Fulfil the targets not dreams
You would have seen dreams. Take a step further towards it. But see to it that you are trying to fulfil the dreams or targets. You may be anyone, anywhere, doing anything, but you must have always seen a dream.

It is more possible that this dream remains a dream and is never fulfilled. But if you are serious enough about this, you have to make it a target first.

Dream – means imagination, only a wish. Whereas target is a dream, for which proper planning is done to fulfill it. You would have thought on every aspect of the target. Dream comes in existence all of a sudden whereas target is decided by us after proper thought given to it. After fixing a target, we become focused.

We can measure our daily progress and by marching ahead on that road, we can make our self motivated. So while making the targets, you have to consider many things which increase the possibilities of its fulfillment.

At the same time many other things also matter in achieving the targets which are:


While fixing the target, we generally ask ourselves what is our wish? What actually we want to attain? But a Motivator suggest one more question? How much pain and what type of pain I am ready to bear? Ask yourself. What you will achieve depends upon the pain you bear and the sacrifice behind it. For example, you have to write one article daily, you have to bear the pain of thinking and doing research on it.

You may have to sacrifice your nap period of the day or night sleep. But if you have to write a book, the quantity of the pain and labour will multiply. So this is an important question that how much pain you are ready to bear. Reply honestly to yourself.


The most important factor in the way of achieving target is consistency. You should not work in such a manner that whenever you are in mood, you work, otherwise you do not see to it for months. Then the targets become unfulfilled dreams. For achieving consistency, people fix a minimum limit to be achieved daily.

But I suggest that; do not fix a minimum limit. Always go for upper limit. But also fix that I will not do beyond this on one particular day. Because, generally it is seen that out of enthusiasm we do limitless work in one day. Getting satisfied by this, we do not consistently continue this work for weeks which is very dangerous.

This affects the rhythm of the work. The other thing is that after doing excessive work, you will underestimate your routine work and it is possible that you may get depressed. So it is also necessary to fix the upper limit also.


After fixing the targets, generally people start collecting and arranging the resources for it. This gives the feeling of satisfaction that we have started the work. No doubt, you should arrange the resources. But these should be arranged systematically.

For example, you have made a target regarding the WRITING. This does not mean that you immediately start learning typing or purchasing the computer. First you arrange for a pen and a diary and start writing. You first write ten to twenty pages. When consistency comes in writing, then think over for other resources like computer-tablet, typing tools and related apps.


Once popular writer Victor Hugo, who was habitually careless made a contract with a publisher to write a book. One year passed he never showed any progress. He was busy in receiving the guests and looking for new assignments. Out of anger the publisher warned him to write the book within six months. Victor was shocked; he assembled all his costly clothes in a big box, locked it and threw the key.

Now he had no work and way to greet the guests and waste time for getting ready. He had only one suit and shawl. Now his only work was to write and write only.

He completed the book “The Hunchback of Notre Dem” before the deadline. Sometimes we have to go out of the way to fulfill our targets.


Generally it is said that man can make everything possible. It is also said that possible has less alphabets than impossible. From the point of view of encouraging, it can be worth applauding. But never dream for the impossible targets that can never be fulfilled because these make you depressed. Always think and plan systematically before fixing a target because a target in its infancy is a dream. When you nurture a dream and it is not fulfilled, you get depressed. Start with little and small targets.

When you go on achieving these, you will feel energetic and can go for a little higher targets. Targets need proper planning, your commitment towards work, tireless efforts and labour. The more you sweat on your work, the more light you become mentally and physically and thus get more confidence and energy for marching towards the targets. It is said that the dreams are not that you see in the night while sleeping, actually the dreams are the plans and thoughts which do not allow you to sleep.

At this stage the dreams take the shape of target. Every person, whether he is a father, husband, a housewife or a kid see dreams and with the growing age they try to turn these dreams in targets. The targets achieved are the milestones of your success.

The success does not mean only the achievements. The success makes you more responsible towards your duties. The targets make you responsible for the commitments which you have made or you would make, if not decided till today.

If the targets are sown, watered and nurtured properly with laborious efforts, there is no possibility of their failure. – VINITA

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