Indian children remain more than 1100 hours in front of TV in a year. It is also said that to make a cartoon and to understand it properly, developed mind and open thoughtfulness is necessary.

There has been a narration in the notice received by Broadcasting Content Complaints Council, Indian Broadcasting Foundation, that some cartoon series are affecting wrongly, the children, and hence must be banned. The question arises that upto what extent the cartoon characters are affecting the children and how much these can affect.

It may be possible that Doraemon and Shin chan cartoon characters may not be seen on your TV. These cartoon characters are leaving negative impact on the children. In this connection the RTI Activist, Ashish Chaturvedi from Gwalior has sent legal notice to Broadcasting Content Complaint Council, to ban these programmes.

In Pakistan also demand has arisen to ban these. In Bangladesh, it has already been banned. In all the three countries, the same thing has been narrated, that children are getting negative effect. After seeing these programmes, children are becoming violent, offensive, rebellious, ill-manneredl; and misbehaving.

In the notice it is said that in Doraemon, Nobita does not listen to his parents. The kids are also following the character. In Shin Chan Cartoon, the main character also creates problem for his mother. He always makes fun of his mother. Today approximately one and a half dozen cartoon channels are showing these kinds of programs, round the clock.


In India in 2004, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting did put a ban on Shin Chain. Due to ex rated, dialogues, it has been banned by other countries also. The point behind this was mentioned that these characters tell a lie. In addition to this China, America, Mexico, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and Israel also banned it.


The behavioral problem and the bad impact of TV on the health of the children have always been the subjects of research. According to the recent research of University of Otago, it has been revealed that the children who sit a long before the TV, have more tendency of having criminal instincts in their teenage. This research was done on the children from the age group of 5 to 15 years.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children should watch one to two hours qualitative programmes on TV. According to experts, the kids of four months of age are being attracted which is very dangerous and should be taken care by the parents. Let us have a debate and discussion about the losses and dangers of the Cartoons, and the points in favour of it:


According to a report cartoons play an important role in changing the behavior of the children. Children follow cartoons more instead of their elders or books. And if the character does wrong actions, children come under direct effect and behave like that.


Presently most of the cartoon series are full of actions and violent behavior. Among these are Shiva, Doraemon, Benten, Pa-Petrol, with the effect of which violence is entering in the kids’ behavior. According to the study done by the Social Development Foundation of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industries , children see TV more than 35 hours a week and the possibility of their becoming violent increases.


Small kids start considering the cartoon characters as their role models. Hence the actions of these characters prove to be dangerous for the kids. This is the duty of the parents and also of the teachers to motivate the kids to go for the outdoor games.

From above, it is gathered that we complain about the behavior of the kids but never try to find its solutions. On the other hand, there is a group having the thought that Cartoons are not so bad.

The Psychologists say that the brain develops very fast during the age of 3 to 7 years, so the cartoons attract and affect them very much, in this period. Good cartoons can prove to be helpful for their growth.


The children should be allowed to see only those cartoons which are not violent and which have a moral or message in the end. “Motu and Patlu” and “Chota Bheem” are better for the kids which has a lesson for them that they should not surrender to the evil.


Small kids should remain creative, special focus has to be given because in this age there is more possibility of learning. The famous cartoon of Britain “Bob the Builder” is example of this. In this cartoon kids are always motivated to do something new.


The researchers from Britain have revealed in a study that excessive TV watching increases the possibility of Heart Problem in the kids, diabetes and even cancer. The rays of the TV affect the eyes and tender skin of the kids. Sitting idle and remaining inactive invite so many other problems too.


The researchers say that seeing TV more than one hour daily, in a weeks’ time, the stomach shape increase half mm and it also affects the physical energy. The results of this can be experienced in long run. Children while watching TV usually eat chips, fast and junk food with excessive oil and salt, which again affects their body.

The cartoons poison your mind and TV affects your body badly. Then why not go for other solutions. Motivate your kids to do physical activity, meditation, gardening and walking or running which will keep them healthy physically and give mind alertness.


It is also said that the children are also more attracted towards the advertisements. The psychologists say that the children consider the advertisement of wine and bear as good and consider it as a drink to be taken in friends’ company.

Whatever the thoughts may be, it is true that TV and especially the cartoons affect our kids. You must have experienced that the kids are lacking ignorance and child like habits in their behavior.

They are becoming mature at a very early stage which is a danger bell for us. We should be alert very soon, otherwise we will be ruining our future society and then there will no other option but to repent. – Sudarshan Mitra

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