Social Pressures Are Good

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Society Governs Our Actions:

We live in a society. We are all aware that society governs our actions. It impacts our actions both positively and negatively. Yes, our actions should not impact the society negatively but that should also not inhibit us while making choices.

The society must not govern the dreams we should see and goals we should have. Certain things that the society tells us are unreasonable and also irrational. We have the mind to make rational decisions and follow our dreams. So, the society should not dictate to us what we should do.

What is Social Pressure?

Social pressure is the pressure exerted by society. And the society is formed by people living in it. Hence, it is actually the pressure by the rules made by people collectively. The more we conform to them, the more we are respected. The society rewards people who conform to such norms.

Positive social pressure can lead us to find a good career, to be empathetic, to be educated, and respect the people we live and work with so that we can fit in with our peers and be a pleasing part of the society. Wanting to stay within a friend group that we find fulfilling can also help us expand our horizons, have different experiences and learn new things.

Fear of Sanctions & Boycott:

The society also wants us to follow rules and regulations because these rules keep the society in decorum and maintain peace and harmony. Hence, we as members of society are under pressure to follow these regulations from the fear of sanctions and boycott by the society and this also helps in making the society a better place.

Not only this, certain bad practices followed by people are disregarded and discouraged by other members of the society by boycotting and changing their attitude towards those people. This creates a sense of not being accepted which eventually leads us to correct our practices.

Positive Pressure:

The social norms accept people who are kind and empathetic. The society does not accept criminals, hence this makes the society a better place by rejecting anti social elements. Indeed, society must not affect individual choices. For example, society should not criticize a person marrying late but healthy instructions and pressures are important because not marrying at a specific range of age can also destabilize families and need to avoid age gap between parents and children.

Other than this there is an intrinsic odd to be accepted by the society because man by nature is a social animal. To be accepted, we try to present ourselves in the best possible way. Any person who does not present himself in a good way and looks untidy seems unpleasant. Thus, society also governs how we should behave and look. This is also a positive pressure.

Rewards of Society:

Society rewards education, career, profession actions, empathy, kindness, punctuality, discipline and much more but other than that it also rewards religion, caste, status and money. Such pressures are considered unhealthy and create a bridge within the society that separates people.

The negative acceptance based on these distinct religions, cultures, casts creates animosity within groups and sometimes leads people to live in an inharmonious way. Today the information in society has become very fluid because of the coming of social media. This has made people and ideas from far away accessible to other people living in the other corner of the world. If someone does something good, it is recognized by the society and also appreciated, this is indeed a very positive thing.


It may also be important to remember that while conforming may be the right thing to do in some situations, expressing your own individuality may be even more important than going along with the crowd. Knowing how to express your individuality can be a valuable skill to have. It can be worthwhile to find a healthy balance between social pressure and independent choices.

We often find value in community, a sense of belonging, and support from our family and peers. The more we feel distant from society, the more stressed out we become. Because man by nature is a social animal and cannot live in isolation for long. To feel as a part of the society he or she must conform to the society he/she lives in. However, being able to stand on our own two feet and make our own choices sometimes may be the better thing to do.


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