Spiritual Saints Incarnate For Public Benevolence Only

Special on 15th of August Sacred Incarnation Day
Saints and great people are philanthropists of highest class. Nobody can be like those philanthropists on the earth. Even gentlemen do the good to others. Saints and Spiritual Masters take care of this world, along with the next world. Their sole purpose is to emancipate the souls of the creatures. They set free the incarcerated souls. They possess the key of the welfare of the creatures. They guide the souls to go beyond the whirlpool of births and deaths. They show mercy and grace on the whole world.

They incarnate on the earth only to do the welfare of the world. They set such ideals of public welfare as always guides the humanity. Their whole life is spent on doing the welfare. They do not have any hidden interest of Theirs in this welfare, whatever they do, is purely devoted to public welfare. They are compared to those trees and rivers which are busy in the nutrition of the other creatures and people.


The incarnation of the saints and great people is a historical view. According to the country, period, time and condition, They incarnate for their sacramental souls, at the right time. Such a country, that time, that month, that day, those moments all become congratulatory, in which the Saints and great people appear and all this happens as per the sacramental souls. When the souls call, when they start swearing by their discomposure, God sends Spiritual Saints in His own form, who provides the yearning souls, the eternal love and blessing. He grants solace to the souls with His grace.

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After getting such a company, the souls’ happiness knows no bounds. They become blessed again and again after meeting their Spiritual Master. The souls got such an auspicious moment on 15th August 1967, when the Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan incarnated on this earth. On this sacred moment, the Revered Spiritual Master incarnated at the house of respectable father and head of the family Shri Magghar Singh Ji and the hon’ble mother Naseeb Kaur Ji Insan.

On the incarnation of the Revered Spiritual Master in the village Shri Gurusar Modia, district Shri Ganganagar, the whole village rejoiced at grand level. It is worth describing that the Revered Spiritual Master was born at maternal grand parents’ village Kikker khera, Tehsil Abohar, district Fazilka (Punjab). When this news reached at the village Shri Gurusar Modia, the whole of the village danced in joy. People started congratulating each other. The happiness of the respected father Shri Magghar Singh Ji, got doubled. A kind of divine intoxication spread through the atmosphere. Whoever came to know that the birth of a son has taken place, came running to congratulate.

The whole house got filled with Joy. Everybody was served sweet dishes. The hermits and sages were given food. The sugar was distributed in the whole of the village. The poor and the needy were given clothes. Whoever saw this view, became spellbound. Every nook and corner of the house got filled with joy and happiness. An eternal wait of 18 years:- The birth of the Revered Spiritual Master took place at the house of the head of the family Sardar Magghar Singh Ji and respectable mother Naseeb Kaur Insan after a very long wait of eighteen years of their marriage. There was shortage of nothing at the house of respectable, powerful and rich family. The revered mother and revered father used to be worried for the birth of a child (an heir of the family).

Inspite of having all the amenities of life, their courtyard was secluded. Only they knew of the pain. Seeing the discomposure of the family, the villagers also used to pray that at the house of such a god like parents, one child should be born, for sure. Because the behavior of the family was very effable. Despite the fact that she was from a big family, the revered mother had love and affection for everybody.

To help the poor and serve the hermits and saints etc. and doing the works of welfare, was a routine in her life which is present in the royal family even today. Such a serving attitude of the revered parents, once a saint of the village Shri Trivenidas Ji consoled the revered father and said, “Dear Devotee A child will take a birth, at your house but He will not remain with you for a long time. That will be a Godly power and shall leave you after 23 years for His work.” To these words of the Saint, revered father replied in affirmative.

The father had the knowledge of this but he had not disclosed this secret to anyone and when the Revered Spiritual Master took birth after eighteen years as a child, the words of the Saint came to his mind. After such a long time when a son takes birth, it is difficult to explain the happiness. Every part of their body became full of happiness.

A river of limitless happiness started raining. Relatives and friends celebrated the happiness by participating in them. The Revered father went to meet Saint Shri Trivenidas ji of the village and gave him the message and greetings of the auspicious moment. On this occasion, Trivenidas ji told the Revered Father, “Dear devotees, rear your son with love. This is a result of your devotion and service. Never admonish Him. He will be with you only for 23 years. Nobody other than the Saint and the revered father knew the secret of the words of the Saint. The revered father knew of this secret and therefore used to love his dear Son(Revered Spiritual Master)beyond limits. Such stories of the love of the revered father used to be narrated from the mouths of people and they are an example even today.

The people had not seen such a love between a father and a son prior to that. A father engrossed in the love of his son so much that if he reached his house a little late then the father will go out and search for him with the help of a lantern, to bring him back to home. By going to the roof of the house and start looking for his son coming to home with eagerness and when he was seen at the door, he used to be hugged.

Kissing his forehead and showing affection. Not only that, when He was about 13-14 years of age,He used to go to play tournaments and would go to distances but if He had to go to the field or somewhere in the village then the revered father would make Him sit on his shoulder so that He need not walk a bit. Although, Revered Spiritual Master used to tell him that now He was grown-up and need not ask Him to sit on his shoulders. Secondly, I feel shy and what will the people say! But the revered father had no connection with all these things. He was only concerned with the love for his son.

That is why the instances of love between father and son became amazing stories. The Revered Spiritual Master incarnated in Suryavanshi Avtaar  :- The historians have gathered information from the ancestors of the Revered Guru Ji which has given the proofs of the Revered Guru Ji being of the Suryavanshi clan.

The historians have collected the information that the Revered Guru Ji come from the clan of Maharana Pratap which is from the ‘Sisodiya Clan’. When the ancestors of this clan settled in Punjab then they were given the name of ‘Siddhu clan’. Ahead of Maharana Pratap, He come from Lord Rama’s dynasty which is a glorious Suryavanshi clan of our country, India. About this whole case, It will be published in the autobiography of Revered Guru Ji . In this autography, details will be given with proofs of the Suryavanshi dynasty . About this , a lot of exact information has been collected by the historians. It is glorious that the Revered Guru Ji is from the Suryavanshi clan.

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