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Can it be possible that it is the month of June and there is no mention of the environment issue? Well, not exactly. Every year on June 5 we celebrate the ‘World Environmental Day’.

The declaration of June 5 as the World Environment Day was made in June 1972. Ever since then every year June 5 is marked as the special day for environment.

On this day various functions, meetings, seminars, camps etc. are held on the issue of environment care and protection.

For long the environmentalists have been giving us warnings of the hazards of pollution. They have been telling the developed and under development countries that for the safety and security of the environment, they should avoid damaging the environment in any way.

When the mankind came into existence some 15 million years ago, the earth had lush green forests, pure, fresh water in the rivers, beautiful waterfalls and pure pollution-free environment. Air was fresh and easy to breathe.

It was all so good, so lovely, so pure and pristine. Then nobody thought of pollution. The world didn’t even know the meaning of pollution because the atmosphere was so pure and fresh and nobody had heard that it may become polluted some day.

But with the passage of time, everything started changing slowly. Still before the industrialization in the world, the atmosphere remained absolutely clean and the environment green. All that has changed now in the last 200 years because we have damaged the environment and allowed pollution to damage the environment.

We have cut down trees, burnt wood, coal, used smoke emitting motor vehicles, used refrigerator, air conditioners, built smoking factories, allowed waste water of the factories to flow freely in the river and water bodies. Se have failed to care for the nature and now we are paying the price for all that. Today, our environment is inching towards holocaust. And this is our own doing. We are damaging the environment and allowing the atmosphere to get polluted.

The human life on earth is conserved only till the environment on earth is safe and favorable to the human beings. The extent to which environment is getting polluted day-by- day is dangerous.We cannot imagine the long term conservation of human life in such an atmosphere.

In this scenario the whole world is -celebrating June 5 as the environment day. Behind the celebration, the idea should be to protect and safeguard the earth and save all the living beings-humans or animals or birds and insects that co-exist now in this wonderful world.
The need of the hour is to make more efforts for the protection of the environment.

If the environment is not saved from getting polluted then the mankind will also not be able to survive for long. It is as simple as that. But it is also true that many people go on polluting the atmosphere unmindful of the warnings and taking little care about the safety of this world.

If today there are so many dangerous life-taking disease like cancer, diabetes, malaria, it is because of the pollution, which the human beings have contributed to by many diseases, troubles etc. Today, if the people are not inspired towards environment protection spreading pollution will lead to more diseases in the world. By not caring for the environment, we are not just causing harm to our generation, but for all future generations.

There is no doubt that by celebrating June 5 as the International Environment Day we create awareness among people. But it should not remain just a single day programme for the namesake. It is not just necessary to observe a particular day, but more importantly we must follow the lessons hidden behind.

No doubt, people of the world today are more alerted and have started caring a little bit about the environment, but this is not enough. People are getting more alerted about environment these days, but continuous and sustained efforts are needed to protect the earth.

Saving the earth is necessary for our own survival.

Continuous efforts will have to be put in towards it and then only we will be able to save our mother earth. The best way to protect the environment is to plant as many more trees as possible. The step taken by Dera Sacha Sauda, in this regard is truly unique and praiseworthy. The efforts taken by Revered Guru Ji Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan need no introduction.

There are many records registered, in his name, in Guinness Book of world records and Asia, Limca Book of records etc. for tree plantation. It is a pertinent to note that these trees were not planted for the sake of creating records but in the process of plantation, they became records on their own.

It is also not the case that the work got slowed down after making these records. Instead the work of plantation of trees is continuing without hindrance and millions of trees have been planted till date. With the inspiration of Revered Guru Ji, his followers not only plant trees, in their areas, on the occasions such as marriages, birthdays, etc. but also on the death of somebody, they do not forget to plant trees in his remembrance. It is again for a good cause.

Plant Saplings in Campaigns

On behalf of Revered Saint Dr. MSG, not one but two campaigns have been started to plant saplings. Out of the 124 welfare works, they are being run by the names of ‘Nature campaigns’ and ‘charity with bones’. The followers of Dera Sacha Sauda are planting saplings every day.

On the occasion of the Incarnation Day of Revered Guru Ji in a big campaign on 15 th of August, they planted lac of saplings in a few hours and the same programme has been running continuously. The campaign to plant saplings’ charity with bones’ was started in the year 2014 by Revered Guru Ji. Under this unique scheme , the family members, on the death of a person, do not immerse the bones of the dead person elsewhere, but give them to the Dera Sacha Sauda so that another tree can be planted.

Because the Revered Guru Ji, as a result of his own efforts, had told the experts and it was found that if you plant trees and saplings on them then they will prosper more. Such plants get calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc etc. elements in ample quantity from bones, which gives more life to the saplings and the fruit bearing plants get more nutrition.

After these findings, Revered Guru Ji called upon His followers and this noble scheme became a mass campaign. On the inspiration of Revered Guru Ji, the followers, at the death of one of his members, are following the campaign of giving the bones to Dera Sacha Sauda, with diligence.

This way hundreds of trees have been planted on the bones at Dera Sacha Sauda which are green and growing healthy. On these bones a few fruit bearing trees and a few shadow giving trees have been planted.

According to the proverb ‘aam ke aam guthliyon ke daam’, the Dera followers are doing the work saintly by helping that soul whose bones have given greenery to the earth. Giving happiness to the earth posthumously is amazing and is worth following. To save the environment, everybody will have to put in efforts.

Then only, the significance of environment day can be proven. Environment conservation should not be restricted to just speech only . We will have to give special attention to it. By making people aware of this, we will have to make them take resolution to take a step in this direction. This is a noble cause and gives happiness. Besides it also helps the environment.

Revered Guru Ji makes people take resolution for the human welfare works and then the followers follow this guidance. This way every citizen will have to move in that direction of protection of environmental conservation. The initiative of Dera Sacha Sauda is commendable and is environment friendly.

Methods to prevent the wastage of water

Revered Guru Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan opines that ”If water continues to be wasted like this then in times to come then there will be fights for this. Everybody should save water. But how to save water? Well, while you brush your teeth, take water in a glass. It has been seen that people leave the tap open and keep on brushing their teeth and the water keeps on flowing down the drain.

This way they waste several litres of water daily. People should mend their ways and desist from wasting water. Many people also waste water while bathing. You must take bath but see that you are not wasting water.

tree plantation by DSS volunteers - Sachi ShikshaNew Path of Environmental Conservation - Sachi Shiksha





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