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Best Gift Ideas for Men

Gifts play an important role in knitting the relations. It brings people nearer. By exchanging the gifts, we feel happy and we remember these gifts throughout our life. We try our best to store the gifts but we have to think a lot that what should we gift especially when it is a male.

If you are also thinking of gifting to some male friend or relative, you become tense less. We are giving you some tips, if you learn it will be very easy to buy gifts for them. First of all you think about the relationship with the person you are gifting. Then think about his likes/dislikes.

Birthday Gift for Brother

On the birthday, you should gift him the items he likes like a novel, cassette, CD or diary. These things are liked by all. You can also gift him shaving foam, night gown, kurta – pajama, shirt or shorts.

For the Anniversary

The anniversary gift should be such that your brother can share it with his wife. We generally forget that the anniversary gift should be such so that husband and wife can share it. For this you can opt for bed sheet, towel set, pillow cover or a good quality crockery.

On Job Promotion

With any job promotion, a person is affected by stress, responsibility and late night work. For this health related books can be gifted. A beautiful lunch can be a good option to gift so that while taking lunch, he may remember you.

Birthday Gift for Father

Remember, on your birthday, your father used to get you the things of your liking. You also take him to the garment shop and buy the dress of his choice and gift him.

Anniversary Gift

Book a table in a good hotel for a dinner for them in which all the dishes served should be of their choice. You can also give them the cassettes of old songs. You can gift a saree of her choice to your mother and kurta pajama to your father.

You can also gift the film tickets. If you wish, you can book a small holiday trip to a nearby tourist place.

For Husband

Valentine day: This day is important for every couple. Gift two movie tickets to husband and after the picture, have a dinner in a hotel. Decorate your home with other valentine gifts and celebrate the day.


Anniversary is also an important day for husband and wife. Sometimes due to load of work husband can forget the day but you can make this day as long life remembrance. If due to any reason your husband has forgotten it, do not get angry. Purchase a saree of your or husbands choice. Make up yourself with flowers or perfumes and then go before him. This will be a good opportunity and perhaps he will not afford to forget this day for the whole life.

Birthday Gift

Buy a gift keeping in mind the liking of your husband. You can gift him tie, purse, shirt, pant, kurta pajama, scent and deo.

On Husband’s Promotion

On husband’s promotion you can gift a shaving kit or a beautiful lunch box or a purse which will remind him of you, even in his busy schedule.

Gift to Boss

On the birthday of the boss or his promotion it is better to wish him.

By Mesh Kumar

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