on his eyes; he did the exercise of opening & closing his eyes in clean water for 15-20 days and the pimples disappeared from his eyes. Those eyes have become healthy.’ The water should be of good quality, there should be no mud in it, or the hands should also be washed properly.

Question: How to get rid of cold and flu?

Answer: Practically what We experimented. When you take a bath, while taking a bath, fill water in the anjuli and close one nostril and pull the water slightly upwards from the other nostril and then remove it. Repeat it on the other side. You do it five-four times here and five-four times there. Not forcefully, not with pressure, but do it comfortably. If you check again, your nose will be completely clean. That means you have cleaned the nose filter.

This is reality. The particles that are stuck in it, God has not made hairs in the nose unnecessarily. Dear Children! You clean it by sticking a nozzle inside. We don’t stop anyone, no matter how far you clean it, it doesn’t matter. But Ram Ji, the Supreme Master has installed filters for a purpose. Dust particles, smoke particles, pollution, many particles of pollution, bacteria are also prevented by these hairs from going inside. Nature has done wonders. This is called water snuff in the native language. Draw a little water in the nose and exhale it, don’t make it too high, else it might get messy.

Do this exercise in the morning while taking a bath and also in the evening. Take some lukewarm water in winter. And take normal water in summer. Do not take cold water. So, in this way the nose will remain clean, to a large extent this problem of yours will start going away. What We tried in the morning, chew and eat a very small piece of raw turmeric, you can take a sip of water and eat something after half an hour. So, here We had a gentleman, it is only a matter of a few days, he had been suffering from cold for many days and he said that Guru Ji, both my noses are closed.

He was in the same condition the last time We visited here. We had advised him to take raw turmeric, maybe he thought that Guru Ji said just like that. Many listeners must also be thinking like this. Then he ate a little raw turmeric and then after four days, his mask was removed and the cold was also cured. We asked him how are you. He replied, Guru Ji! I am sorry, why did I not follow Thy advice earlier, I have been troubled by this cold for two and a half months. Today it’s been five to six days, I have become completely healthy, no cold. These are home remedies. There is no guaranteed recipe. He did it on himself and many children did it, so they too were benefitted.

But before taking turmeric, take a doctor’s opinion, sometimes it happens that it is hot, then you may have a little side effect like acid, but taking a small amount does not cause any side effect. So, in this way, the nose was cleaned.  Another method that We tried is when you take a bath, by the way, you will not do it, you can keep as much hot water in your mouth while taking a bath, do not keep it boiling, do not keep it cold either. As hot as you can keep in your mouth, as much as you can tolerate, keep it in your mouth and then apply soap etc.

on the whole body, keep bathing but the water should remain in the mouth. Just while blowing your nose, take out the water from the mouth and throw it out, after rinsing it. Till then it must have taken five-seven, eight-ten minutes. After a month, see that the cold of many has been cured. In this way you can do this thing and stay healthy.

Question: What to do if there is itching in the ear or want to clean the ear?

Answer: By the way, it is natural that when you come out after taking a bath, take any handkerchief or cloth and hit it on the ear and see that all the useless things will come out. But it has become your habit, especially females they will take out the needle from the head and start hitting it in the ear. We have seen daughters doing this. And males use something just as a straw. However such even ready-made straw type objects are available in the market. It is not known how far it has gone inside the ear.

Many people hit the ear screen, because it is thin; if there is itching inside the ear, many people start experiencing something sweet and in this way they hit the screen which further leads to deafness. This should never be done. If it is too much, then take clean cotton itself, which is available with the doctors, by applying it lightly on the straw, the dirt that is on the outside of the ear comes out. The dirt that is inside the ear is beneficial. Nothing like insect or moth enters your ears, because it is a poisonous thing. That is because of its stench, you do not stink even the person beside you does not realize the stench. Only those insects and moths that are ready to enter the ear smell the harmful stench. Therefore, if a little bit of wax is lying inside your ears it is beneficial. Those creatures run away from its smell or just by touching it.

