An action packed thriller for a cause

An action packed thriller for a cause

Sporting a rocking bandana, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan drove to the special congregation atop a special motorbike designed by him in the Ashram drawing widespread applause.

Prior to unveiling the name of the film to the media, Guruji interacted extensively with those present. While the audience waited with bated breaths, Guruji explained the many facets of the film and why he had chosen such an unconventional path. The genre of the film is an action packed thriller that slickly intertwines a social cause.

On being asked about the purpose and motivation behind the film Guruji said that the main reason was to promote humanitarian welfare and remove social evils like drug addiction and promote good and progressive deeds. The ultimate beneficiary of the proceeds of the film would be thalassemic children. Explaining it further, Guruji said that instead of children needing repeated blood transfusions and therapy, serious effort were underway to ensure to eradicate thalassemia completely in a cost effective manner and such research would be supported by the film. Additionally, there was a need to have a novel approach to treating HIV positives more effectively, who would also be amongst the prime beneficiaries.

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The thought, Guruji said, arose as there were endless songs promoting liquor and vulgarity, pushing the youth into reckless actions. And Guruji felt that his foray into music through the 107 concerts and the CD’s had drawn the youth away from the usual story of decay and degeneration. From that experience Guruji resolved to undertake something more resolute and youth-centric and that was how the idea of a film was born.

The film, apart from Hindi and English would be dubbed into several south Indian languages. While it was clear that it would premiere on an All India basis, efforts were underway for a world premiere. The duration of the film would be comparable to the standard Bollywood pattern. The release is scheduled for January.

On being asked whether Guruji was contemplating a break in view of the hectic social involvements, Guruji said that the question of taking a break simply did not arise as social evils were on the rise. He talked about the rising incidents of gender crimes, liquor, prostitution etc. Guruji said that as long as society was in turmoil, a Saint could not be at peace. Instead, he sensed the need for speeding up the efforts.

Particularly, on the issue of trafficking in women, Guruji said that the film contained an important social message in that context. It was painful and heart wrenching to see that our once proud culture had fallen into the throes of depravity where such barbaric practices like selling daughters had crept in.

Guruji said that he would be doing several stunts himself especially on a bike. While most of the actors are drawn from the youth and children at Dera Sacha Sauda, there were a couple of actresses playing the role of his daughters in the film. Guruji is the chief protagonist, who is involved in every aspect right from the concept to the script and he was also involved heavy in direction alongside Jeetu Arora and in cinematography with the director of photography Vineet. The villain is an overseas actor.

Guruji hinted that the film also offered useful insights into why certain forces were involved in anti-Dera conspiracies.
On how productive did he feel the effort was going to be, Guruji said that he had seen 90-95 percent improvement and behavior change in high risk groups who would quit alcohol and immorality in response to learning meditation from him or those who were drawn to his music. For the film, he foresaw a 100 percent effective response from the target groups.

In the end, Guruji unveiled a plaque that had the film’s name, MSG – The Messenger Of God. The revealing of the name too was done with a characteristic flourish and style.Truly, the revolution is on its way. And cinema is now going to be the medium of social change.

A backgrounder :-

After crossing the phenomenal landmark of 10 million CD’s with the previous album, Highway Love Charger, and performing in over a 107 live concerts, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan announced the name of His next creative venture, a full length feature film , while interacting with the media at Shah SatnamJi Dham in Sirsa today. Guruji announced that the film is named MSG –The Messenger of God and is all set to hit movie theatres in January.

Explaining His mission Guruji said that music and films had popular appeal amongst the youth that was worst hit by the menace of drugs and immorality, and therefore He had decided to send a strong message across for larger good through this unconventional route. Guruji’s songs in the previous albums have centered on anti-drug and anti-corruption themes, apart from exploring the mystic divinity of true spirituality.

A True Saint is also a serious social reformer, and he uses the popular mores of the times to guide society in the right direction, added Guruji while mentioning that social ills stand seriously in the way of spiritual change and upliftment of mankind. The film has precisely that objective while using a mix of social messaging and high drama to make its point, He said.

While the film encapsulates a few major endeavors out of the 104 humanitarian programs being pursued by Guruji, it also explores the undercurrents of vested interest in society who feel threatened by social reawakening.
The musical score of the film, composed and performed by Guruji himself shall prove to be a magnetic attraction, The previous 6 albums of Guruji have been released by Universal Music to worldwide acclaim and have established records in hard media sales and a rocking Youtube presence.

Other star attractions of the film include cars designed by Guruji that have been created right from the base platform. The cars have never seen before kind of designs have proved to be traffic stoppers. Several stunts in the film have been performed by Guruji himself.

Comments from the crew and highlights :-

One of the actors who is playing Guruji’s daughter in the film said that a lot of what was happening was never seen by her earlier. Best of all, everything getting portrayed was a reality that made it even closer to everyone’s heart. The humanitarianism, the aura and the personality that Guruji has, can only be saluted! she concluded.

‘’Humanitarianism seeps through every gesture of Guruji. His personally, the aura, the story of the film. I see no reason why the magic won’t work to entertain and enlighten people,’’ said one.

Jeetu Arora,

director of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame, summarizes at the end of my series of chit chats.

‘’It is a miracle is more ways than one. We have a farmer who has never seen a camera, pulling the camera trolley with aplomb. We have the music that ensnares everyone. We have Guruji magnetism and charisma. I believe that this film will attract the youth and the middle aged alike.’’

Ravi Pawar,

the Chief Make Up man for Guruji with 17 years of standing in the industry who has worked with artistes like Irfan Khan, Rani Mukherjee , Sonam Kapur etc., has been so bowled over by Guruji that he has already written a song on him. Having been here for over a month, his response was that Guruji is greater than any rockstar in history in his appeal. He said that what was happening in Sirsa was a record for the industry as Guruji had managed to interweave a hugely attended concert with a technically challenging shoot. Speaking straight from the heart, he said that the industry was going to have a serious challenge from Guruji. Asked about his thoughts on the hospitality at Dera Sacha Sauda, he said that it was 7 star, much better than industry standards.

Somaya, the cherubic associate director who has worked with famous names like Madhur Bhandarkar and Dilzan Wadia said that she was overwhelmed by people’s love for Guruji and the atmosphere of energy, where nobody seemed to get tired. About Guruji, she said that quite frankly she never expected the remarkable acting, stunts, selfless love, breathtaking musical performances and the remarkable divine persona who was charging everyone. Somaya, who is a DJ in her spare time, said that she found Guruji’s music awesome and had no doubts that it would be a hit with audiences.

While the press meet was for announcing the same, but here is a response to a supplementary question on politics and DSS:

Dera Sacha Sauda

never favors any political party or the candidate. The devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda have deputed a political to guide them on political front. The members of political wing visit them to get their feedback on the candidates. Everybody has a right to vote in democracy.

But one must vote to an honest candidate who does not indulge in any kind of corruption. Some candidates lure voters by distributing liquor and other intoxicants. We should boycott such candidates. Whoever who would be seeking a support from followers of Dera Sacha Sauda, will have to sign an affidavit mentioning that if he wins, he would not indulge in corruption and make money from ill-means.

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