Cancer got cancelled by the Grace of Rev. Saint Dr.MSG

Cancer got cancelled by the Grace of Rev. Saint Dr.MSG

Experiences of the Devotees

The Devotee Vijay Kumar Insan son of devotee Satpal Insan, Mela Ground Shah Satnam Ji chowk wali street, Sirsa (Haryana).Thus describes the real miracle of the Revered Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. The incident is of the year 1994.

My wife Mathara Rani had developed cancer in her womb which was announced by different Doctors in her medical reports. Before that for 8-9 months we used to get her treated etc. from different hospitals. the severe, would settle for some time as a result of taking medicines and getting injections but as soon as the effect of medicines waned , the same pain started. That day, I took her to the Janta maternity hospital for a check-up,on the advice of my Doctor friend Dr. Dayal.

The lady doctor, Dr. Talwar, after the check-up told us to get her operated immediately that the condition could go out of hand, she would be operated upon then and there. That day was a Thursday. That was the first week of that month. The spiritual discourse was fixed on Sunday at Shah Satnam Ji Ashram, Barnawa(U.P.). From Sirsa city, a truck used to go to U.P. Ashram for every discourse. The spiritual followers had given the duty to me to arrange for vehicles and commute the Spiritual followers.

But according to Dr. Talwar, in that condition, if she was to be operated on Thursday or Friday, then there will be interruption in my selfless service to humanity. I could not leave my wife in that condition and go with the truck and the spiritual followers whereas the doctor was saying that the operation was to be done immediately. That was also important. It was a question of my wife’s life. Now, what to do? Because the doctor knew about the condition of my wife. According to her, the operation was necessary, too.

Since we had gone to get the check-up done at their hospital then to caution us about the gravity of the disease, was her duty, too. They were right at their own instance. But I wanted to get the operation done after coming back from the discourse on Monday so that there was no interruption in my service to humanity.

I spoke to my friend Dr. Dayal and confided in him while clarifying that if the operation was necessary then we will get it done on Monday after the discourse at Barnava.

This way on the advice of Dr. Dayal, Dr. Talwar administered an injection (Vovran) to her as she was suffering from unbearable pain. Afterwards I brought her back home. The injection stopped the pain. She became alright for the whole night. She, then encouraged me go for service as she was alright.

On Friday, as per my duty of service, I took spiritual followers to, Barnava,UP in my truck. In the mean time I, while travelling in the truck wrote a letter in the form of a prayer to the Revered Guru Ji about the condition of my wife.

Next day, on Saturday after getting the permission, I went to the Teravas to have a glimpse of the Revered Guru Ji and gave that letter to the Revered Guru Ji after narrating the disease of my wife.

The Revered Spiritual Master, benevolent benefactor read the letter while sitting there and went inside TeraVas and called me inside. The Revered Spiritual Master opined, ”O son Vijay have you got the check-up done from all”? I replied in the affirmative. The Revered Guru Ji asked me again,” Have you got the check-up done from Chandigarh”?

I replied in the negative that I did not get it done from Chandigarh. The Revered Omnipotent master opined thus,” Son, Take her to Chandigarh”, and with that He called a responsible volunteer and opined the words,” Son Vijay, If you have to get the operation done, then take the money as is required”. I replied in affirmative and came out.

I thought that for the operation of my wife, I should take 2-2.5 lacs of money as was told by the doctors, from the Ashram. But my heart was not accepting this. The first words of the Revered Spiritual Master were to go to get her checked-up from the doctors at Chandigarh, I took a note of that and after returning from the Barnawa discourse, I accepted the words of the Revered Father to take my wife to Chandigarh for the check-up.

On the other hand, when I told about this to Dr. Dayal then he said nobody will see your reports etc.They will get their own tests done again. Dr Dayal said this, too, that it will take at least 2.5 to 3 lacs of rupees and will take a total of 15-20 days of time and I was told the samething by Dr. Munjal.

But I had full confidence in what I was told by my Spiritual Master as the Revered Father had told me, to take her to Chandigarh that ‘take her to Chandigarh’
Next day, I took my wife to Chandigarh with all the reports till then, when the doctors did the check-up, they were amazed. They told my wife (as I was sitting outside and not allowed to go inside) as to who had said that you are suffering from cancer.

My wife told them that her husband was sitting outside and had all the reports done till then. The doctors called me inside and had a look at all the records, thoroughly.

They were very amazed. They said that from where had all of us come? I told them that we all had come from Sirsa and I showed him the photo of our Revered Guru Ji in my wallet and that He was our Revered Spiritual Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

We have come here to get the check-up done as directed by the Revered Guru Ji. After seeing the glimpse of photo of the Revered Guru Ji, the doctor got exhilarated. He made us believe firmly that my wife had no cancer now. According to the reports, her condition was very serious but now, there was no cancer, this is a result of blessings of God. He only knows how has it happened

This way, the Omnipotent Benefactor took care of His children and with His mercy and grace, and with the words’take her to chandigarh’, had cancelled the cancer of my wife and had saved us from all types of difficulties and losses and simultaneously, the Revered Guru Ji had granted a new life, absolutely new life to my wife with His grace.

A billion times thanks to such a true Spiritual Master. We cannot pay for the favors of the Spiritual Master even if we take lacs and crores of births.

Till we breathe last, we dedicate our lives to the Revered Spiritual Master.

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