Experiences of Devotees

By the Virtue of the Spiritual Master`s Blessing Daughters Started Speaking Without Stammering : Experiences of Devotees

The Immense Grace of Revered Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Devotee Rakesh Kumar Dhawan Insan (Principal, Shah Satnam Ji Boys` School, Sirsa), son of Resident of the Eternal Abode( Late) Shri Prashottam Lal Dhawan Insan, resident of Kalyan Nagar, Sirsa, describes the immense mercy of the Spiritual Master on his daughters:

Both my daughters stammered badly from the beginning. My elder daughter Suruchi Insan was studying in class 3 in 2003. Our whole family started getting worried due to her severe stammering. Meanwhile, one day our entire family got the opportunity to meet Revered Present Spiritual Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Our family prayed to the Revered Present Spiritual Father, ‘The Revered Father! This doll speaks with a stammer. Please bless her.’ The Revered Guru Ji cast His sacred glance on Suruchi and stated, ‘Who says she stammers? She speaks absolutely right.’ On this, the entire family accepted the words of the Revered Father and came to our home. Just what then? The words of the Spiritual Saint are irrevocable.’  After that day Suruchi never spoke with a stammer. Today she is working in a multinational company.

Similarly my younger daughter Sugandh Insan also spoke with a stammer. When she turned seven years, I started worrying about it. Meanwhile, in November 2007, there were ten days of Diwali holidays in the school. During these holidays, I extended the selfless service of sentinel for 12 hours at Shah Satnam Ji Dham and served with great dedication. In those days, the Revered Guru Ji met all the sentinel volunteers in the Sachkhand Hall and offered them blessed eatable.

At that time the Revered Father stated, ‘The Spiritual Master will definitely fulfill the fair demands of the devotee volunteers who have served diligently.’ At the same time, I recited the God`s Words and prayed internally that O Lord! My younger daughter Sugandh stammers. Please remedy her and fulfill my fair demand. Then I went home and gave a little of that blessed eatable to Sugandh after chanting the holy slogan “Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra.”  After that day Sugandh never spoke with stammer. The favors of the Spiritual Master cannot be repaid.


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