Just like in the nose, there are tiny hairs inside the ear as well and they also act as a filter so that nothing else gets accumulated on the eardrum. Just like the membrane of an onion, the curtain of the ear is even thinner than that and you hit with a needle and what not. Earlier, a person used to come with a spoon to clean your ear, so many have become deaf in that mess, because the eardrum gets torn. So you clean the ear comfortably. It is good if water should not enter the ear.

Question: How to save ourselves from the viral fever spreading due to the changing season?

Answer: It is said that the changing season, be it summer or winter is always harmful. What happens actually is that you start behaving like a wrestler. If the weather is warm in a certain day, like the month of February is going on, and you suppose that the winter has gone & you wear a half-sleeved cloth and walks away. It is bitterly cold at night and it gets very cold, naturally. Earlier you have made the body addicted to warm clothes. There are many such people who roam around in the vest only in winter, it doesn’t matter at all. It used to be like this in Rajasthan.

But what happens to it is that if you are mixed with hot and cold, then you get cold or this viral fever. Many of these things happen because of the weather. Bacteria, viruses increase; if it is hot during the day in the winter season, they hide and suddenly emerge at night that is also the reason. Your choice of eating & drinking also contributes a lot. First you eat something hot & then if it appears that the weather has become hot, you eat something cold, it causes fever. And if you are suffering from viral, then at least wear a mask. It is said that it has happened to me, then why not to my grand uncle, uncle, mother and father? And viral is ready to catch anyone, viral means spreading. So if it is something to spread, keep it limited to yourself.

If you are suffering from viral, you should take medicine. Therefore defend yourselves. Now, as it is cold inside, it is hot outside, so when you go outside, then if you have turned on AC etc. turn it off, let the temperature rise, because the inside temperature will rise slowly. So, when you go out, the temperature inside and outside is maintained, you can save yourselves from diseases.

Question: The Revered Guru Ji, how to increase the eyesight?

Answer: There are exercises to increase eyesight and from Our experience, eating sweet green chilly with salad is very good. And do exercise. One way between jogging and running is to walk in such a way that your body bounces. Neither is it running, nor is it walking, nor is it jogging. So, you should do meditation during this exercise; inhaling & exhaling; what happens is that, the flow of oxygen cleanses our nerves. As we run, the breath goes up twice with a jerk and comes down twice, meaning it is drawn twice & released twice. We tried it on Ourself.

So, with pressure, many closed channels open and many blockages are removed. Not only the eyes but the whole body also gets benefited. And it is certainly beneficial for the eyes. There are many other methods. Close your eyes and move your eyes clockwise from inside, move them to the right and left, then move them up and down. Don’t lift it too high; blink normally and fast, then the particles etc. that are in the eyes are also removed by this exercise. Therefore take care of your eyes in this way. If you are suffering from sugar or high blood pressure, keep them under control. If you keep trying this water etc. and the stomach becomes a balloon and obesity increases then what will these things do? Therefore keep your body fit through exercise.

Question: How to control blood pressure?

Answer: If there is high blood pressure, reduce obesity; use salt the least or nominal or you can use black salt. Take a little salt or rock salt as advised in Ayurveda. And secondly do meditation, so that there is no burden in the mind; there will be no anger; if there is no burden in the mind then the high blood pressure will reduce normally. And if you start running, start exercising, believe Us, all the high and low blood pressure gets cured. Take care of diet. Those who work while sitting on a chair, except those doing agriculture, they should take less amount of coarse grains. Eat fruit or eat cucumber etc.

or salad etc. Eat food but a little.  As per your hunger, take fifty percent salad half an hour before the meal and eat fifty percent food. And try eating such an amount of any kind of available fruit as is your body weight (till 12 o`clock) x 10 grams. Like plum, banana or any other fruit. Don’t eat it together, eat it separately. So this will reduce the weight of the body and the problems related to blood pressure will also end. This is a method of Ayurveda, if you try it, you will know about it.


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