Bank Transactions - 10 Steps - Sachi Shiksha

Bank transactions became an essential part of our lives. We all go to banks regularly for various purposes like opening an account, depositing money and withdrawing cash.

There are 10 steps we must follow while making bank transactions. They are as follows:

  • Step 1: While opening the account, always insist on having a joint account. If it is a singly operated account, ensure that nomination is done properly.
  • Step 2: While making specimen signatures, ensure that it cannot be easily copied.
  • Step 3: Write down the account number in a diary. While depositing the cash or cheque, ensure that the proper account number is mentioned in the pay-in slip. If we write the account number wrongly, the amount may be deposited in someone else’s account.
  • Step 4: Do not postpone getting pass book entries done and check the entries also, regularly.
  • Step 5: Do not ever sign a blank cheque. If any cheque or cheque book is lost, immediately inform the bank in writing and get the receipt of it.
  • Step 6: Always ensure the balance amount in your account before issuing the cheque. Dishonoring of the cheque can lead you to legal complications.
  • Step 7: It is a legal offence. Criminal as well as civil cases can be filed against you for bouncing of cheque.
  • Step 8: Put limited money in saving account.
  • Step 9: Always check the interest deposited by the bank in your account.
  • Step 10: Always note down the details of the bank accounts and receipts of the fixed deposits in a diary so that at the time of any mishap, your family can get all information.

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