Be Optimistic About the Future

Introduction: Man spends his entire life in the hope that someday his days will change and he too will be able to breathe with happiness. He waits for the day when he too will have his own sky where he can fly long distances. He will have his own land where he will be able to stand firmly. Then no one will dare to look at him with prying eyes.

Life Changes with Passage of Time for Some People:

It is said that after twelve years even the days of a worthless thing change. There will be a change in a person’s own destiny, he can see such dreams. There are some fortunate people whose lives change with the passage of time but there are also some unfortunate people in this world who keep rubbing their heels from birth till death. For them, the situation is neither green nor dry.

Everything will be Good:

Hope is the smile standing at the doorstep of our homes for years that whispers in our ears – ‘Everything will be well.’ And in the hope of all this being good, we put our entire life at stake. They keep smiling even while working tirelessly to make their lives happier. A man engaged in achieving his goal happily becomes a bull in the crusher.

Use Your Discretion while Fulfilling Family Responsibilities:

If a person can successfully fulfill the responsibilities of his family, then no one can be more fortunate than him. But while trying to fulfill his responsibilities, he is limited to mere manipulation. And this mental anguish does not allow him to live even for a moment. Gradually his courage ceases to respond. In such a situation, he is likely to be misguided.

At that time man forgets that no one ever gets anything before time and beyond luck. If one remembers this sutra, he will always remain a traveler on the right path. Then man will not invite more suffering by throwing his life into the furnace of hell like this. If he takes help of his discretion, the lives of all his relatives can be saved from getting ruined.

Hold on to Hope:

Man should always hold on to hope. He should remember that when dark, dense clouds cover the sky, they overpower even the mighty Sun. It starts feeling like night during the day, that is, there is complete darkness. At that time, after the clouds rain, the sun starts shining again in the sky. Everything becomes clearly visible.

Moments of difficulties often come in human life also. These moments disappoint and despair him. Such moments isolate him from all his relatives. It seems as if his own shadow has become a stranger. He sees the clouds of despair gathering all around him. Even in such difficult circumstances man should not give up hope in the pursuit of happiness.

 Be Grateful to the Supreme Master:

With passage of time the conditions become favorable again and the thorns lying in man’s lap turn into flowers. At that time the withered man starts smelling like flowers again. Then a man should not allow the vain ego to overtake him. In every test of life, one should come out shining like gold. He should remain grateful to the Supreme Master in every situation. Only then does man get mental, spiritual strength and peace.


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