Digitalization Gen-Next

Digitalization as a term presents itself as a symbol of modernization and development in the minds of people.

It seems a word from a sci-fi movie, like some mumbo jumbo so here is an explanation of this in-trend word. Digitalization literally means the process of conversion of any form of data and information into digital forms which can be accessible through any electronic device. It lays emphasis on less of physical or field work and more of office based work over e-devices.

Digitalization can be touted as the next big revolution in all kinds of industries and businesses which is already in its processing stages. Its importance has substantially increased since the introduction of easy availability of internet.

Information and files, once digitized, can be sent to any part of the world in the time frame of mere seconds. This process has helped and acted as a catalyst in the process of globalization and has helped in understanding its true meaning, without which it would be next to impossible to achieve what the world has achieved in the previous couple of decades.

Owing to digitalization, a person living in Chennai can write articles for a magazine or company based in London or New York. But the question arises, what does digitalization means for the next generation and what impact would it take on existing jobs in its course of development and advancement?

DIGITALIZATION-GEN-NEXTIts impact can be felt in every context of our lives. It has changed our way of living, be it our daily routine or our way of working, payments which were usually done by cash or cheque can now be done through mobiles. And as we have come to mobile, we now cannot live a day without it (our lockdown life savers).

That’s how much we are dependent on it. Over the period of time, mobiles have taken place of music player, cameras, ATM cards, cheque books and even our personal diary and what not. Digitalization has completely revolutionized our way of doing work too. It can be attributed to digitalization that filing of income tax returns has become a very simple process now. Introduction of tally completely changed the way of accounting.

And then there are online shopping apps which turned over the tides of how shopping is now being done. Bringing a completely different experience where the buyers have no idea of the identity of the seller. Uber and Ola changed the age old phrase of not taking ride from a stranger, which shows its efficiency and success.

Social media is yet another example. People from all over the world can connect to each other. So even though you live thousands of miles away, still you remain connected. And as Swiggy and Zomato continue to expand who knows which service will be brought to your house in future.

Over a considerable period of time, many have argued against digitalization as it has resulted in loss of jobs and source of livelihood for many. But those few have not thought of the possibility of the number of jobs which can be created in the new areas which have been created in the process of digitalization. New fields of research and development have been created such as artificial intelligence, in various industries such as vehicles especially cars and what not.

This has been made possible through the process of digitalization. Doctors from all over the world can connect to any patient having e-devices and check for symptoms and also advise other doctors about various courses of actions to be taken for a particular treatment. This has been most aptly used by Narayana Health City based in Bengaluru, which has been connected to both rural and urban areas.

And at this time, when a pandemic has struck and taken over the world, just think of world without digitalization. All the concepts such as of work from home, online classes etc would be non-existent, without which the functioning of the world would be impossible and it would result in the situation of utter chaos all around the world. From the point of view of students and parents their whole academic year would have been wasted if not for digital apps.

Doctors all over the world are exchanging information and discussing ways to control Covid-19. Awareness of the importance staying home is being created on all social platforms. Calculation of various related data is being done on tools and equipment created in the wake of digitalization. And even the trials for creating the vaccines are being done on labs created using the results gained in the process of digitalization.

As the world advances, and as new jobs and opportunities are being created, the most important task in this context is how the education world adapts itself to these gigantic changes in the working conditions and how changes are made in the curriculum to make a child work in conditions which could be drastically changed over the course of their education. Children are the pillars of the future and they are as strong as their foundation is; which is their education.

The new buzz word Digitalization is here to stay opening innumerable avenues for the generations to come. Therefore, be digital.

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