When Loosing Wisdom Due to Anger

There is an old saying, ‘Wise man never comes in anger and the person who does not have anger is a foolish person’.

This means anger itself is not so bad if used in proper way and at proper time. Anger must be used properly so that your message should be conveyed in a silent manner.

Instead of exchange of hot words, anger should be so silent that it leaves a strong silent effect. It is also said that silence is the strongest language.
A hormone is responsible for anger attack.

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And there is a special quality to control the anger. The anger starts with the almond shape two chemicals (saranchanaaon) in Amygdala in brain. The Amygdala are two almond shaped groups of nuclei located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates.
Amygdala is the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior and motivation. This identifies the risks and sends us the signs. This is so clever and fast that the pre-frontal point found just behind the forehead can not decide whether the reaction is right of wrong.

Means our structure is like that that we react offensively before reaching the conclusion of the results of our acts. But this cannot be the reason of our anger. This means that controlling the anger is an art which has to be learnt. When the Amygdala sends the message of danger, the Adrenal glands above the kidney start releasing adrenalin hormone. This increases the heart palpitation.

The blood flow increases in the muscles and brain. The there is release of testosterone hormone which increases the violence graph.

The muscles become hard. Then the catecholamine neurotransmeter becomes active. Then there is an energy blast, which remains for several minutes and you come in the fighting mood.

The loss due to this is beyond imagination:

In the anger attack, stress hormone kart sole is released which blasts the energy. In the long run it imbalances the blood sugar level.
The bones and resistance power goes down.

The thinking power of the brain is affected and the Blood Pressure increases. There can be blood clotting which can be a reason of heart attack or paralytic attack if it reaches the heart or the brain.

Due to the hardness in the muscles of throat and brain there can be problem of headache, migraine or sleep disorder. Due to the release of acid in the stomach, the problem of ulcer can be felt.

Two tips to remain in peace:

Suppose a car comes in front of your bike all of a sudden. You become angry. But when the driver of the car comes out and you see that he is your friend. Oxytocin hormone is released and the anger disappears. With the brotherhood behaviour, and with the help of oxytocin hormone you can control your anger.

When in a film you see any character weeping, that emotions appear on your face. The mirror neuron do this. You convince the angry person with peaceful reactions, and he looses his anger; this is because, his mirror neuron copies your peaceful behavior.

Quite often we feel problems due to others’ deeds. But sometime due to our own faults also we come in problem. Many people suffer a lot due to their anger. They get angry but repent afterwards. There is an attraction to the ill habits, which we feel are used by us; but reality is that we get used and consumed by these habits.

If we discuss about the anger, the foremost important example is in Ramcharitmanas, when Sugreev was afraid to fight but Ram promised that Sugreev should not be afraid; and that Ram will save his life.

In return Sugreev promised Sriram to search for Sita and assured all help and assistance for that. Later on he forgot and did not help. Sriram was angry and sad. He asked Laxman to go and catch hold of Sugreev. Laxman was of a bit short tampered.

He brought Sugreev in front of Sriram. But there was total peace on the face of Sriram. Sriram told Laxman not to beat him. Only way to show the anger is to create some fear in his mind and that only will work.
If you want to conquer the anger, you should work on compassionate behaviour with perseverance. You should be awaken enough to realize the aim of the anger.

This way even if you allow the anger in, you certainly have a way to send it out as well; when your purpose is fulfilled; that too without harming anyone’s emotions. Because at heart you are not having any kind of violence.

This is a saying of a saint that your anger should be in words and not in your heart and your love should be in your heart and not in your saying. If at all someone is hurt with your angrily behavior, you should first think over on all the incident, and if your purpose is solved, do not feel ashamed to apologize in front of him/her.

This will strengthen your relations for ever. Remember you can live with love throughout your life, but with anger you cannot breathe even for minutes. You go back and make reverse gear to two decades.
It is true there were some misunderstandings and small fights in the homes but they were solved with the interference of the elders. There was a respect in the relations. Gradually this anger and stress has come out of the homes and entered in our professional life.

In politics and on the fronts also the revengeful approach has poisoned our lives. We have forgotton to smile. We live with anger and every moment of us is being snatched by anger; thus ruining the innocence of the children to elders and our super elders also.

Let us try hard to work on the anger and keep it in the last corner of our heart and take it out only when it is very necessary.

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