He will attain salvation for sure who took God's words from the spiritual Master

bHe will attain salvation for sure who took God’s words from the spiritual Master

Experiences of the Devotees Mercy of Revered Mastana Ji Maharaj
Devotee Ishwar Das Insan son of shri Lachhman Das village Kukkar district Sirsa,at present living at Kirtinagar, Sirsa tells us about the real miracle of the infinite mercy of Revered Spiritual Master Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj, in writing ,this way.

In the year 1954, I used to study at Arya school in Sirsa city. I used to stay at my sister’s house and from there, would go to school with other boys on bicycle. Some time ago, my elder brother, Arjun Das Insan had been initiated into God’s Words by the Revered Sai Ji and simultaneously, I too had been initiated into God’s words by the Revered Spiritual Master. While initiating me into God’s Words, He opined that’ your name has been written in the Eternal Abode. You will take one step here and the other in the Eternal Abode.
Today, you have been sent to a place where even the big stalwarts cannot and leave the race on the way.(They cannot reach the target).

It is an incident of the year 1957. It was winter season. My elder sister who used to stay at Rangri khera got paralysis. She was treated at Sangwan Hospital of Sirsa but did not become alright. She was in severe pain due to her disease. Seeing her in severe pain, a cry used to come out of me, a cry full of pain that O Spiritual Master, I cannot see her in pain ,either you grant her an alright condition or give her death. Her condition had deteriorated so much in the illness that everybody had started hating her after seeing her in such a helpless condition. One day, I along with my younger brother in law Desraj Insan went, with a view to have a glimpse of Revered Mastana Ji at Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa.

We purchased some bananas and oranges etc., with a view to have the offerings blessed with His vision for our ill sister. At that time, at the main gate of the Ashram, devotee Hathi Ram Ji (Now, no more)of the village Jandwala was on duty.

At that time, as per the orders, no object such as fruit etc. were allowed to be taken inside, strictly. That is why, the devotee Hathi Ram refused the entry of the fruits inside. There, we met another devotee whom we knew earlier and who corroborated Hathi Ram’s statement that the fruits were not allowed inside.

He told us additionally that the Revered Sai Ji is observing silence and that is why He would perhaps not come of the Teravas. That day, in front of the gate of the Ashram, bricks and soil was being stored.

The volunteers were busy to the hilt in the service and we, too, started doing service along with other volunteers. From within, we were sure that the Revered Spiritual Master would come out, for sure. At that time, we heard the high and sweet voice of the Revered Spiritual Master.

We got to know from the volunteers that Revered Mastana Ji was coming towards that side near volunteers. Everybody saluted the Spiritual Master and raised the holy slogan ’Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’. The Revered Sai Ji asked about the well being of all the volunteers and granted the blessings to them with love.

Afterwards, He pointed His fingers at me and opined as to why did you come, Master? After hearing my name from the sacred mouth of the Spiritual Master, I became almost sub-concious, as if I travelled to some other world. After that with a bit of will power, I prayed for the welfare of my ill sister that my sister is in great pain. We cannot see her in pain. Rev. Sai Ji opined the words that she has got initiated into God’s words. Who would recite God’s Words for her? We take the souls to the Eternal Abode after removing the dirt of deeds.
Who will suffer for his deeds? Further to this, the souls get stuck and then it takes thousands of years. I had to pray only that, Sai Ji please have mercy.

The Revered Sai Ji was standing outside at the gate. We saw that a long queue of camels was approaching from Begu. On many camels, the children and women (of the camel owners) were sitting. The true benefactor and omniscient Spiritual Master was standing near us with stick in His left hand and granting them the sacred blessings with His right hand. He addressed the volunteers by turning towards them and opined the words, ”Let us tell you a thing of importance, will you agree? Everybody moved his head in yes.

The Spiritual Master opined the words, naturally, ’it is difficult to agree’. He changed the topic immediately and opined the words after pointing towards the camels and their riders, ‘O brother, look at their luck. These people do not know the divine way of the Spiritual Master, but the poor cleaner of the pair of shoes Shah Mastana knows each and every thing about them by the grace of Rev Sawan Shah. They do not know when do they have to meet.
It is for you to see that when they pass from here (In front of the Ashram), they will turn their face in the other direction but by the grace of Rev Sawan Shah, We bless even those who go past from the front of Dera Sacha Sauda.

Now you decide for the volunteers who have been initiated into God’s Words by Mastana the volunteer (Dera Sacha Sauda),how would he not be blessed? Afterwards He turned towards us and opined the words,’ O brother, speak, is it alright, now? The true Benefactor had clarified with His words that a human being has to face his deeds all by himself, if the person does not recite the name of God in his life’. Because the Spiritual Master, makes His creature’s soul unsmeared of the dirt of deeds while living in this body and takes it only after making it pious.

The meaning was clear that my sister will not live for more time. The deeds are a payment, when it gets completed, the Spiritual Master as per His words, would take him and would remain bless him and such a thing turned out to be like that. After a few days, my sister died and left the world and went to the place of God, the Eternal Abode as were the sayings of the true Benefactor that the person who had been initiated into God’s Words by Rev. Mastana, the Volunteer, how would he be remain devoid of blessings.

The true Spiritual Master takes a sigh of relief only after making His creature reach in the Eternal Abode. No matter what efforts do We make, We will take you back, will make you rid of the Negative Power. The words are immovable. O Spiritual Master, our focus should always be at your sacred lotus feet.

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