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Develop the Habit of Expressing Gratitude

Some people are very silent while some others are outspoken by nature. Both types of habits are bad whenever their limits are crossed. The problem with quiet people is that these people keep speculating about what they think about someone.

Suppose someone helped them in a bad time or praised them openly. They may be happy with the person, but if they cannot say even a few words of gratitude, a small thank you, or a thank you, then what encouragement will the person who made them happy get in the future? His feelings will remain hurt.

Gratitude is the quality that guides a person on the right path. Parents are the first example of gratitude. Every child is grateful to his parents. Parents love their children as much as they love them, but how many children are there who show the same level of gratitude towards their parents? Do they ever make them realize through their words how grateful they are to their parents? They don’t even understand the need for it. Instead of understanding the favour of their parents, they consider it as their right. But they don’t know how much happiness & contentment their gratitude brings to their parents.

The importance of good behavior towards you increases only by showing gratitude. There is no dearth of such opportunities in daily life when you receive congratulatory gifts. You are served during illness. Others fulfill your wishes. But do we ever express our gratitude to those (who extend gratefulness towards us) by calling them or by writing four lines or by speaking in front of them and tell them how happy we are? How thankful are we to them?

There will be very few positive responses. Even today, if you realize your mistake, the saying ‘better late than never’ may come true. If you set a good example in front of your children, then the children will surely develop the habit of showing gratitude. In this way, this will be an effective means of spreading goodwill in the society.

Ungratefulness is such an abuse that anybody who cares a little about moral principles would never want to be abused. Only he knows how mentally light a person feels after expressing gratitude. If favor is a burden then show gratitude and try to be free from the said burden. Today everyone looks stressed. One of the reasons behind this is his negative thinking which prevents him from being grateful to anyone.

Like all other good deeds, gratitude also has its own fragrance which settles in your personality and keeps it fragrant.Therefore, Be Grateful, Be Happy!


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