Avinash who knew three languages

There was a rich man in the city of Varanasi.

He had a son called Avinash. From his birth Avinash was not interested in learning any thing.

So Avinash’s father decided that he should be send him to Nalanda to learn under a great Guru. After one year, Avinash’s father asked him, “What have you learned,” and Avinash replied, “I have learnt the language of the dogs.” The rich man was very unhappy and decided to send him to study under a great Guru in Ujjain.

After one year when the rich man asked Avinash, “What he has learned?” Avinash replied, “I have learned the language of the birds.” The rich man was terribly unhappy and decided to send him to learn under a Guru in Kanchi. This time Avinash replied, “I have learned the language of fishes.”

The rich man got very angry with Avinash and asked his people to take Avinash to the forest and leave him there. Avinash was not at all afraid of the forest. The birds there told him to go to the city of Patna and meet the king of Patna. Avinash did as told by them. He met the king of Patna and requested him for a place to stay.

Then the king told him, “We have a very big palace full of dogs. These dogs keep on barking and none of us are able to sleep. Apart from that they also come out of the house and bite the people. We call it the palace of Dogs. Can you go and stay there?” Avinash agreed happily. When he went to the palace of dogs, he talked with the dogs.

They were extremely happy with him .He requested them not to make any sound that night. Next day he went and met the king. King was surprised to see him. Then Avinash told him, “The dogs are really good. They have been kept there to guard a very huge treasure of a Rakshasa. If some body takes away the treasure they will happily go to the forest.”

The king requested Avinash to bring out the treasure. With the help of Dogs, Avinash brought the treasure and gave it to the king. The king was very happy and adopted him as his son.
While Avinash was living like this, the king of the enemy kingdom came with a big army to conquer the country ruled by Avinash’s father.

While the king did not know what to do, Avinash’s heard the conversation of two frogs. They were telling each other that it is very easy to drive out the enemy king, because he disliked onion smoke. So Avinash made a big fire and put lot of onions in it. This made a strong smell. As soon the enemy king came he immediately ran away because of the onion smell.
The king then gave Avinash his kingdom and Avinash lived very happily.

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