Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar

Raising a healthy foetus and crafting it into a mindful being has been a concern for parents in every age. To address this, various scientific methods have been developed in the modern day. But these methods find their origins in a rather ancient and scientific technique called as the Garbh Sanskar.

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Essentially, Garbh means

foetus and Sanskar translates to education of mind. Garbh Sanskar has been an integral part of our culture that dates back to very beginning of our civilization.

We have heard the story of Abhimanyu learning about penetrating Chakravyu while being in the womb of Subhadra. However, in the modern world, we have given up on our culture and so a profound ancient prenatal practice is seen rather as a ritual.

Garbh Sanskar

is for the yet-to-be born life, but more importantly it is for the pregnant mother. The practice includes evaluation and strict adherence to what the mother is being fed. Be it diet, emotions, sounds or any other external element that may possibly trigger extreme emotions in a pregnant woman.

As a practice,

it has the power to positively influence the overall mental and behavioural development of the child. Garbh Sanskar as a practice can be seen as a protective shield for the foetus and the mother that enhances the overall development of the foetus to a healthy life. Advanced science has agreed that whatever emotions a mother goes through during her pregnancy, the child too experiences. So it becomes all the more important to develop that shield for both of them.

Numerous recent studies

have proved that Garbh Sanskar bears the potentials to unlock several aspect of the human life during the early stages of development. Several recent experiments too back the authenticity and ability to impart spirituality in the infancy while also impacting the overall personality traits of the child and the mother.

Nowadays, Garbh Sanskar music is also available on a number of music and video streaming apps across the internet. It is being remarketed as a latest technique and sometimes even as a form of music, contrary to its original form and purpose.

The original practice

was carried out with a much more simplistic approach. It consisted of a series of  light and reflex  exercises and prayers to God asking His blessings for the new life and the mother. The practice also focused on some exercises that ease the process of coming of the new life to the world in the later stages of pregnancy.

Why Garbh Sanskar is important now more than ever?

The hectic schedules, unhealthy lifestyle choices and stressful work culture leaves no room for even “own time”, leave aside following an ancient practice.

The present schema of our lives

and personal and professional emotional tangents makes Garbh Sanskar a need of the hour. In today’s time we tend to give less importance to creating and nurturing a healthy life. It is a blessing on us to bear such intellect and ability to develop access to even foetus. We must choose to infuse foundational values that form the pillars of spirituality and mental well-being in the next generation. The deep effectiveness of Garbh Sanskar makes it more relevant in the present day.

The Present Spiritual Master of Dera Sacha Sauda, Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan also states that the surrounding atmosphere of a pregnant lady helps a lot in generating a healthy & strong child.

Keeping in view the importance of it, His Holiness has commanded His followers to sincerely follow this Rule no 37 included among 47 Rules of the Nectar of Humanitarianism:A pregnant woman should read, watch and listen to the scriptures, hymns and spiritual discourses of her religion and legends of brave warriors. This will have a very positive effect on the life of the yet-to-be-born child.


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