Being Away From  Home Builds up Self Esteem & Confidence

Being  Away From  Home Builds up Self Esteem & Confidence

The thought of moving out of your parents` home may seem difficult. Since your birth, you have lived in this cocoon where all your needs and wants are attended.

It will be a difficult affair to leave a place where you have spent your child hood and adolescence.

Some of us leave home by choice, some of us do it because we have to. It is a decision that requires proper planning as you will need a job to do, a place to stay and money to take care of your daily expenses. If moving out of your home is for further studies where your parents` support is at reach, in such cases your experiences are limited. Though this kind of stepping out of home can encourage one to live on one`s own, once one starts working.

On the other hand if you move out of your home at the beginning of your career without proper planning it may turn out to be overwhelming. In such cases your decision may fire back and you may find yourself back at your parents` home.  You can plan this move while you are staying at your parents’ home. You can start saving as soon as you start working and plan to get an accommodation.

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Living away from the comfort and security of your family is not easy. Your bed is not made when you return home; your room will not get magically cleaned; the electricity bill doesn’t get paid on its own; food would not appear on the table and your refrigerator and cupboards will not get filled with food and grocery. If all this sounds arduous then living on your own is not for you. But if you take it as an adventure and a learning experience it would set the ball rolling on a positive way.

So what happens when you start living away from home? Some of the important points to learn are

You learn to enjoy being alone;

You realize you are stronger than you had realized;

You don’t take things for granted;

You appreciate your parents and their contribution;

You learn to manage your finances;

You are responsible for your safety;

You learn to manage household chores;

You learn to cook to stay fit and healthy;

You develop organizational skills;

You learn to adapt to sudden change/s;

You learn how to let go.

If you have been used to relying on other people, living alone can build up your confidence. Because there won’t always be someone to confide in, you will become more emotionally independent and learn to make decisions on your own.

With these learning experiences, there will be a definite boost to your confidence, make you feel competent, develop a sense of identity and all this leads to enhancing your self-esteem.

Though living on your own does a great deal to boost one’s self-esteem and confidence, we cannot conclude that all those who stay back at home during their adult time lack confidence and self-esteem. Living with your parents as an adult can be beneficial in many ways. In order to protect your self-esteem, remind yourself of the positives. This living arrangement can provide a safety net so you can focus on your long-term goals, such as saving money to move out, studying or changing a career path.

Living with your parents doesn’t mean you are not an adult and can’t look after yourself. You can still have a job, a partner, clean your room, cook for yourself, do your laundry and offer financial assistance to your parents. If you are working towards the goal of independence then there is no reason to shoulder all the guilt and self-criticism. Living with your parents as an adult can be a positive experience so long as you continue to be responsible.

Living on your own, managing your life and being a responsible adult definitely provides a huge boost to your self-esteem. Having mentioned that one cannot conclude that people living on their own are the only ones with high self-esteem and rest of them are low on self-esteem.

If that was the only parameter we could easily identify those who lack self-esteem. What we can say is building a strong sense of self-esteem depends on being aware of and manifesting your inner qualities rather than focussing on external circumstances. Self-esteem is your overall opinion about yourself – how you feel about your abilities and limitations. It is vital that an individual perseveres to work on one`s confidence and self-esteem under any circumstances.


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