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Be a Good Roommate

Vanisha, Piya, Mayra have very good tuning although they are not related to each other. All three have come from distant provinces. Vanisha is from Rajasthan, Piya is from Assam and Mayra is from Punjab. Their different religions have not come in the way of their friendship. They are curious to know about each other’s culture and eager to learn each other’s language. All three are roommates. They are working in Hyderabad.

Introduction: The roommate system is a product of today’s need. Girls may have to stay away from home due to studies or job. In such a situation, buying house alone is neither safe nor economical. In such a situation, it is in their best interest to share their house with girls of their own age group.

Splitting the rent also reduces expenses. It makes a good company and one also feels safe. When happiness and sorrow come together, time starts passing smoothly. The worry of parents also reduces otherwise the parents of young girls remain worried due to their staying away from their eyes.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with everything. If you are not careful and do not act wisely, you can put your life in trouble by making the wrong girl your roommate. Apart from this, if some things are cleared beforehand, then later problems and many kinds of conflicts and disputes etc. can be avoided. Therefore, you should keep the following points in mind and decide accordingly-

Get Information about Roommate:-

  • Do not become roommate with any girl without knowing. Think of becoming her roommate only after knowing about the girl’s behavior and background etc. However, many times the truth becomes known only after living together. If your roommate’s moral behavior is not good, leave her immediately.
  • This is the age when it is difficult to avoid peer pressure. There is no trust when your roommate traps you with her words. Your roommate may not be a carbon copy of you, but like a common Indian girl, she should be cultured, discreet and self-respecting, that is enough.

Keep Expenses and Work Equal:-

  • Usually the reasons for quarrels are truancy and freeloading. Decide everything in advance in this matter. Apart from your own work, allocate one day each for cleaning the room. Help can be provided if someone has a serious problem. There is no need to be too rigid. Just don’t be fooled, and don’t make others fool as well.
  • If we look at the financial aspect i.e. expenses, make a written agreement. Divide the expenses of rent, food, cooking gas, electricity etc. in half. Keep the receipt for the items you bring. Do the calculations at the end of the month. If you have guests then you will also be responsible for them. You have to bear their additional expenses.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy:-

  • Everyone’s nature is different. Many girls are like open books. Nothing is private. Some girls are of reserved nature. They neither have undue curiosity in the affairs of others nor do they like anyone’s interference in their personal matters. It is important to give space to each other. If your roommate considers your taking undue interest in them an invasion of privacy, then desist from such behavior. Your hobbies and interests may be different. In such a situation, some compromises are expected from both sides.
  • Respect each other’s feelings. Don’t ridicule. Don’t speak ill of your roommate to everyone. Provide your roommate with your home and office phone numbers in case of emergencies. Don’t take your roommate’s things without asking. In this way, there are many small things which are important to be taken care of to live together peacefully. Remember, if you ever get too upset about your roommate, you are free to change.


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