The Bottom is Always Crowded, But There is Always a Room at The Top

Hope Against Hope

The bottom is always crowded, but there is always a room at the top.

Therefore, stop ruining the life in mudslinging and stupid discussion and deeds.

It is said that the gap between glory and a missed attempt at it, isn’t that huge after all. The difference between success and failure is not as wide as we believe it to be. We live in a society where our thought process is triggered by the fancy stories of the others and in seeking inspiration from them we always tend to forget their journey. Also, sometimes the stories have a positive effects on our brains and help us improve our overall performance towards betterment of life. The story of Jack Maa has impacted the entire world, which is not less than the story of Robert, the Bruce and the Spider.

Rejections were synonym with Jack Maa, he failed so many times but never let the pain of rejections dismantle his efforts. He started his successful Company at the age of 31 and even after not knowing coding he runs the biggest e-commerce networks in the world, how?  He always believed in himself , stayed persistent in the adversities and took failures as opportunities. His story is exceptional and changed the definition of business and Internet in China as well as the world. His story truly justifies that there is always a room at the top no matter how difficult the ride goes, there is always an opportunity to succeed. The saying is not just confined to the professional life but also in our personal lives. When we raise our criterion to handle everyday things exceptionally well, it will bless you and others as well.

Whether you work from home or work for home be the best version of yourself. We often wonder what are the things that drive people to do best in their lives. They usually do not fear taking the risks , do not wait for the perfect moment to come they take the moment and make it perfect. The coin has always two sides and so as life, either you can run from it or learn from it. Similarly, You can either waste time or begin right now. Hope and actions are allies. Does negative motivation also inspire? Sometimes fear is a powerful motivator , when it is associated with the survival, or punishments.

One of the examples of mudslinging is  US Elections 1796, where Alexander Hamilton accused Thomas Jefferson of sleeping with one of his slaves, this differentiates between well educated mind v/s well informed mind. Your passion might not be easy to get into but these sort of practices will not help you achieve the same. So, what really does help? It’s your commitment towards mastery.

When you cannot laugh at the same joke over and over then why do we cry about the same problem? When you allow your mind to believe that the barrier exits between your efforts and your goal then even if it doesn’t exist the mind starts believing in it. One should never underestimate the power of believing. When we start from the assumption that we will fail, it’s hard to find from where to start. You will have the capability to bless the others if you are at your best. After all there is always a room at the top. Therefore,  Aim Hard, Believe Big!

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