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Tips for Interview Congratulations! The call for an interview has come. If you do all the preparations, and pay attention to some of our points and take a little more self-help, you can be sure of your success.Tips for Interview

Look at the following tips of interviews, by which you can achieve success in life.

  • Remember the date and time only whenever you find the call letter. It would be good to mark that date on the calendar if hanged at your home.
  • The cooperation of friends and family and their experiences can be taken for the preparation of the interview. = Know your weak points and try to strengthen them.
  • If anybody has appeared in any interview before and has been successful, contact him and get his guidance.
  • Read newspapers and magazines, and keep notes of current events by listening to different types of news bulletins.
  • Find out the topics of your interests, topics related to studies, social topics and get the knowledge of your nearest places of sight and historical places where you live. Get information about the courses or posts for which you are going for an interview.
  • Do not wear new clothes when you are going to give an interview. Clothing should be clean and ironed. Select the color of the clothes as per favorable weather.
  • Do not use strong perfume. Also focus on hair and nails. Shoes should be well polished. Do not use new shoes at all.
  • Prepare the dress that is worn for a certain day long enough. If possible, keep two dresses ready.
  • If you have to go by your own vehicle, prepare it for at least three days before it.
  • Put the photo, PAN, introduction letter (if any) with you, even if the call letter, the original certificate and their verified copies (even if not requested).
  • Mild-friendly make-up can be done seasonally.
  • Take special care to eat and drink, especially during the summer season so that the stomach is not bad or there cannot other health problems.
  • The clothes should not spoil in the rain, keep such an arrangement in advance. = Keep a handkerchief or napkin together.
  • Wrist watch must be tied in hand for information of time.
  • Try to reach half an hour before the scheduled time.
  • After reaching the destination, inquire on the counter and complete the formalities and get the numbers and instructions in your order. Wait and sit in the waiting room.
  • Talk to colleagues but do not get confused. Do not get discouraged nor discourage others.
  • Take a magazine also along so that it can be used in the free time.
  • Do not take ‘paan’, ‘paan masala’, cigarette, etc. to control yourself. Before going to the room, make sure you have no smell of any kind from your mouth.
  • If you have to wait too much, do not get excited. Maybe, your tolerance is being examined.
  • Lightly knock the door before entering the interview room, and then enter inside. If possible, enter with permission only.
  • Greet the members of the board with an intuitive smile. If there is any female member, greet her first.
  • After entering inside, shut the door without making any sound.
  • Listen carefully to the question and understand and answer later. Do not speak in the middle.
  • Do not misrepresent your skill set or work experience. A smart interviewer will quickly figure out the depth of your experience.
  • Do not mention unnecessary things while answering. The answer should naither be so long nor so short.
  • Keep your voice high enough that the board members can easily listen and do not use mixed language.
  • Do not move hands/feet unnecessarily.
  • Address the members of the board as ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’.
  • Do not tell the wrong if you do not know the answer to any question, but tell it clearly.
  • If you don’t know the answer of a question, don’t panic or try to come up with a convincing response. A candid confession of not knowing something is better than a giving a cooked-up response to an interviewer’s question.
  • Make arguments in your favor, but do not get involved in unnecessary debate.
  • Even if any person in the board is familiar, do not try to get rid of his/her identity.
  • You can ask if you want any information from board members, but in brief.
  • Even if anything you feel bad on the board, do not let the expressions appear.
  • Leave your seat only after getting the order, not before.
  • Be sure to say “thank you” to the board and just go out and greet.
  • Do not let yourself feel tired or nervous. Keep the face pleasant.
  • Keep in mind that before reaching the door, your back should not be towards the board side.
  • Go outside and close the door slowly.
  • In some places, entrance and exit doors are different, keep it in mind always.
  • Before returning home, make sure that all the formalities have been completed.
  • Do not wait for the results to come to an end after the interview ends. You go home, you will get the proper information automatically.
  • Keep these tips in mind and give you an interview. Success will definitely kiss your steps.

– Anand Kumar Ananta

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