‘Son! Nothing Happened to the Daughter, Don`t Worry.’ Experiences of the Devotees -sachi shiksha

Experiences of the Devotees:

Great Grace of the Revered Present Spiritual Father Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

‘Son! Nothing Happened to the Daughter, Don`t Worry.’

Premi Raju Singh Insan Sewadar Pandal Committee Son of  Sardar  Gurdev Singh from village Dhaliwal vas Jakhepal district Sangrur narrates the immense benevolenceshowered on his daughter by Revered Present Spiritual Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. I have been associated with Dera Sacha Sauda for almost 35 years. Being associated with Dera Sacha Sauda, the beloved Spiritual Master has always had grace on our family. The Revered Spiritual Master has saved me from many troubles and has shown me many spiritual miracles. I am here describing  one of the miracles:

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The present narration pertains to April 2002. I went to work as usual. My two sons of 12& 10 years,  and daughter of07 years were playing in the courtyard. During the game, my son’s finger got stuck in my daughter’s eye, due to which the circle of the eye went around, that is, the black part went behind. The daughter lost sight of that eye. My wife got scared. When I reached home, I was also worried seeing all this that what would happen now.

I took my daughter to Cheema Mandi, about 5 km from the village, to  get her eyes checked by the doctor. The doctor did a check-up and said that the operation will have to be operated, otherwise the eye will not be fine. The cost of the operation will be in thousands of rupees. At that time I did not have enough money that I could get my daughter’s eye surgery done. I came back home with my daughter. On being asked by the wife, I said that after recitation of the God`s Words, we will give medicine, gradually the daughter will be fine. After dinner, I lay down to sleep, but I could not sleep. I began to think, Hey, Supreme Master! (Revered Present Spiritual Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan) What kind of trouble I have been caught up with.

I had already passion for repetition of the God`s Words. I often used to take time out to do recitation of the God`s Words. That night, when I sat down to offer prayers, I prayed to the Supreme Master (Revered Present Spiritual Master), that O my Revered Spiritual Guide, have mercy on my daughter. Midnight passed while doing recitation of the God`s Words, in the meantime I fell asleep. When in the morning, I got up and saw my daughter, gave her tea.

Then I put my mouth on the affected eye of daughter Sukhwinder Kaur Insan and inhaled at once (as we sometimes breathe in through a pipe to draw water or oil from a drum). When I did this vigorously three or four times, the eye became completely fine, as it was before. My wife was surprised to see this and in her happiness started asking me that how did you do that! So, I told to my family that when I fell asleep after doing recitation of the God`s  Words,  Revered Present Spiritual Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan came to my dream.

As I have done all this, my Revered Present Spiritual Father showed me practically and stated, ‘Son! Nothing happened to the daughter, her eyes are fine, don’t worry.’After a few days, I again went to Cheema Mandi to get the daughter’s eye checked, and the same doctor started saying that this girl is not the same girl whose eyes I checked last time. His eyes are perfect. I laughed listening to the doctor and I thanked to the Revered Spiritual Master millions of times from within, who made mydaughter’s eyes  exactly the same as they were earlier. I want to tell to the spiritual followers that my Spiritual Master is great, whose immense grace cannot be expressed through words.


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